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Pansjo - Tummy First Digital Picture Book in New Series

pansjoDigital formats provide the perfect medium for children’s storybooks to come to life. They can be interactive with both sound and action, but can sometimes venture into sensory overload.

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iAllowance Helps Families Track Chores, Rewards and Allowances

iallowanceParents looking for a viable system for tracking their children’s allowance, rewards or chores might want to check out iAllowance by Jump Gap Software. Available for iPhone and iPad, iAllowance has several tracking and editing features for managing data along with the ability to sync across multiple devices using Dropbox.

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Talking Santa Has Come to Town in the Form of an Interactive WeeMee Avatar

Talking Santa Wee Mee iPhone appWith just a few days left in the big countdown, Santa has already come to town and paid a visit to the App Store in the form of a WeeMee. Talking Santa by WeeWorld, makers of the WeeMee Avatar Creator, is an app that combines a Santa avatar with different animations, backgrounds, and playback voice selection.

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I Won't Fall is Optimistic but Wishful Thinking in New iPhone Game

I Won't Fall for iPhoneA relentlessly determined momma bird is the star of a new, and as of yet, mostly unnoticed indie game release in the App Store. Aptly titled “I Won’t Fall,” this game is simple but nimble and features the determined efforts of one mother bird who must traverse dangerous sky-high terrain in order to reunite with her bereft baby birds.

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Calorie Counter* Earns an A for Nutrition and Diet Apps

Calorie Counter App for iPhoneIf the holidays put you in mind of watching your weight, then no doubt you’re silently counting calories at every party and family gathering. Even if you prefer to throw caution to the weight-watching wind and worry about it later, it might be nice to at least monitor your nutritional intake.

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Time Flies with Fly Paper! for iPhone

Fly Paper for iPhoneFor those who might be tired of purposeful, challenging or mind-stimulating games and are looking for a bit of mindless interaction to support a mental checkout, Fly Paper! for iPhone fits the bill.

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With Word Lubbers for iPhone, Spelling is the Only Defense

Word Lubbers for iPhoneAhoy, word game fans! Word Lubbers by Accio has landed in the App Store and packs quite a word-forming punch. A pirate themed word game with a bit of action to boot, Word Lubbers spells big fun for wordsmiths.

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The Window Shopper by for Easier Window Blind Shopping

window shopper app by blinds.comShopping for window blinds isn’t always a fun task, but technology might make it a bit better. The Window Shopper by iPhone app is a step in the right direction for allowing users to compare different styles and colors of window blinds quickly and conveniently from home.

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Cheese & Wine - Expert Pairings Made Easy

Cheese and Wine - id426320022cheese & wine for iPhone With holiday parties on the horizon it’s always nice to know there are a few iPhone apps on your side. One that might come in handy at the market is Cheese & Wine – by Max Allen and Will Studd.

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Splitter Pals iPhone Version Has 80 Levels of Puzzle Fun

Splitter Pals for iPhone - 406840521Pixilated Games has brought an expanded version of the free online game Splitter Pals to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. For those who haven’t tried it, it may be hard to imagine elementary artwork and sound giving any support to a truly challenging physics puzzle game, but the unexpected merger seems to work in the Splitter Pals app.

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Squids for iPhone- Get Your Underwater Game On

squids iphone gameParis-based mobile game developers The Game Bakers has cooked up a hit with Squids, an under-water, turn-based casual adventure game. No kidding, building a rogue squid army to fight off evil crustaceans has never been so much fun.

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Interactive Story Book Sends Kids "Off to Bed!" with Style

Off to Bed - book for iPadThere may be nothing that makes bedtime with toddlers easy, but a few minutes together with a bedtime story certainly paves the way. Though many parents still prefer traditional story books, interactive story books like those available through the App Store are an engaging alternative and provide a solid introduction to technology for young children.

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Craftsy - the Etsy App for Buying and Selling on the Go

Craftsy - Etsy for iPhone - 426659134Craftsy has been removed from the App Store due to trademark conflicts with the name. Get the official Etsy app for using the site from your iOS device. Etsy users have a few options for browsing and tracking Etsy activity from their mobile devices, one of which is Craftsy – the Etsy app for shoppers and sellers.

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Roll in the Hole - Chillingo's Recent iPhone Roll-Out

Roll in the Hole from ChillingoChillingo keeps rolling out the apps and their recent release of Roll in the Hole has people talking. Developed by Eccentricity Games, Roll in the Hole is another cute and cuddly game loosely based on physics where players puzzle out how to get PoPo the panda to collect all three ice-cream treats on each level.

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Sky Cowing Proves an Enjoyable Game That Won't Cost the Farm

skycowingIn case you ever wondered, cows DO skydive – at least they do in Monkey Cube Interactive’s breakout app for iPhone. A fun, silly little game featuring a free-falling, free-spirited cow, Sky Cowing is a great addition to any library of time-killing, quick-playing games.

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