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YP Local Search & Gas Prices is a YP Mobile Winner

iPhone yellow pages appThe infamous Yellow Pages has really had no choice but to embrace digital reinventions of itself and while the Yellow Pages Mobile app rolled out quite some time ago, it scored a 2011 “Best in Mobile” Digi Award winner for location services.

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Barnes & Noble's Nook App Provides More e-Reader Options

nook iOS reader appHave you been waiting to read NOOK books on your iPad or iPhone? The latest version of the NOOK app from Barnes & Noble has improvements for keeping your ebook library synced across multiple devices as well as improvements to the overall reading experience for users who enjoy reading magazines on the iPad.

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Take a Bite Out of Vampireville: Haunted Castle Adventure

Vampireville for iPhoneVampireville is a seek-and-find game that features a rich, progressive story line with hidden object tasks, puzzles and mini-games spanning a total of 24 chapters. The premise of the story leads players to assume the role of a real estate appraiser checking out an ancient castle up for auction.

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PiggyWoogy Huffs and Puffs and Breathes New Life into Match-Three Classics

Piggy Woogy for iPhoneOnce upon a time there were two pigs who built their castle out of jewels…Well, maybe that’s not the exact version of the classic tale, but this game isn’t the exact version of the classic game it appears to be.

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Where's My Water? is a Proven Winner

Where's My Water game for iPhoneDisney Mobile’s Where’s My Water? has received some well-deserved accolades as a top-rated game and indeed, since it’s release in September the water-physics puzzle game has been a top seller in the App Store.

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Get The Latest Version of Facebook App for Social Networking on the Go

Facebook for iPhoneHard as it might be to imagine anyone NOT using Facebook, if you’re still not sold on Facebook, let 2012 be the year you jump on board the social networking bandwagon. If you're on Facebook, but haven’t been using it because the only computer you’re ever chained to is the one at work, then by all means it’s time to check out the mobile version for iPhone.

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Get Your Drink on With Liquor Cabinet

Liquor Cabinet for iPhoneWhether you’ve got discriminating taste in mixed drinks or just like to experiment with different cocktails, then belly up to the Liquor Cabinet app for iPhone. This app is a party host’s dream and is both thorough and concise enough to replace other bar books and drink recipes.

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Scribblenauts Remix - You Don't Want to Miss It

scribblenauts-remix iPhone gameLast year Warner Brothers brought 5th Cell's  award-winning Scribblenauts game to the iOS platform for iPhone in the form of Scribblenauts Remix. As evidenced by its original success on the Nintendo DS, Scribblenauts is an ideal game for a mobile platform.

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The Soothing Voice of Infinite Relaxation May Help With Insomnia

Infinite Relaxation for iPhoneIf you’re a believer in the power of suggestion or have ever wondered if hypnotherapy might work for you, then you guessed it – there’s an app for that. The newest, Infinite Relaxation, is one in a series of several meditative, self-improvement apps designed to promote relaxation, relieve stress, quit smoking, eat better, and so on.

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MonkeyBerry is More than Child's Play

monkeyberry game for iPhoneWhat happens when a child has an idea and grownups support it? Often times, good things happen —which was exactly  what ten-year-old Henry Maw had in mind when he was inspired to create MonkeyBerry for iPhone.

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Control the Elements With Alchemy for iPhone

alchemy-for-iphoneThere are a variety of alchemy games for pretty much every platform and iPhone has its own abundance of them – some paid and many free. Denis Butyletskiy created his version of Alchemy for iPhone in 2010 and it has a current total of 231 elements.

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Tiny Review Features Short, and Often Clever, Location-Based Reviews

Tiny Review for iPhoneWouldn’t it be nice to have a go-to source that could potentially provide reviews of places and things at a glance? Who wouldn’t want a quick, efficient and to-the-point review of a place, its service, food or current occupancy?

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Smurf Racer - A Not So "Smurfy" Racing Game

Smurf Racer iPhone gameThose who can’t get enough of everybody’s favorite little blue creatures might well be enticed to download Smurf Racer – a game that (at first glance) would appear to involve a Smurf, if not multiple ones, driving race cars.

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Track Your Goals with TraxItAll for iPhone

TraxItAll iPhone ApplicationIf your latest New Year resolution(s) are already out of sight and out of mind, then maybe it’s time for an iPhone app that helps with goal setting and accountability. TraxItAll is designed to be just such an app and features a way to record and track daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly goals.

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Bugs and Buttons is Crawling With Kid-Friendly Fun

Bugs and Buttons for iPhoneTo be successful, an app that claims to be educational for kids has to first be engaging enough for kids to play. Bugs and Buttons by Little Bit Studio is a kid-friendly, gender-neutral app featured in the App Store as a “best of” in the educational category at year’s end and frankly, it’s probably a well deserved accolade.

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