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Recollect Syncs with Twitter Followers for Music Discovery and Recommendations

find new music with Recollect for iPhoneEver since I've started working from home my music library has shrunk and my time on online music streaming services have increased. One thing I like about Spotify is the the ability to play the music from your friend's playlist.

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Super Crate Box is Frustratingly Awesome Arcade Action for iOS

Super Crate Box GameExcruciatingly difficult. So addictive my fingers are now bleeding. I wish the disc gun had never been invented. These are just a few thoughts running through my mind when I think about Super Crate Box.

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Relax and Rest Guided Meditations is Essential Deep Relaxation App

relaxandrestThroughout my short, but travelled life, I've yet to find anything better for oneself than a bit of time alone. I'm sure just about everyone out there who's coming down from the holidays is thinking to themselves how great it is to have some peace and quite.

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Vidify Simplifies Moviemaking on iOS

VidifyIf you've every worked with video, you know that it can be quite cumbersome to capture, edit and then output something worth keeping. Sure, capturing isn't too hard, just open your video camera app, push record and voila.

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Curio is Insanely Frightening Escape from Asylum for iOS

Curio for iPhoneOne of the most frightening aspects of a film such as Saw is the thought of being tied up or restrained with an abysmal amount of chance of escaping. The idea that a film like this could be entertaining baffles me, yet I've watched almost the entire franchise.

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Draw Pad Pro is Much More than Note-Taking App

Draw Pad Pro appI know... another note-taking app right? Wrong. Draw Pad Pro is much more than the run of the mill note-taking apps that have seemed to overrun the App Store. One extremely useful feature is the ability to upload and trace a photo directly within the app.

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Amazing Breaker Will Blow Your Mind and House Up

amazing-breakerFrom watching my older brother use firecrackers to destroy my G.I. Joes into smithereens to watching MacGyver whittle a roll of toilet paper and a paperclip into a door shattering bomb, I was always intrigued with blowing things up as I was growing up.

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The Adventures of Tintin - The Game is Outstanding Movie Tie-In

The Adventures of TinTin - 474794047The Adventures of Tintin - The Game (universal) by Gameloft is a brilliant tie-in to the movie. So much so that one would think the movie was based off of the game. What makes it so special is the emphasis and attention to exploration.

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PurchaseList Brings Social Sharing to Grocery Shopping

purchaselistI'm not a big fan of grocery shopping as the inevitable always happens to me. I write down a few things I need and because I'm not used to bringing paper with me I get to the store and  realize I've forgotten the shopping list and then I usually come home with half of what I needed.

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Arthur Christmas Movie Storybook Features Family Story and Extras

Arthurs Christmas MovieiStoryTime, the children's digital publisher who brought us Kung Fu Panda 2 Storybook, just announced their latest film-inspired app Arthur Christmas Movie Storybook. Now available for the iPhone and iPad, this storybook features several neat activities along with the story that is based on the new 3D, CG-animated movie that premiered earlier this month from Sony Pictures Animation.

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Katana Zombie Brings a Whole New Meaning to Ninja Zombies

Katana Zombie - 454349872Picture a nice, cool and crisp fall day. You're out with your sister having a nice chat, maybe drinking a hot cup of cocoa and enjoying the fall leaves and bam, she's gone. But where has she gone to?

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TubeHero Allows User to Pick Songs from Personal Music Library

TubeHero for iPhoneMusic is by far one of my favorite aspects about gaming. Rhythm music games are so much fun, feature great bands and combine challenging and intense gameplay for hours of fun. One thing great about TubeHero is its ability to read the user's library and utilize those songs for gameplay.

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DocuSign Ink Stamps Secure Signature on Any Document Mobily

DocuSign Ink - 474990205Productivity apps are a dime a dozen, but there are a few good ones out there such as the get things done app Next! and multi-page scanner Scanner Pro. And now, there's one more, which is aptly named DocuSign Ink and is now my new favorite mobile document signer. 

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X-Mas Calendar 2011 Creates Warm Thoughts of Christmas Cheer

X-Mas Calendar for iPad - 465961672While prepping for Christmas doesn't truly start for my family until after Thanksgiving, we're probably like most in that we definitely starting thinking about the magical holiday season as soon as the temperatures start dipping.

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Mafia Wars Shakedown Goes to the Mattresses Again

Mafia Wars Shakedown - 465811033Zynga is at it again, this time with a rebuffed free-to-play style game coined Mafia Wars Shakedown. If this type of multi-player genre fuels your gaming engine then strap in because it's time to go to mattresses.

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