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timeRAZOR Mixes Events, Traffic Data and Exclusive Offers

timerazor iPhone appOur world has become cluttered. It's not like it happened overnight. We've all been dealing with too many meetings, social engagements, birthdays, shopping lists, sitcoms and a smattering of other riffraff for quite some time.

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BounceMyX Offers Fake Bounced Email Notifications for iPhone Users

bouncemyx for iPhoneHave you ever been in a situation where you opened an email and wished you hadn't? Whether it be contact from an annoying friend, previous romantic partner, former client or boss — chances are, you have been in a situation where you hoped you could just click a button and it was as if you had never received their email.

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Video Star Makes You Into a Lip-Syncing Music Video Superstar

Video Star for iPhoneEverybody wants to be a big, big star, right? With Video Star you're one step closer to Hollywood with the ability to make your own music videos complete with built-in real-time effects. Who knows, you might just become the next Rebecca Black.

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Endless War is Frantic Space Fighter Battle for iOS

Endless War for iPhoneJust like for Maverick and Goose, Endless War is all about a good soundtrack and top gun dogfighting. And while you won't have a wingman in this space fighter, you'll still have a blast going below the hard deck and shooting down a slew of bogeys.

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Angry Birds Space is Intergalactic Phenomenon worth Every Penny

angry birds spaceSpace, the final frontier... Alright, I might be mixing genres up, but Angry Birds Space is now No. 1 in 99 countries and it's a force to be reckoned with. I also believe that even if this was the first Angry Birds title ever that it would still be top spot.

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The King of Streets Takes Buy Low and Sell High into Crime Time

The King of Streets for iPhoneLoosely based on Drug Wars, a game written by John E. Dell back in the 80s, The King of Streets brings the basic business concept of buy low, sell high to iOS. And while the concept is easy to understand, the game is anything but simple to master as it will take rigorous training and experience to come out on top in this epic nose candy battle.

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CrowdCall Offers Free Conference Calls Worldwide

crowdcall for iPhoneBeing a business owner who has clients in various cities who in turn have offices in several locations, conference calls are a must. Sure, we Skype every once in a while, but having more than a few participants requires that we use a conference line.

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Ticker Quiz Loves Anacott Steel, Gamifies Stock Market

Ticker Quiz - stock market game for iPhone"Blue Horseshoe loves Anacott Steel." For those of you who do not know where this quote comes from, these are the words of Bud Fox in the feature film "Wall Street." The character, played by Charlie Sheen, is someone who lives, breathes and eats all things stock market.

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Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy Takes Air Combat to New Heights

Sky GamblersSky Gamblers: Air Supremacy is a hot new title that brings dogfights to an entire new level. Where most flight games miss, this one from Namco Bandai comes through in a big way. Sure, the story is a bit wonky and some of the off in the background visuals are nothing to write home about, but I for one am not big on storyline and when in the thick of it I'm focusing on the stunning graphics right in front of me.

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EZ Tube Improves YouTube Video Browsing and Discovery

eztubeVideos and the iPad just go together. The display is just big enough that watching videos is pleasant and the new iPad retina display definitely makes them pop. One new app that is taking advantage of the iPad is EZ Tube.

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Animation Desk Unlocks Creative Potential in Aspiring Animators

Animation Desk for iPadThere is a reason Animation Desk was recognized as one of the best in the Entertainment Category of App Store Rewind 2011. It's an incredible app. And now there's even more to celebrate with recent updates such as adding one or more audio files to the animation creation process.

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Focus on Earthquakes is Perfect Interactive Study Aid for Students

Focus on EarthquakesThe digital classroom is getting even closer to being a reality with interactive study aids such as Focus on Earthquakes, a comprehensive overview of the causes and consequences of earthquakes.

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Blurtt Gives Photophiles the Ability to Add Captions to an Image

blurtt for iPhoneSome pictures are worth a thousand words. And then there are some pictures that with a caption would be worth a million and now there's an app for that. Blurtt is an app that helps you marry images and text for the perfect duo of visual and written expression.

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Songza's Ad-Free Streaming Sounds Like a Music Miracle

Songza for iOSThere is no doubting the power of music. However, there is also no denying how annoying ads can be on a radio program or on Pandora when you've just gotten into the groove and bursting from the headphones is some annoying product you don't need.

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CookieCoo DancingStar HD Will Get Kids Dancing and Singing

Cookie Coo Dancing Star app for kidsDancing and singing are two of my daughter's favorite things to do and both of them happen naturally when playing CookieCoo DancingStar HD. Aimed at the younger crowd, the app encourages kids to sing along with their favorite characters and best of all, have fun.

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