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Save Her, the Frantic Fish Tapping Game

Save HerSave an innocent goldfish from enemy sea creatures by tapping them before they eat her. Frenzied tapping ensues as difficulty increases. Can you Save Her?

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Check out HeyCheck for Photo Editing and Sharing

HeyCheck - free photo editing appHeyCheck is a free photo editor that lets users apply different filters and effects to photos they’ve captured and create fun post-card images.

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Pebble Universe is a Physics Game with Rock and Roll

Pebble Universe for iPhoneLooking for a fun, multi-level physics game that really rocks? Look no further than Pebble Universe – a simple and engaging game that makes playing with rocks a blast. Featuring little rocks of different sizes with big personality, Pebble Universe challenges players to push their rocks down hills and off ledges, causing them to collide with one another to create a cacophony on a large enough scale to destroy the Sootlump monsters.

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It's Tax Season so Screw the I.R.S. with a Strategy Card Game

Screw The I.R.S.Just in time for tax season, iPhone and iPad users can relieve some of their IRS frustration with the Screw the I.R.S. app – a fast-paced card game in which players attempt to be the first to come up with expenses to match their salaries and play the winning “Screw the I.R.S.” card.

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Help Purple: A Not-So-Obvious Adventure Puzzle With Candy-Colored Cuteness

Help PurpleIn a delightfully unique and colorful style, Gameday Inc. presents Help Purple – a whimsical adventure game that personifies the colors of the rainbow as little plankton-style jellybeans with special powers.

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SleepKeeper Captures the Images and Sounds of Sleep

sleep keeperIf you’ve ever wanted to prove just how loudly your significant other snores or that they really do steal your covers, then you guessed it – there’s an app for that. SleepKeeper is a simultaneously creepy and fascinating app that tells your iPhone or iPad to take incremental photos and sound recordings while running.

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Mean Mallows Survival Fun That Leaves You Wanting S'more

Mean Mallows game for iPhoneWithout a doubt, Defyn’s Mean Mallows is a game with one sweet storyline – defend the campfire from the evil marshmallows and graham crackers intent on destroying you, the sole remaining chocolate bar.

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Tapbounce is Bouncy Ball Puzzle Fun

TapBounce game for iPhoneWhat would happen if games like Tetris or Removem could be played with bouncy balls instead of static shapes or falling blocks? Tapbounce is the first mobile game for players to experience the answer to just that.

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Paper Monsters Proves Big Platformer Fun

Paper Monsters game for iPhoneCresent Moon Game's latest release Paper Monsters has received some serious accolades and if you pick it up in search of an entertaining platform adventure game, you’ll discover why.

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Perfect Balance Collection: The Perfect Balance All-in-One

Perfect Balance Collection iPhone gameTtursas Ltd.’s series of four different physics-based, shape-stacking puzzle games for iPhone, iPad and Touch began with Perfect Balance: Harmony and concluded with Lost Trials. These solitaire apps have now been consolidated into a single app with the appropriate title of Perfect Balance Collection.

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Turtle's Tale: Runaway is a Pleasant Puzzle Game

Turtles Tale iPhone gameIf you’re tired of birds – even the cool ones – and are seeking a physics-based rescue game starring a different kind of critter, then Turtle’s Tale: Runaway may have a place in your game library.

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6 Pack Promise - The Portable Abdominal Workout

6 Pack PromiseIf you’re interested in fitness and nutrition, and more specifically building up six pack abs, then Sports Performance Factory has recently released Jeff Cavaliere’s 6 Pack Promise for iPhone.

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Microsoft OneNote Goes Mobile But Not Much Else

Microsoft OneNote for iPhoneMicrosoft OneNote, which is a note taking and sharing program available in Microsoft Office 2010 and as a web app, is now available as a mobile app for iPhone and iPad. OneNote has some pros and is a good snag for heavy Office users with PCs, but it is far from a perfected note sharing application and may cause cross-platform users to wonder (again) if Microsoft and Apple will ever play nice.

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WordFoto Combines Pictures and Word Fun

WordFotoIf you like fun photo apps, then you might want to check out WordFoto by bitCycle. This app expands on the tired adage “a picture’s worth a thousand words” and lets users take any picture and use any word to create a one-of-a-kind fun piece of photographic art.

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Dress App is Virtual Fashion Fun for Girls

DressApp fashion paper dolls appA fashion-fun app for girls, the Dress App is a combination fashion show and pattern-recognition game. Dress App is like a modern-day paper-doll and game rolled into one. Four fashion-forward cities – Paris, New York, Tokyo and Milan – are represented by different models, each with their own array of fashion items to model.

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