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Oh My Nuts App Makes Pigs Fly Squirrels to Floating Acorns

Oh My NutsUnderneath the shell, Oh My Nuts is a physics-based puzzler that uses a touch and drag shooting mechanic to launch a squirrel across the screen via a pot-bellied pig onto none other than a floating acorn.

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Elf Defense is Magical Tower Defender for iOS

Elf DefenseI've said it once and I'll say it again, there are too many tower defense games available. However, just when I'm about to give up on it for good, something like Elf Defense pops up and totally redeems the genre.

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PlayHaven Increases LTV iOS Offerings, Expands to Android Platform

PlayHave LTV platform for iOS and Android DevelopersThere are over half a million apps on the App Store. That's great for consumers, except for sifting through the bad ones, but for developers it's creating fierce competition. Now, it's not enough to just launch an app and hope it does well.

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Dark Summoner Forges Twisted Artwork and Gameplay for Intense Battling

Dark Summoner for iPhoneAt its core, Dark Summoner is a social online game that allows players to battle against each other with monsters in a dark fantasy world. It features there guilds at war who receive certain bonus depending on the type of monster.

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DragonVale Makes Cute and Cuddly Synonymous with Dragons

DragonVale for iPhoneOne of the top apps on the App Store, DragonVale has made hatching and caring for adorable dragons one of the most addictive games available. Set on a magical island with wizards, the game gives you the task of building the best Dragon Park around.

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MetaTrader 4 Takes Forex Trading Mobile for iOS

Metrader 4 - forex trading for iPhoneLifestyles of the rich and famous, that's where we all want to be right? Well, maybe not all of us, but I'm going to assume that a few might want to get there and one way to do that is to play the stock markets.

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Spotify Premium for iOS Gives Instant Access to 15 Million Songs

spotify for iPhoneHow the world has changed since the iPod gave us 1,000 songs in our pocket. Now, through the Spotify Premium service, we have access to 15 million songs. Plus, it allows us to take all of our playlists no matter if we're connected or not.

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The Habit Factor for iOS is Fast Track to Personal Achievement

The Habit Factor - goal setting iPad appThe Habit Factor is by and large one of the most useful productivity apps in giving yourself a fighting chance to succeed in forming positive habits. This is not a GTD product, rather it's a self awareness app that helps you set goals and assign the habits to make those goals a reality.

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Day-Timer iOS Productivity App Syncs with Facebook, iCal and Outlook

Day-Timer for iPhoneSmartphones have allowed many workers to transition themselves into on-the-go productivity machines. And while the iPhone's built-in Calendar and Reminders apps work wonders, they've left plenty of room for improvement for third-party developers such as Plan2Go and their Day-Timer scheduling productivity app.

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Zombie: The Rescue Makes Delicious Brain Suey of Unsuspecting Hostages

Zombie: The Rescue game for iOSRescue the hostages, save the world. Or at least the hostages. Zombie: The Rescue is an action puzzle that gives you a third-person view of the playing field, which is laced with zombies hungry for brains.

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Crystal War Blood Field is Perfect Blend of RPG and RTS for iOS

Crystal War Blood Field iPhone gameCrystal War Blood Field is a real-time strategy (RTS) game that is the sequel to Crystal War, which became quite popular among mobile gamers. The one thing missing was the ability to game against other fans.

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aFinance Budget 3 Makes Mobile Budgeting a Breeze for iOS

afinance budgetBudgeting in the current economic times is essential to making every dollar count, but tracking every one of those dollars can be cumbersome. Sure, we all know we should budget, but let's face it, it's not the most exciting task.

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Skype for iPad Still Offering Same Great Service As the Original

Skype for iPadA few years ago, I offered English lessons via Skype to anyone wanting to improve their conversational skills. I spoke to a wide range of people, including a student from Japan, a businessmen from India and a mom in Spain.

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Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode 1 HD is a Blast from the Past

Sonic the Hedgehog game for iPhoneSonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode HD brings me back. Seems like just yesterday I set down Altered Beast and took on this new superhero that collected rings, defended against evil and rolled up like a ball and flew around the screen like something I'd never seen before.

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Checkbook HD is Essential Ledger and Budgeting App for iOS

checkbook HDThe New Year brings all sorts of things to mind such as giving more attention to being physically fit. Of course, don't forget being fiscally fit too. Budgeting is or should be a key factor in anyone's resolution and one such app that can help is Checkbook HD from iBearSoft.

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