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Hoyle Video Poker is All Aces — and We Want to Share it

Buy HOYLE Video Poker on the App StoreVideo Poker by Hoyle is exactly what it sounds like — video poker for the iPhone — but what its name lacks in "sexiness" it make up for in sheer reliability. The Vegas-style game consists of Double Bonus, 5 Card Draw, Jokers Wild, Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild — all of which shine like a iPhone fresh out of the box.

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Xewton Music Studio is a Beast — and We Mean it in the Best Possible Way

Buy Music Studio on the App StoreLets start with the bad news, Xewton Music Studio is a $20 iphone application. That is a lot of money on a platform that offers an almost infinite amount of free and under $2 apps. That being said this thing is a beast and in a world that seems to be in a drunken race to the bottom, I will gladly stand on the top and give Xewton my hard earned 20 bucks.

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Here Say Desperately Needs Some Early Adopters

The basic premise behind Here Say is this – you are at a place, say a concert, and you take a picture of the stage through the Here Say iPhone app. You post the picture to the community and attach a comment to it.

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