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Independent Games Festival Mobile 2009

A $10,000 “Best iPhone Game” prize has been added to next 2009 Independent Games Festival Mobile. The award comes courtesy of a partnership with well-known game publisher ngmoco and Think Services, the festival organizers.


1st Response: Emergency Kit is the Perfect Survival App

Buy Emergency Aid on the App StoreWhat can go wrong will go wrong. So it’s a good idea to be prepared. The 1st Response: Emergency Kit is a must-have for those who like to be prepared. It puts as much practical information as possible into your hands for unexpected situations.

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Classics Browse Cherished Literature With a Digital Touch

Buy Classics on the App StoreIt isn’t exactly the holidays yet but we can already think of a couple of applications that might be gift worthy. Classics by Andrew Kaz and Phillip Ryu is just that kind of application. Classics is an eReader application that includes full versions of literary favorites from the public domain.

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GoodRec Focuses Recommendations by Highlighting Friends

Buy Goodrec on the App StoreGeo-location applications are cool when then they are simple, easy to use and don’t feel overdone. Goodrec is one of those apps. Goodrec offers recommendations on books, movies, wine, bars and restaurants.

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Buy Instapaper on the App StoreIt’s no surprise that New York based Marco Arment’s Instapaper is such a huge hit with commuters and travelers. Readers who ride the train, bus, or subways will likely find Instapaper an essential part of their daily commute or journey.

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Fake Calls is an Entertaining, if Obvious Fake Call Generator

Buy Fake Calls on the App StoreMagic Tap may have tapped into the “hybrid” application market. It’s Fake Calls application is definitely the kind of application that could be considered by some a utility and it’s definitely pretty entertaining.

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Square Master

Dan Bourque brings the full version of his Square Master to the App Store to rack the brains of iPhone and iPod touch users. Square Master is a simple game of skill and brain power that will mystify even the most puzzle savvy.

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Brightkite Enters the iPhone Geo-Location Market

brightkiteGone are the days when you need to enter a local chat room to meet new friends or have to send a text message to find your current crew. Geo-location applications like Moximity, Loopt, and Twinkle are sprouting up at a feverish pitch.


StockRazor Serves Up Investment Info on the iPhone... For a Limted Time

Atlanta-based Ockham Research delivered its StockRazor to the App Store this week. It is the first mobile application to offer equity research ratings. The powerhouse firm with a research catalog of more than 55,000 companies will offer 80 new stock ideas a week to iPhone users.

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Trancit App Makes the Screen Dance With Trippy Visualizations

Buy Trancit on the App StoreIf getting into the “zone” is your aim Trancit just might be the perfect solution. Developed by Ken Karakotsios, Trancit is a “trippy” visualization app that produces swirls and bubbles and other shapes using complex mathematical processes.

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WhitePages App Gives Broad Access to Contact Information — With a Few Extras

Buy Whitepages on the App StoreThe entire White Pages can now fit into the palm of your hand. delivers a powerful utility app with a seemingly unlimited number of electronic business and residential entries to the iPhone.

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Collapse Chaos is Another Colorful Blockbuster for iPhone

Realnetworks' Collapse Chaos, is making moves in the App Store. This week it made the move down to $1.99. The app has been discounted for a “limited time,” no doubt to bring it into the hands of even more iPhone arcade game enthusiasts.

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iPhone partner to deliver TV Tuner to Japanese users

Earlier today, Apple’s exclusive Japanese mobile carrier Softbank announced it will sell a TV tuner add-on for the iPhone. The TV tuner add-on for this handset is a noticeably missing feature from the already technologically sophisticated Japanese cell phone market.


Topple is Tetris with Way More Personality

Ngmoco brings Topple to the iPhone with an updated and wildly modern new look. The recently released Topple is a throw back to the 1980's video game "Tetris" and even older board game of the same name.

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Trip Cubby the mileage app

Buy Trip Cubby • Mileage Log for Tax Deduction or Reimbursement on the App StoreTrip Cubby may have nothing to do with animals but it is a bear of an application. It’s a fully functional utility application that allows users to track their billable mileage for deductions and expenses.

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