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Pen Your Own Adventure in Draw a Stickman: Epic

Draw a Stickman Epic app iconDraw A Stickman: Epic is a draw-your-own-adventure game and one of the best uses of the iOS gaming platform I've ever seen.

Greg Dawson rated this app 4.5/5 | Category: ,

House of Shadows is Hauntingly Fun Strategy Game for All Ages

House of Shadows app iconIf you're new to the genre or have a young one in the family that you're introducing to games, House of Shadows is a brilliant spooky experience.

Greg Dawson rated this app 4.0/5 | Category: ,

Cinefy Electrifies Your iPhone Videos with CGI Special Effects

Cinefy Special FX Studio app iconWe all have a bit of James Francis Cameron inside of us. Be it a small little itch that makes you want to become a CGI director after seeing a summer blockbuster or just our insatiable appetite for wanting more zombie and alien movies ...

Greg Dawson rated this app 4.5/5 | Category: ,

PhotoCircle is Private Photo Sharing at its Best

PhotoCircle app iconSocial networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have become one of the most essential parts of sharing photos of my children to their grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends. And while I don't have a problem with sharing some photos on them, sometimes I just want to only share the photos to a select group of people without showing them to the world.

Greg Dawson rated this app 4.5/5 | Category: ,

Party Crashers Makes Parties Searchable and Crashable

iPhone Party CrashersThe social interwebs are ripe with parties. However, sifting through thousands of status updates to find nearby parties just isn't the way to go. Check out Party Crashers, the app that gives you the ability to locate, share and create parties all from your smartphone.

Greg Dawson rated this app 4.0/5 | Category: ,

KnottyCase Produces Stylish iPhone Cases with Sustainable Practices

knottycase3The iPhone has become a fashion icon within the tech industry. Its simplistic design is what makes it so stylish. This smartphone is not the loud, in your face design begging for attention, rather, it's the most admired piece of technology on the block that has a calm sense of self and exudes what it is to be fashionable without stating that it is.

Greg Dawson rated this app 5.0/5 | Category: ,

Light Breeze Pumps Your Brain Up with Mental Gymnastics

Light Breeze iPhone gameI remember an experiment in math class during my freshman year of high school. The goal was to setup mirrors and use a laser to determine whether or not you could make a shot on the pool table.

Greg Dawson rated this app 4.0/5 | Category:

Explore the World's Social Feed in Multi-POV with app iconBeing social is getting harder these days. Between Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I find myself in a never-ending vicious cycle of checking on friends' activities. One app that is making it easier to check in on all of that online activity in one place is

Greg Dawson rated this app 4.0/5 | Category: , ,

Colors by Number Puts the Fun Back in Color Theory

colorbynumbersI'm not sure what it is, but choosing complimentary colors has always been an issue for me. I have the "eye" to see what looks good on HGTV, but when it comes to actually picking the colors out, I'm a bit clueless.

Greg Dawson rated this app 4.5/5 | Category: , ,

Lich Defense Shines Like a Gem Among Magical Tower Defender in the App Store

Lich Defense app iconI know, another tower defense game, right? Make no mistake, if you're a fan of the genre, you'll be a fan of Lich Defense. A deep selection of magic and physical attack combos along with beautifully illustrated game content makes for a solid addition to the App Store.

Greg Dawson rated this app 4.5/5 | Category: ,

OrganiDoc HD Makes File Management a Snap for iPad

OrganiDoc HD app iconThere is no doubt that the iPad and other tablets have become an integral part of our daily lives. And rightly so since you can store photos, edit documents, create movies or crank out a song programs like GarageBand.

Greg Dawson rated this app 4.0/5 | Category: ,

Nest Thermostat Learns, Uses Wi-Fi and Saves Energy

Nest thermostat for iphone and androidThe thermostat … it's that white, clunky device we pass by several times a day without giving it any thought, unless it's a bit too hot or cold and then there's the usual off or on switch flicked.

Greg Dawson rated this app 5.0/5 | Category: , ,

SuperRope Rises to the Top With Addictive Gameplay for Fans of Endless

SuperRope app iconWhat if Tarzan had to ascend vines instead of swing from tree to tree in a horizontal fashion? If he had, he would be in a game called SuperRope. This endless platformer combines huggable characters with climbing fun to provide an all around good time.

Greg Dawson rated this app 3.5/5 | Category: ,

Rock Out in the Suds with iShower Water-Resistant Speakers

ishower for iphone, ipad, androidI love music and I love being clean. Now, combining those two posed a problem for some time for obvious reasons. My usual solution was to put the phone by the shower or on my speaker dock, but inevitably, the roar of the shower was too loud to really get my groove on.

Greg Dawson rated this app 5.0/5 | Category: ,

SoundReaktor Puts Sweet Spin on DJ Gaming With iPad App and Plenty of Beatpacks

SoundReaktor app iconHave you ever wanted to spin in the hottest nightclubs on the strip, but just didn't have the music chops to make it? You're in luck. Spend enough time with Innovative Labs' newest music game SoundReaktor and you might just have a chance.

Greg Dawson rated this app 4.0/5 | Category: , ,

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