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Top 10 iPhone Complaints: Consumers Most Interested in Basic Phone Functions

iPhone Complaints - It's been 16 months since the original iPhone was released. With its sleek design and impressive gadgetry the iPhone has been a consumer hit and a commercial success — in spite of its high price tag and mandatory two-year wireless commitment with AT&T.

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Ralph Lauren Fashion House Joins App Branding Game

Buy Ralph Lauren Collection – Fall 2014/Spring 2015 Fashion Shows on the App StoreIf you weren’t cool enough to get an invite to the Ralph Lauren show during Fashion week, you’ve got a new way to keep up with the Jones’. Ralph Lauren released its fashion app Ralph Lauren Collection for the iPhone last Friday.

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Puzzllotto is a Contest Wrapped in a Puzzle Wrapped in an Enigma

Mike Lee of has finally introduced Puzzllotto, the highly anticipated logic puzzle that has had the internets buzzing for the last few weeks. Puzzllotto feels like a conundrum or endless riddle.

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Video Coming to the iPhone? Not so Qik

Last week there was lots of media hype and speculation that Qik, would be delivering their video application to the App Store. Qik is an application that enables anyone to stream video live from their mobile device from anywhere, in the world.


Developer Issues iRant in Response to Closed Door Policy in App Store

Austin based oeFun has been around since March of 2005. It’s led by Ian Dunlop, a Scottish native who has spent much of the "last twenty one years designing/programming games and applications." As an independent developer, Dunlop’s oeFun has already released four games through the App Store and recently had a hiccup with its fifth.


SGN Emerges as Top Player in i-Sports Games, Accelerometer-based Entertainment

The iPhone 3G has sent a smorgasbord of developers scrambling to their keyboards to create programming gold—applications that will keep those iPhones glued to our hot little hands for hours upon hours.


Relax offers HD-Quality Peace... for a Price

Buy Relax on the App StoreHave you ever watched a burning log video? For budget-conscious iPhone users, the infinite burning log might be more effective at soothing frazzled nerves than Relax. Relax whisks users away to one of five nature scenes for five minutes with a music loop.

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Grocery IQ - Manage and Share Your Grocery Shopping List

Buy Grocery iQ on the App StoreThe best utility apps are those that have proven themselves to be extremely functional aka time saving. Grocery IQ falls into this category by simplifying the often tedious and cumbersome task of grocery shopping.

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Zumobi Brings Pro Football Teams to the iPhone

pro-football-chicagoiPhone application developer Zumobi, backed by venture capital firms Oak Ventures and Hunt Ventures, recently launched their free Pro Football app. Since last Tuesday, Apple has slowly begun releasing unique apps for each of the 32 NFL teams.


Infofission offers two apps that change how we take notes

Klosterman doesn't mind developing applications he finds particularly useful, especially in a climate where game applications are hugely popular. A self-described Apple enthusiast, he has developed some pretty interesting "productivity" apps — PhotoJot and 44 Jots.


Neil Young, CEO of ngmoco

In a world of self-anointed players, ngmoco or Next Generation Mobile Company seems like it's on to something. "Pick something and stick with it!" English born CEO Neil Young confesses right away that "if the video game business went away I wouldn't be able to get another job.


iBeer vs. Coors

When a legal tug of war between a small developer and a multi-billion dollar corporation erupts, it usually signals the beginning of "the end" for the little guy. Somehow, iBeer has managed to avoid being wrangled into submission.


No on Nameo! for Exchanging Virtual Business Cards

Buy Nameo on the App StoreiPhone has created a tremendous platform for developers to create apps that are fun, useful or just plain entertaining. Occasionally, there is an application that underwhelms even the most loyal iPhone enthusiasts.

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Interview with Jason Jacobs of RunKeeper

iPhone glued to your hand? Here's another application that will help keep it there. RunKeeper is a groundbreaking application that uses the iPhone 3G's built-in GPS to track movements. If you like to run, hike, bike or just walk RunKeeper keeps track of your moves.


Wal-Mart rumored to carry iPhone 3G

It's official but not "really" official! Reports are circulating that Wal-Mart - the world's largest retailer - may become the second independent retail chain to carry the iPhone 3G.


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