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Plan-it Halloween App Might Have Failed to Plan

plan it halloweenAnother Halloween is fast approaching and if you have kids, this means parties. School parties, trick-or-treat parties, or just plain old Halloween shindigs take a bit of planning – especially if you have multiple children in multiple age ranges.

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Ness for iPhone Provides Personalized Restaurant Recommendations

ness restaurant recommendationsNess for iPhone – a personal search engine offering restaurant recommendations - is similar to Yelp or Google Places Hotpot, only much more attractive.

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Free Music Download Pro Makes for a Good Download Manager

free music download app for iPhoneIf you like exploring free music of all types and genres, including indie artists, classical music, or even audio books and need an all-in-one file manager to do it, Free Music Download Pro could be put to good use.

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Monster Island Gives You Big Bang for Your App Store Buck

monster islandIf you’re craving more physics-based attack-style puzzle games, then you could do worse than to be stranded on Monster Island. Brought to you by Miniclip, the same folks that thought up Fragger, Monster Island is very much like its Fragger predecessor, but better.

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Words By Letter - Multiplayer is a Throwback to Scattergories

categories game multiplayerWe came across an app that has flown completely under the radar (as many of them do) and were instantly reminded of the 1980s Hasbro party game Scattergories. This Bluetooth rendition for iPhone and iPad, called Words By Letter – Multiplayer, formerly known as Categories Game, is a basic likeness that can be played locally as well as through Game Center.

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Naught to Lose with "Naught" for iPhone

Naught iPhone gameNaught is a unique gravity-platform game for iPhone with no in-depth storyline, no color, yet an eerily artistic appeal and gameplay that's addictive.

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Gluten Free Fast Food Provides a Rudimentary Dining Guide

Gluten Free Fast FoodSome say gluten free is a fad, but those with celiac disease and wheat allergy or intolerance will tell you different. If you or someone you know follows a gluten-free diet then you certainly know the biggest challenge is in eating out.

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Word Wizard Turns Kids into Spelling Whizzes

Word Wizard 447312716  Word Wizard - Talking Movable Alphabet   With school back in session, the power of Apple’s touch devices as an educational tool is certainly timely. Parents and teachers looking for apps that assist in learning may want to take note of a new app by L’Escapadou called Word Wizard.

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Kickin Momma Kicks a Bit of Peg-Busting Butt

Kickin Momma iPhone appA “New & Noteworthy” title in the App Store, Kickin Momma from Hothead Games (the creators of Death Spank for Xbox and Kard Combat for iPhone) is definitely a winner. A peg-busting, pinball-esque game that is reminiscent of Pop Cap’s Peggle, but with its own brand of game action, Kickin Momma is a delightful casual game suitable for all ages.

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Connectrode Definitely Connects with Puzzle Fans

Connectrode App IconLooking for a thought-provoking and completely original puzzle game to occupy your mind? Look no further than Connectrode – a new puzzle game developed just for iOS by a team of independent designers.

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Squirmee and the Puzzling Tree Takes Root Amongst Action Puzzles

Squirmee and the Puzzling TreeIf games such as Cut the Rope and Cover Orange are tops on your list, then Squirmee and the Puzzling Tree is worth taking note of. A creative puzzler with clever mechanics, Squirmee is a challenging, but intuitive, touch-to-play game with great elements of surprise.

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Hanging with Friends Makes Hanging with Strangers Fun

Hanging with FriendsZynga makes good use of their experience with Words with Friends and offers up a different kind of word guessing game. Hanging with Friends is classic hangman with enough twists to create a solid, multiplayer online word game that iPhone and iPod touch players will love.

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Get the Dish with Big Brother Hamster Soup Season 13

Big Brother AppWith CBS’s Big Brother 13 in full swing, fans of the summer reality series are soaking up this season’s twists and plots like the summer sun. Who among the remaining house guests will stay and who will go next?

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Add Flair to Your Device With Pimp Your Screen

Pimp Your ScreenIf you want fun and even outrageous images and backgrounds readily available to liven up your mobile iOS device, then Pimp Your Screen pretty much has it all. A rather nifty utility for sprucing up backgrounds, creating app shelves, and making home and lock screens with flair, Pimp Your Screen provides an easy way to customize your iPhone or iPad with various images and themes.

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Line Birds Attempts to Follow the Flock

Buy Line Birds on the App StoreImmediately following any success is the attempt to recreate it and the Angry Birds phenomenon has certainly prompted more than a few attempts. Bird-themed games are quickly becoming a dime a dozen in the App Store, and the recent price drop of Line Birds (from the same developer as Line Surfer) has prompted some attention.

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