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Get Your Chill on with Silent Island Relaxation

Buy Silent Island Relaxation (SALE) on the App StoreNot exactly silent, but soothing nonetheless, Silent Island Relaxation is a compilation of relaxing music combined with sounds of nature. Before you groan and beg not to be stranded on another island of apps with repeating loops and poor quality sound, give a listen to the sample tracks in the App Store.

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Cut the Rope is a Casual Gaming Treat

Buy Cut the Rope on the App StoreChillingo’s newest release, Cut the Rope, is a casual puzzle game that bears the mark of the developer with cute animation, innovative style and of course, great gameplay. A combination of physics, logic, and in some cases, quick reflexes, Cut the Rope has entertainment and a high replay value with 75 levels to master.

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Get Basic Device Info with System Manager

system manager iphoneSystem Manager for iPhone is an inexpensive app that provides information about your device’s use that you can’t get in any native application—specific information about memory use, disk space, battery life, and device identification.

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Spark Radio Price Drop Should Spark Interest

Leveraging the world-wide reach of, Spark Radio by Handcast Media Labs puts thousands of radio stations at your iPhone fingertip and streams them over Wi-Fi or 3G. Spark Radio has been available for several months and has undergone a bit of a price drop in that time.

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Asia Society Museum: Yoshitomo Nara

If you are interested in art and culture, then check out the first app introduced by the Asia Society Museum. Already available under various headings in iTunes U, the Asia Society Museum, located in New York, promotes Asian and Asian American art.

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Keep in Play - The Thirty Second Challenge

Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire! Keep in Play by Garuda Force Corporation is an interesting game that pits the addictive nature of a simple repeat task against challenging parameters.

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Pigeon Squadron - The Fun Game with a "Crappy" Theme

Buy Pigeon Squadron on the App StoreDon't look up, but if you’ve been eyeing Pigeon Squadron in the App Store by all means give it a try. It’s a high-flying pigeon adventure with a military theme that pits pooping pigeons against townspeople in various cities.

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Play and Learn With Old MacDonald Piano

Fun apps designed for kids that also impart some form of education, especially music, can be valuable to tech-savvy parents. Kiboomu Publishing’s Old MacDonald Piano is their second interactive piano app for young children.

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Go Soccer for Goal Practice on the Go

Buy Go Soccer on the App StoreIf you enjoy simple flick-style sports-themed arcade games and soccer is your main goal, then check out Go Soccer for iPhone and iPod Touch. A quick, pick-up-and-play style game that takes advantage of flick-style controls and pits players against a moving target in the soccer goal.

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Lite Brite Leaps from Table Top to iPhone

lite brite iphoneThe Lite Brite app for iPhone and iPod Touch is the 1970s creative electronic children’s toy reinvented with modern technology. To preserve nostalgia, the premise remains the same – create pictures with different colored pegs that light up against a black background.

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Tremors Has Nothing On Super Mega Worm

Buy Super Mega Worm on the App StoreWrangling its way through a set of updates that fixed compatibility issues with iOS 4, Super Mega Worm developers Deceased Pixels LLC has an apparent hit on their hands. Hearken the days of quarters lost at the arcade, Super Mega Worm is a piece of 8 bit imitation, old school glory with more charm than Centipede.

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Virion SD for iPhone is Not So Viral

virion sd iphoneVirion SD for iPhone is a puzzle style game based on matching shapes to receptors to complete levels within a specified time frame. Virion is definitely unlike any puzzle game I’ve seen before, but its uniqueness doesn’t necessarily mean it is destined for greatness.

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Robot Unicorn Attack: Wish Upon A Star and You'll Die a Fiery Death

Buy Robot Unicorn Attack on the App StoreRanking pretty high amongst paid apps for the last couple of weeks, Robot Unicorn Attack would be a mystery if it weren’t for the Adult Swim brand. Seems you can take a ridiculous premise that would never in a million years succeed as a handheld arcade-style game and then attach Adult Swim to the title, and it sells.

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Funny Status Updates for Facebook iPhone App

Buy Funny Status Updates for Facebook (Compare to Status Shuffle) - Facebook Status Jokes & Humor! on the App StoreFunny Status Updates for Facebook is a third party application for iPhone that integrates with Facebook and gives users access to a collection of a witty quips, practical jokes and even a few pictures to post them as their status update.

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Oil Change for iPhone Won't Change Much

oil change iphoneIf you follow the every three months/3,000 miles rule and have trouble finding a convenient place to get your oil changed, then let your iPhone find one for you with the Oil Change app. Oil Change is a location-based app that pin points nearby oil change franchises on the map and is also designed to sort the facilities by distance or price so you can comparison shop the service.

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