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Atlantis: Pearls of the Deep Uses Gravity to Improve Match 3 Gameplay

Atlantis Pearls of the Deep app iconAtlantis: Pearls of the Deep is an exciting match-3 game that adds physics strategy to improve the challenge and refresh the genre for serious players.

George Monroy rated this app 4.5/5 | Category: ,

Test Your Music Knowledge with Name That Jam!

Name That Jame app iconTest your music knowledge with Name That Jam! an entertaining musical trivia game for iPhone and iPad.

George Monroy rated this app 3.5/5 | Category: , ,

addLib U Turns Plain Pics into Mid-Century Art with Retro Graphics

addLib U - Mid-Century Modern graphicsI'm always looking for a great app. Recently, it's been addLib U, an out-of-the-box app that uses mid-century graphics to turn photos into 1960s art.

George Monroy rated this app 3.5/5 | Category: ,

XnView Photo Fx Offers Truly Free Image Editing for iPhone Photogs

XNview Photo FXLike its desktop cousin, XnView Photo Fx is a free photo effects app to transform pictures into fun and unique masterpieces.

George Monroy rated this app 4.0/5 | Category: ,

Get Silly With Sound in Listen Up!, a Guess the Word Game for iPhone

Listen Up LIte app iconLike a noisy version of charades, Listen Up! is a guess the word game for iPhone that's fun, silly and engaging for the whole family.

George Monroy rated this app 4.0/5 | Category:

Asva The Monkey HD is a Brain-Teasing Adventure Game with Over 90 Different Levels

Asva The Monkey HD app iconIf you like logic games, Asva the Monkey HD is an adventure puzzle that will have you hooked on the first level.

George Monroy rated this app 5.0/5 | Category: ,

Gulf Talk Animates Political Views for Chance at Viral Video Fame

Gulf Talk app iconGulf Talk is a unique app that could be a great way for users to express their political ideas with 3D animation.

George Monroy rated this app 3.5/5 | Category: ,

Jungle Adventure Free Educational Kid's Game is a Wild Colorful Way to Learn

Jungle Adventure Free Education Kids GameJungle Adventure is an interesting app that will take your children on a jungle adventure to find exotic and wildly colorful animals of all shapes and sizes.

George Monroy rated this app 4.5/5 | Category: ,

Puss in Boots Interactive 3D Fairy Tale Pops Off the Digital Page With 3D

Puss In Boots Interactive 3D Pop-up Fairy TalesPuss in Boots the Interactive 3D pop-up fairy tale is a fun and engaging take on the classic children’s story, by the developers at Cluepoint for IOS.

George Monroy rated this app 4.0/5 | Category: ,

Radio Alarm Clock for iPhone Adds 50,000 Stations to the Classic Wake-Up Call

Radio Alarm Clock app iconThe iPhone revolution has phased out so many stand alone devices that I can hardly remember what they were in the first place. I have not used a digital camera in years. I used to own a stand alone GSP device and a stand alone palm pilot calendar device.

George Monroy rated this app 4.0/5 | Category: , ,

Space Defender - Galactic Command: Endless Shooter Hits the Mark Like a Laser

Space Defender - Galactic CommandThe charm of Space Defender - Galactic Command is its classic graphics and easy to use controls. This endless shooter is a great way to kill a few minutes or lose a few hours!

George Monroy rated this app 4.0/5 | Category: ,

Challenge Your Music Knowledge With JukeBox Genius

Jukebox Genius app iconHow well do you know the songs in your iTunes library? If you are a music buff, or someone that loves trivia games, Jukebox Genius is a fun and exciting trivia app that will challenge your music knowledge using the songs in your music library.

George Monroy rated this app 3.5/5 | Category: , ,

Cinemagram is Fun, Easy Way to Create Animated GIFs With Your iPhone

Cinemagram app iconCinemagramis an innovative new photo app that allows users to create hybrid images using pictures and video. The app may just be the new ‘big thing’ in social media, so if you are looking to stay ahead of the pop culture curb, this is the app for you.

George Monroy rated this app 4.0/5 | Category: , ,

Collect and Battle Monsters in MonTowers - Legend of Summoners

Montowers Legend of Summoners app iconMonTowers – Legend of Summoners is an anime monster hunting game similar to Pokemon. If you are an anime fan or gamer looking for a new adventure to conquer than MonTowers may be the app you’ve been looking for.

George Monroy rated this app 3.0/5 | Category:

Poker Tools Will Help Take Your Texas Hold 'Em Game to the Next Level

Poker Tools app iconIt has been said that poker is a game that takes a minute to learn, but a life time to master. If you are a beginner to the game and looking to increase your skill or a regular player hoping to take your Hold ‘em game to the next level, then Poker Tools by the developers at APPGRANULA may be just the app to make it happen.

George Monroy rated this app 4.5/5 | Category: , ,

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