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Chuck The Ball: Soccer-themed Puzzle Game Hits A Wall

Buy Chuck the Ball on the App StoreMakeShift Games presents Chuck the Ball. It’s a puzzle game where the main character is a soccer ball. His mission is to collect all of the stars in the level. Chuck must make it through all kinds of perilous mazes and traps. Be careful to avoid hazards like holes and walls. Chuck the Ball is a game that lets your finger do all the work.

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Crazy Tanks Adventure Game

Buy Crazy Tanks on the App StoreCrazy Tanks is a battle game. Drive your tank all over the screen and destroy the enemy. The goal of the game is to destroy as many enemy tanks as possible and get the bonuses and power ups throughout game play.

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Can You Crack Open The Safe? Virtual Lockbox Offers Few Clues

Buy The Safe - Can you crack the safe?  Are you up to the challenge? on the App StoreBored people are dangerous. From apps about flatulence, light sabers, and doing the drunk walk now comes the The Safe, or as it is officially titled The Safe — Can you Crack The Safe?. The Safe is a simple app that keeps you posted in your chair for hours trying to crack open a virtual safe.

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Pinboard Keeps Track of Notes Using a Familiar Interface

Buy Pinboard on the App StoreEvery application won’t wow you. Some of them have one function and arguably do that one thing well. Pinboard is that application. Pinboard is a productivity app that lets you make notes on a virtual pinboard and drag them around the screen and arrange anyway you choose. Using it is not mentally taxing and learning to maneuver around in the app isn’t terribly difficult either.

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Foosball World Cup Wows Players

Buy Foosball World Tour on the App StoreFoosball World Cup has blasted its way into the App Store. If you're a fan of arcade games and bar games then you'll love Foosball World Cup. Now you'll have the opportunity compete as one of the world's 12 most elite soccer teams in a bid to win the virtual world championship.

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iSticky Sticks With the Facts

Buy iSticky on the App StoreIf you’re super busy and with school, work or just life in general, one of your missions each day may be to try to remember everything you’re supposed to do that day. How we do this differs from person to person. Developers have come to the rescue faster than late night infomercials hawking memory pills. iSticky will help you remember it all and keep you well organized.

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Loan Plan - Amortization Calculator Helps You Get Things in Order

Buy Loan Plan - Mortgage Calculator with Amortization Schedule for any business or personal loan (student, home, boat, vehicle) on the App StoreRecently, a plethora of apps that help people manage their personal finances have found their way to the App Store. Loan Plan is an app that helps you manage your budget efficiently. If you're excited about buying a car and don't have Suzie Orman around as the voice of reason. This app will give it to you instantly.

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Alphabetic Puzzles and Challenges

Buy Alphabetic on the App StoreAlphabetic is a game that is all about hand and eye coordination. Tap the letters of the alphabet in sequence. Start with A and try to get to Z before time runs out. For every letter you find correctly you’ll get three seconds. The faster you find letters the more points you’ll earn. Three seconds or less gets you a quick find bonus. Find one in less than a second, it’s a blitz bonus for even more points. Chain them together and you’ve earned even more points. There 26 trophies awarded to top scorers. They range from fast fingers to perfection.

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Vinnie Jones Wake Up Call Works out Well

vinnie-jones-wake-up-call-2iPhone users can rest a little easier tonight. You no longer have to wake up the blaring sounds of random digital noise from your alarm clock. The very English ex professional footballer Vinnie Jones has released the Vinnie Jones Wake up Call. If you’ve incorporated lines from popular Hollywood movies like Snatch, or Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels into your vocabulary you’re in for a real treat.

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Done Drinking Wobbles onto the iPhone

Buy Done Drinking Deluxe on the App StoreWe knew it wouldn’t take long before the drinking games made their way to our sacred (*insert laugh or bad joke here) iPhone. After all, the burping and flatulence games are already so popular.

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Holy Wars is a Battle of the Opinions

Buy HolyWars on the App StoreIf a chat about politics, love, the meaning of life is what you’re in the mood for, then Holy Wars just might be the app for you. Download the app and you’re instantly plugged into a virtual world filled with questions on everything from human cloning to euthanasia.

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App Store Stink Attack! iFart vs Pull My Finger for iPhone

Buy iFart Mobile - #1 Fart Machine - Now With Social Fart! on the App StoreMuch to the delight or disappointment of AppCravers everywhere the stink attack competition has begun. As if beer battles weren’t bad enough, two new "potty apps," iFart Mobile and Pull My Finger, are quickly rising to the top of the App Store charts. In fact, searching the word "fart" in the App Store brings up 30 applications for iPhone and iPod touch that have some variation on the smelly theme.


Target Tap Takes Talent

Buy TargetTap on the App StoreiPhone games aren’t always puzzles, shrouded in mystery or suspense. Sometimes they’re unbelievably simple games like TargetTap. TargetTap is a game where the aim is to quickly hit the red targets. The more of them you hit the more points you earn.

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Aqua Forest Fires up App Game

Part puzzle game and part digital play dough, OctiveEngine’s Aqua Forest may be stepping up the app game stakes. Aqua Forest is a 2D physics based game that allows you to let elements interact with the world to the limits of your imagination.

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Gratitude Journal Gives Back

Buy Gratitude Journal ~ the original! on the App StoreMost people are generally too busy to stop and smell the roses. Well why make time when you have that help you smell them so to speak? Gratitude Journal is a convenient way to remind ourselves about what we should be thankful for each day. Users merely tap several things they are thankful for directly into the application, listing each thought as a different entry.

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