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Pappaya Discovers Apps Based on Professional and User Reviews

Pappaya - App Discovery for iPhone and iPadAccording to Apple, there are over 500,000 apps in their App Store. Who in their right mind would want to sift through all of them to find the best? I'm assuming not many. That's why there are sites like the one you're reading right now to find, review and recommend the good ones.

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Switchaball is a Unique Puzzle Game with Interesting Gameplay

Switchaball for iPhone - 476566098What do you get when water and marbles are combined into a column-based puzzle? Switchaball by Drippy Cat Software Limited. The game for some reason reminds me of Plinko from "The Price is Right".

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Next! Project Management App Turns iPad into GTD Tool

Next! iPad Productivity AppProductivity continues to be a word constantly associated with the iPad. And rightly so, its compact design, portability and robust computing power make it perfect for an everyday work or personal computer.

Greg Dawson rated this app 4.0/5 | Category: , Finds New and Used Cars Nearby AppWhat's behind door number one? A brand new car? As the year comes to an end two things are certain. New car models are now available and it's football season. While there are plenty of apps to get a football fix, there's really only one that should be downloaded to check out new and used cars and that's the iPhone app. 

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Living Earth HD World Clock and Weather App is Stunningly Beautiful

Living Earth HD for iPadLiving Earth HD world clock, weather and alarm app is designed for both the iPhone and iPad and I must say that it looks extremely gorgeous on the iPad. And right now it's 50 percent off the original price.

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Monster Madness HD is a Ghoulish Twist on Match Three Genre

Monster Madness - 459164182Monster Madness HD plays off the classic connect three puzzlers. However, it has a Halloween twist with ghouls, ghosts and goblins. I have to admit, I'm a big fan of these types of games, especially when they they have skeletons and Elvira's packing knives.

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Putter King Adventure Golf Brings Miniature Golf to iOS

Putter King Adventure GolfWhether it be growing up, a high school get together, college date or on a road trip, miniature golf is one of my favorite pastimes. Putter King, Japan's first indoor miniature golf franchise, has taken my love for challenging themed holes and packaged it into the Putter King Adventure Golf app.

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Evri for iPad is Topics-Based Newsreader That Improves Productivity

evri-for-ipadKeeping track of all the news that is important in our daily lives has become a full-time job. I cull through a few main categories which as some have guessed are technology, apps, Apple and my little known topic of gardening.

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Gyro13 – Steam Copter Arcade HD Mixes Plot and Action for iOS

Gyro13 - Steam Copter Arcade HD for iPadIn typical mobile gaming action Gyro13 - Steam Copter Arcade HD offers gamers some high-flying action while trying to simultaneously intertwine a thick plot into the mix. While the storyline leaves much to be desired, I must give them at least an A for effort as it does provide an interesting take on the arcade genre.

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GAIN Fitness Builds Custom Workouts for iPhone

Gain Fitness App for iPhoneFitness is a multi-billion dollar industry. While there is an absorbent amount of "As Seen On TV" health and exercise widgets and gadgets, one look on the app store and one would notice that the fitness industry has taken over there as well.

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MotionX GPS Drive is Top-Notch Auto and Pedestrian Navigation App

motionx gps driveHowever, that's not to say drivers don't need them from time to time. And if they do, MotionX GPS Drive is the one they want.

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Another World App is Old School Action and Adventure Game

another worldIt's 1991, your name is Lester Knight Chaykin and you're a physicist. Unfortunately, it's not your day and while you're running an experiment using a particle accelerator lighting strikes and wreaks havoc and teleports you to Another World.

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Doodle Rams is Multiplayer King of the Mountain

doodle rams for iPhoneSome of my fondest childhood memories are centered around playing King of the Mountain, hill, snow mound and various other locations I was trying to conquer. Doodle Rams has brought this idea to the iPhone, but with one caveat, there must be another player on the gaming network to be able to play.

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Jetpack Joyride is 007 Strapped to a Rocket

jetpack joyrideHalfbrick, developers of Fruit Ninja, have struck gold again. This time with a James Bond-esque jetsetter who breaks into a laboratory to get his hands on experimental jetpacks before the science evildoers take over the world.

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Scanner Pro Makes Multi-Page Scans a Breeze on iPhone

Scanner Pro for iPhoneAs an iPhone- and iPad-toting mobile office executive, I take pride in discovering the apps that help get things done on the road and in the coffee shop, a.k.a. my mobile office. That's why when I found Scanner Pro, I had to review it as it's quite possibly one of the most useful business apps on the market and it scans high-quality, readable images to the industry standard PDF file.

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