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aMathing Numbers Trains Your Brain to be a Math Ninja

amath numbers brain training puzzle game app iconIf you're anything like me, math was never your strong suit growing up. Sure, I can do all the basics, but there's a reason I write and am not behind the bank counter. However, not all is lost as aMathing Numbers: a brain training math puzzle game promises to train your brain through math puzzles.

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WaveDeck Voice Messenger Lets You Speak Instead of Type

WaveDeck Voice Messenger app iconWith the addition of Siri, I've learned to rely more on voice and less on text. The only problem I've had with Siri is that sometimes I have to tweak the speech-to-text results for whatever reason — noise, bad connection, who  knows.

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An Unofficial Guide To Disneyland Paris is Officially Magical

An Unofficial Guide to Disneyland ParisTwo of my best childhood memories include driving down the Pacific Coast from Washington State to California to embark on a magical discovery. Every bit as enchanting as I'd hoped, Disneyland was absolutely amazing—except for the seond time when we went on New Years Eve expecting the place to be vacant.

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Wannabat is a Home Run on the App Store for Baseball Fans

wannabat app iconBaseball was one of my favorite sports to play growing up. Then I grew up and with no scholarship in sight, I took to watching it from the stands and the couch. I've also taken to playing baseball games on consoles, but have never been a big fan of them as they're too detailed and take too much time.

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PDF Max Makes Annotating Documents a Snap on Both iPhone and iPad

PDF Max app iconIf you've ever dealt with a PDF document on a mobile device, or desktop for that matter, you no doubt have found editing, marking up or annotating frustrating and sometimes impossible. Enter PDF Max, the ultimate universal application that not only acts as a PDF reader, but also features the ability to annotate.

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Tread of the Dead Revs Up the Zombie Chainsaw Action

Tread of the Dead app iconZombie killers unite, there's a new chainsaw-slinging hero in town. That's right, Tread of the Dead is now available on the App Store, packed full of zombies and you're the only one keeping them from taking over the world.

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OmniFocus for iPad is One Piece in a Powerful Productivity System

Omnifocus for iPadIf you're in search of a productivity app that allows you to create tasks, add actions, view appointments and flag as appropriate, then look no further as OmniFocus is a powerful option that will do the trick.

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DiskHUB Pro is Superb File Management App for iOS

diskHUB - file management for iPhoneDiskHUB Pro is a file downloader and browser that makes downloading anything from the Web, cloud storage or your local desktop a snap. However, the question on my mind when taking the app for a spin was one necessity.

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PDF Connoisseur Perfect for Forms, Contracts, File Transfer and More

PDF Connoisseur for iPadLet me say up front that I detest handling PDFs on mobile devices. Sure, they're easy to muck around with on the desktop and yes, it's easy to view on your mobile devices such as the iPad, but when it comes to getting a signature or exporting a file to a PDF, the desktop reigns supreme.

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Brandnew Boy: Brawler + RPG Action = Winning Combo

Brandnew Boy iPhone gameBrandnew Boy is one of the reasons I continue to look through thousands of apps constantly to try and uncover the best. Not all apps have a huge marketing campaign surrounding their launch and some, like this one, tend to burn up the charts based on pure merit.

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Medal of Gunner is High-Flying WWII Fighter

Medal of Gunner game for iPhoneThere's nothing like a good WWII dogfight to get the adrenaline pumping and Medal of Gunner game sure packs a lot of action. This flying first person shooter (FPS) puts you in the cockpit to take on WWII bad guys and true to era likeness, you have to protect your fighter from Left and Right Waist, Top, Ball, Bomb and Tall turrets.

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warpspeed 2 Space Racer is Trippy Adventure Worth Flying

Buy warpspeed 2 on the App StoreSpace fighter apps are extremely fun to play and warpspeed 2 by Borderline Interactive is no different. The fast-paced action along with its visually stunning and equally trippy visuals will have a lot of budding Viper pilots coming back again and again for more action.

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Awesome Calendar Syncs with Google Cal and Offers Collaboration Option

Awesome Calendar for iPhoneThe amazing aspect about the App Store is that there is always room for competition. Take for instance calendar and list maker apps, there is probably a new addition everyday and just when I think it's a crowded arena, something such as Awesome Calendar pops up and improves on the category.

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Two Towers Offers Newbies and Veterans Challenging Gameplay

Two Towers game for iPhoneTwo Towers is an interesting strategy card game with the goal of defeating your enemies to increase your territory to earn more coins and spells. And while you're battling, you also have to protect your own domains or they'll vanish quickly.

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Bug & Weed Identifier by Spectracide is Lawn Lover's Best Friend

Bug and Weed Identifier by SpectracideAs a homeowner, I can attest to the problems figuring out how to care for a fledgeling lawn and arachnid infestation after a harsh winter. And now that spring has sprung, I've turned my hours of waiting for the sun to hours of trying to become a professional green thumb and pest controller.

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