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Wooble Attack is a Cute Whack-a-Mole Game With an Extra Colorful Challenge

Wooble Attack app iconWooble Attack is a good old fashioned whack-a-mole game that puts a unique spin on the classic arcade game. It is a welcomed departure from the new generation of games that are fast paced and difficult to play — it’s also a great way to introduce your kids to a classic, yet still entertaining, game.

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Deep Sea Catch Is A Calm and Soothing iOS Game That’s As Easy As Shooting Fish In A Barrel

Deep Sea CatchHave you every wanted to shoot fish in a barrel, but don’t have to time to find a gun and a barrel? Well now may be your chance to finally fulfill that obscure desire, because Deep Sea Catch is just the app for you.

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RummyPuzzle Is A Brain-Teasing And Fun Rummy Style Puzzle Game

RummyPuzzle app iconLooking for an entertaining iOS game that doesn't involve birds with anger issues or zombies? Then RummyPuzzle may be just what you were searching for.

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UnitXpert - The Conversion Expert Is A Great Tool For Simplifying Complicated Conversions

UnitXpert - The Conversion Expert app iconUnitXpert - The Conversion Expert is a great tool for anyone who makes unit conversions on a regular basis. Whether you are an accountant, a student or just a fan of the Metric system, UnitXpert is a great tool to have in your iOS devices.

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Calmighty is a Beautifully-Designed Calendar App With Facebook Integration

Calmighty iPhone calendar appIn today's busy, digital society a calendar app is a necessity to stay organized. Sure, you could keep track of your daily schedule with a paper calendar, but where’s the fun in that? The only problem with digital event management is that it's often fragmented — work events and todos posted one place while social events and birthdays might be posted someplace else. 

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Vopium App Could Save You Money On International Calls

Vopium - Free Calls - Cheap International CallsAre you an iOS user looking to save money on international calls? Well, if you are, there’s an app for that. (Apple really wasn’t kidding when they came up with that slogan.) Vopium Free Call - Cheap International Calls!

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Super Note: Recorder and Notes Offers Organizational Bliss

Super Notes Recorder and NotesAre you stuck in the Stone Age when it comes to note taking? If you have an iOS device and are still using a pen and pad, it might be time to upgrade. Whether you are new to note taking apps or an organizational expert that can't live without them, Super Note: Recorder and Notes offers a better way to take notes.

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Retro Decathlon 2012 is a Charming Olympic-Themed Game With Throwback Graphics

Retro Decathlon game for iOSIf you weren’t able to get enough of the 2012 London Olympic games, and suddenly you feel a track and field void in your life, then do not worry because Appcraver has just the app for you, ‘Retro Decathlon 2012: Run, Jump and Throw with us!’ Retro Decathlon 2012 is a well designed and fun iOS sports game that has the user compete in the Decathlon.

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Stress Release Hypnosis is a Soothing Hypnotherapy App That Offers Real Relief

Stress Release Hypnotherapy iconAre you stressed? Well, luckily for you, there’s an app for that. Stress Release Hypnosis could help relieve your stress with hypnotherapy.

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TaleTeller Kickstarts Creative Storytelling and Lets You Record the Results

taletellerTaleTeller is a personal storytelling app that allows children (or Adults) to create and share their own interactive stories. It works as a sort of visual prompter where the user narrates a creative story by incorporating a set of symbols that TaleTeller provides.

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Checkmark Reminder App Lets You Know What To Do Where Ever You are

Checkmark for iPhoneCheckmark is one of those productivity apps that make you wonder how the world even functioned before the smartphones. Checkmark is a ‘to-do’ list app that is so elegantly designed and easy to use that you may never need another reminder app.

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The Heist as a Fantastic Set of Puzzles With a Real Prize at the End

The Heist for iOS 1The Heist is a fantastically entertaining and near perfect strategy game from tap tap tap, the developer team known and loved as the guys behind MacHeist. If you are a fan of strategic puzzle games, this collection will not disappoint.

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Marvin and Mel Monkey: Word Rescue is a Cute, Quick Letter Game for Kids

Marvin and Mel Monkey Word Rescue app iconMarvin and Mel Monkey: Word Rescue is an educational game that will help children learn how to spell. The app is an educational tool that is masked as a fun and entertaining game, which will provide children with endless fun, as well as reinforce their recognition of letters and words.

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Checkin King Will Help Make Managing Your Social Media Check-ins Much Easier

Check-in King app iconCheckin King provides a simple, yet essential, service for anyone looking to bridge the gap between the multitudes of social media outlets we use on a daily basis. Checkin King allows users to “check-in” using one simple app instead of having to fumble through various social media tools.

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Bubble Grubble Is A Devilishly Entertaining Game

Bubble Grupple gameIf you are a fan of bird-themed games, then Bubble Grubble, the newest addition in the genre, might be your new iPhone addiction. Bubble Grubble is a devilishly entertaining app with game play that is similar to the massive hit Angry Birds.

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