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Photo Spot: Photo Matching Game Finds the Top

Buy Photo Spot on the App StoreIf you’ve ever played an old photo hunt game in a bar, pool hall or bowling alley you know they can be terribly addictive. With Photo Spot, Nexx Studio puts that fun right in the palm of your hands. Photo Spot is a puzzle game that challenges your ability to spot the differences in 2 photos. It’s a race against time to figure out what’s different so you can move on to the next level.

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iGossip Delivers the Dish on Celebrity News, but Needs an Extreme Makeover

Buy iGossip on the App StoreGossip junkies around the globe are getting their fill more often and much faster from some fun new apps. iGossip gives you the dish on all of your favorite celebrity happenings from the some of the most popular celebrity gossip websites like TMZ, Perez Hilton, Gossip Girls, US Weekly, E!

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Access2Go: Celebrity News and Entertainment in a Great Package

With Access2Go, NBC Universal brings its entertainment news show Access Hollywood the iPhone. NBC Universal hasn’t left a visual stone unturned with Access2Go, and it's all organized brilliantly.

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WordFu: Boggle-based Kung Fu Challenge

Buy WordFu on the App StoreIf you think you’ve seen it all in the App Store guess again. ngmoco, the makers of hit games like Rolando, Mazefinger and Topple bring WordFu to the App Store. WordFu is a boggle-like game wrapped up in a Kung fu theme.

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iPity: Mr. T Sound Clips Give the Fans What They Want

With more 60 sound clips from the legendary Mr. T, iPity will have you rolling on the floor or at least enjoying a nostalgic chuckle.

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iKeno: Classic Numbers Game Moves to the iPhone, But It's Still All About Chance

Buy iKeno on the App StoreWith more than 20,000 applications in the App Store, it’s never long before a classic game we haven’t seen in ages pops up. iKeno is a mobile version of the popular Keno game found in sports bars, bowling alleys, pubs and bingo halls and even some state lotteries around the world.

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Blocked is a Hard, but not Impossible, Puzzle

Blocked puzzle gameBlocked is currently the number 1 puzzle game in the App Store. If you’re curious to see how it made its way to the top you’ll be happy to know it’s everything it claims to be. Blocked is an easy to use puzzle game that has you dragging and sliding blocks in every direction across the screen. While this sounds easy enough to do, you’ll hit a few road blocks before you master this game.

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TMZ Takes on the iPhone with Even More Up-to-the-Minute Gossip

Buy TMZ on the App StoreTMZ has become one of the go-to sites for entertainment news. The gossip kind of course, and they’re pretty darn good at it getting it to you and fast! The tabloid site has officially released it's iPhone application to give Hollywood's voyeurs the type of details that will make you ooh, ah and blush over your favorite celebrities — anywhere, anytime of the day from your handset.

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California Traffic Report Helps Out Commuters

Buy California Traffic Report on the App StoreSince the weather is more predictable than the traffic here in California, you’re bound to check the traffic report before you start your day or travel home from work each night. There is no way to avoid it there’s going to be traffic on your commute. California Traffic Report will provide you with up to date information on your route from The California Department of Transportation.

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Meltdown Pipe-building Game has Gorgeous Graphics

Meltdown for iPhoneThere seems to be an infinite amount of puzzle games that float through the App Store. And the bar is constantly rising as more of them flow into our hot little hands. Meltdown is an action puzzle game where the goal is to build a network of pipes to get the “nuclear waste” out of the city. Guide the toxic waste through all of the detox stations to complete a level. Cross shaped detox stations must be completely filled.

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Bang! Challenging Gameplay Needs More User Feedback

bang-2Bang! Is an old school arcade game that has a lot of explosions and some pretty funky graphics. Bombs fall from the sky at an unstoppable pace and your job is to make sure you blow them right out of the sky.

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Ingot is a Puzzler That May be too Hard for Some Players

Ingot for iPhoneIngot is a puzzle game where the goal is to destroy the green blocks on the screen and avoid destroying the black blocks. You must set off the other eight block types in your quest to complete the level and get the highest score.

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Air Guitar Rocks Out

Buy Air Guitar on the App StoreThe App Store has something for everyone including amateur rockers. Air Guitar by Inedlible Software will have you spinning and strumming away to your favorite hits. It’s a fun entertainment app that uses the accelerometer of the phone so you get the full effect.

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Digital Chocolate Launches a Winner with Crazy Penguin Catapult

Buy Crazy Penguin Catapult on the App StoreCrazy Penguin Catapult is Digital Chocolate’s first iPhone game, bursting onto the scene just one day before Chocolate Shop Frenzy. Crazy Penguin Catapult is nothing short of what you’d expect from the monster publishing house. The highly anticipated game is an adventure game with skill, precision and strategy.

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You-Me-It Compatibility Quiz Gets Lost in the Details

Buy You-Me-It on the App StoreGames, puzzles and utility apps must now share space with horoscope, gossip and personality apps. You-Me-It is a full-featured lifestyle app that dubs itself the "relationship assistant."  You won’t have to call anyone or make a video of any sort but you will have to answer a few questions.

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