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MiniPiano app is just that

Buy MiniPiano on the App StoreMiniPiano is the light-weight, free version of popular piano app Finger Piano, from developer JYProduct. Like its older, more mature brother, it's controlled by striking the keys on a virtual piano.

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Apple Plays Key Role in Music Production for the Masses

In the past, creating professional quality tracks meant dropping some serious cash on high-end software and hardware. In more recent years however, there has been a push toward making it more affordable for musicians to record at home.


Synth Round-Up: Synthesizers Break Free from the Studio on the iPhone

Musicians of all calibres, from mom's basement amateurs to true prodigies, can now find the software they need to make music on the go on their iPhones, whenever and wherever they want. But with so many options, it's often hard for people to figure out which app suits them best.

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synthPond makes for beautiful sound ripples.

Buy synthPond on the App StoreSynthPond gives people with no previous knowledge of music the ability to create beautiful, ambient, soothing synth loops. It uses a color-based notation system, a sequencer referred to as color sentences and a series of concentric "pond-like" circles with resonating notes placed inside them as a panning and timing system.

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ZooZbeat Music Synth Builds Beats, Tones Biceps

Buy ZOOZbeat on the App StoreThe ZooZBeat synthesizer has been developed to bring out the little drummer boy in everyday iPhone users. By violently swinging their beloved, expensive and fragile device around like a drumstick, users can produce synth sounds from a variety of instruments.

Georges Papas rated this app 3.0/5 | Category: Pro is First True iPhone synthesizer — for Professionals

This is it. The first full-fledged synthesizer available for the iPhone. Pro features everything you would expect from a synth including a large and expandable preset bank, a powerful sequencer, a rich ESFM synthesizer processor, (an enhanced version of the traditional Frequency Modulation) along with all the bells and whistles you can expect from any professional synths.

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Poker by Zynga: Live Games offers the Holy Trinity of Time-Wasting

Buy Zynga Poker - Texas Holdem on the App StoreWhile Apple's iPhone is great for productivity with its push email and mobile document editing, it's also perfect for killing time. When you combine that with the latest worldwide online addiction, Facebook, then you've really got something going on.

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Raging Thunder, Crazy Driving

Raging Thunder app iconRaging Thunder-The developers over at Polarbit are no newcomers to the iPhone scene, even if you may not have heard of them yet. They're the minds behind such acclaimed games as Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D and SSX3.

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Mini Touch Golf is a hole in one

Buy Mini Touch Golf on the App StoreUsing a tried and tested formula derived from it’s online Flash mini putt brethren, Mini Touch Golf, from developer, is the little golf game that could - and does. It successfully brings the addictive feel of the online time-wasting putting greens of yesteryear to an entirely new platform, all the while adding the element of touch controls to the mix, providing the player with a better feel for their shot.

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Motion Pool Can't Stand up to the Test of Tilt

Buy Motion Pool on the App StoreMotion Pool from start-up developer is an interesting attempt at putting a new twist on the classic pool game formula. Until now, billiards games for the iPhone and iPod Touch were controlled by either pulling back the pool cue or a dedicated power meter and letting go to shoot, controls that have been used ubiquitously throughout online Flash-based pool games and their slightly more refined older brother, good old-fashioned PC games.

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