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300Bowl is A Lot of Fun

300Bowl, is a fun bowling game that you can play in as little as 5 minutes, but that you will keep on coming back to over and over. The graphics are great, and the sound effects add to a real bowling alley experience.

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Loopt Could be Good Some Day -- Not Today

Mike Arrington of TechCrunch is correct in saying that GPS could be one of the killer apps of social networking, and that the heavyweights such as MySpace and Facebook ignore it at their own peril.

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Wikipanion is the Top App on iTunes

Buy Wikipanion on the App StoreThe top app on the iPhone is a search app, and it's not Google. Wikipanion is a simple, clean version of Wikipedia for the iPhone; and its also very popular - more so than any free game, and more so than the king of search, Google.

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Now Playing Falls Short -- get "Movies" instead

"Now Playing", formerly known as "Box Office" is a bad version of "Movies", the app we reviewed earlier today by Jeff Grossman. Unlike Movies, the interface is un-inspiring and cluttered. The app does not even make use of the iPhone GPS; you are required to enter you zip code, old school.

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Movies is a Category-Killer, Must-Have App

The new Movies app was written by Jeffrey Grossman, a college sophomore, and was sold to the online movie website Flixster for an undisclosed sum last week. It is one slick app. What separates Movies from some of the other apps in this category is the attention to detail.

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iPhone update: 150,000 sold per day, and rising

According to tech news site tomsguide, analysts are increasing their estimates for iPhone3g sales (and mac) across the board. The numbers are staggering: estimates for the quarter (July/Aug/Sep) are now running at 5 million units, up from previous estimates of 3-4 million, and last years numbers of 1.1 million / quarter.


iPhunny Jokes is Pretty Funny

iPhunny Jokes is a very simple app that showcases some of the latest material from Conan O Brian, Letterman and Leno. I would say that 8 out of 10 of the jokes are funny enough that you will want to forward them on to your friends, and the app makes that extremely easy to do, by integrating with you contact list.

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Jacks or Better Could Be a Lot Better

The app known as "Free Video Poker" or "Jacks or Better" is a very rough, 1990s DOS type video poker program from large, Irvine CA based MobilityWare.  As the screenshot shows, the interface is a far cry from a Las Vegas style video poker machine.

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Brain Tuner Is a Simple Math Quiz

Brain Tuner has a very cute icon and a cute name, but is really nothing more than a timed math test. Suprisingly, a lot of people give it decent reviews on the app store. If the idea of solving 20 third grade arithmetic problems in the least amount of time possible interests you, try it out.

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Yelp Needs Help

As a web service, Yelp is pretty good. Want to find a good thai restaurant in the mission district of San Francisco? Yelp recommends Racha Thai, with a rating of four stars and 32 reviews. How about the best burger in Boston?

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LinkedIn Releases App for iPhone

Buy LinkedIn on the App StoreLinkedIn, the leader in business social networking (at least in the US), has launched an iPhone version of its popular web service. Much like Facebook, the main function of this app is to provide a quick way to contact people that you have connected with online, but you don't have an up-to-date email address for.

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Aye Tides Launches Overpriced Tide App

Based on the desktop mac application "Mr Tides", Aye Tides is a new app for iPhone that gives you tide measurements for 7000 tide stations worldwide. The app works, but given its steep price tag ($14.99), we can't find any reason to recommend it over the free (but somewhat buggy) "Tides" app.

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Crossword Light is decent, but keyboard is annoying

If you like crosswords (as I do), you might wonder what the experience is like on the iPhone. The first app that I tried in this category, Crossword Light by Stand Alone Inc, was better than I expected, but not quite good enough that I would use the app on a regular basis.

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Steve Jobs Promises Fix for App Crashes

According to AppleInsider, the problem with third party apps crashing the iPhone is "a known iPhone bug that is being fixed in the next software update in September". Let's hope thats true.

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New tests show iPhone 2.02 significantly faster than 2.01

In this side by side test done by iPhonebuzz, the new firmware 2.02 (available since yesterday) is significantly faster in every way to the previous 2.01 version. While not scientific, the video is convincing.


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