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OMG WTF LOL is an Easy Emoji App to Help the Tech-Impaired Install Emoticons

For those not using emoticons because they lack the technical know-how, OMGWTFLOL Emoji offers easy set-up and lots of options.Everybody loves emoji, the popular Japanese picture characters that make messaging fun.

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Visual Travel Checklist Makes Packing a Breeze

Buy Visual Travel Checklist on the App StoreStart your summer travels off right with apps that make planning and packing a bit easier. One option that may be useful is Visual Travel Checklist, which was released last month and is on sale through the end of July.

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Craft Finder Can Help Keep the Kids Busy this Summer

Craft projects are one way to help ward off summer boredom and Disney’s Family Fun Magazine has long been a source of ideas for all ages and skill levels. Conveniently enough, there’s now an app for that.

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Celebrate Summer with Weather Doodle - Now for iPad

Buy Weather Doodle on the App StoreTiny Mammal, the developers that created the “artful” weather app for iPhone and touch recently released an update that includes full iPad support. To celebrate, Weather Doodle is available in the App Store on all devices for the sale price of .99 until May 23.

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Foodies Makes Gluttony Fun

Buy Foodies on the App StoreFeatured in the App Store as a current top paid app and receiving rave reviews, Foodies is worthy of its “sweet” accolades. A unique game taking a different approach to touch screen control, Foodies features “Snacky Sam,” an adorable orange blob engaging in the deadly sin of gluttony.

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Squibble for iPhone Well-Suited as a Handheld Game

Buy Squibble on the App StoreRemember wacky wall-walkers? Telling as this question is, it is the first thing that came to mind when playing Squibble – a relatively new 2D platformer built with handheld intuitiveness for easy play.

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Virtual Collectors Catch Stamp Art Fever

Buy Stamp Art Fever on the App StoreCollecting goes virtual with Stamp Art Fever, the first stamp collecting game that recreates specific aspects of stamp collecting while embedding elements of a good game. Players try to build their virtual stamp collection by buying, trading, and bidding on any of over 100 different stamps.

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Avast Ye Matey! Pirate Strike is a Bit of a Dodgy Game

Cheesy pirate puns aside, Pirate Strike is a dodgy little game that is both simple and deceptively frustrating. The concept is simple – keep your pirate from being blown up by cannon fire.

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Speed Dial Images Helps Find Your Contacts Faster

Buy Speed Dial Images - Dialer App on the App StoreOne of the beautiful things about the iPhone is the endless utility apps that allow you to customize how you use your phone and improve ease of use. One such option specifically designed for people who actually use their phone to call people is Speed Dial Images.

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Ricochet: YouTube's Best Handpicked Videos

Buy Ricochet: YouTube's Best Handpicked Videos on the App StoreAs evidenced by the number of views of many viral videos, checking out user-created videos on YouTube is a favorite pastime of millions of people. If you don’t have a lot of time to invest in browsing YouTube videos, there are apps for that.

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Become a Silver Screen Tycoon with Movie Mogul

Movie MogulMogul (n.) – Entrepreneur, industrialist, tycoon, iPhone user with Movie Mogul installed. Movie Mogul for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad is branded as a game, but is more like a choose-your-own-ending book than a game, that pits your movie production knowledge against an imaginary movie making process.

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Group Messaging with Top Utility SMS

Buy Top Sms on the App StoreIf you’re convinced text messaging is the best way to communicate with friends, family, and even co-workers, then having a utility app that manages your messages may be useful. SMS management is the purpose behind Top Utility SMS for iPhone, a messaging app that incorporates groups, favorites, and GPS location into the iPhone’s messaging capabilities.

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LotBraining Mental Training: Nirvana or a Pricey Way to Find Zen?

Buy LotBraining Mental Training for Personal Development on the App StoreFor busy people, their phone may be a source of stress perpetuating the “always on” way of life, but with the right app, can’t it also be a source of inspiration? Maybe. Given that there are a few different schools of thought when it comes to the power of meditation and mental preparation for life balance and success, the answer to whether or not an app can help you develop focus and concentration is best left to the experts.

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Shy Breaker Wants to Help Users Break the Ice

Buy Shy Breaker on the App StoreGPS based social networking is not really a new thing (think 4 Square and Facebook check-ins), but it’s a growing trend that existing and future social networking platforms alike will evolve in their own ways.

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Monster Free Apps: A Scary Good Way to Find Free Apps

Buy Monster Free Apps - Find free games and apps daily on the App StoreWant free apps with no strings attached? Heck, who wouldn’t want to discover freebies in the App Store? With Monster Free Apps and their mantra “So good it’s scary,” you have the opportunity to download paid apps for free.

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