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Stream Video from PC to iPhone with JumiCam

jumicam iphoneJumiCam is an application that allows you to view webcam footage streaming from your home PC to your iPhone. It works with the Jumi Controller, which you have to install on your PC (not available for Mac yet).

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iCademy - Discover Your iPhone

icademy iphoneIf you’re new to iPhone or if you’re an iPhone user who hasn’t had time to discover everything your iPhone can do, then iCademy is an app worth perusal. A combination pictorial guide and hands-on user manual, iCademy highlights many of the iPhone’s useful features in an easy to navigate application.

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Save Betsy is Like Doodle Jump on the Farm

Save Betsy is another version of the accelerometer-based jumping game that has become so popular for iPhone. It is akin to Doodle Jump, but unlike Doodle Jump, the leader of all such games where iTunes rankings are concerned, Save Betsy, has a seriously twisted vegan (or anti-vegan) theme, but don’t worry, no cows were harmed in the making.

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Dreamscape is a Bubble Arcade Set against Dreamy Backgrounds

dreamscape app iconBubble popping games have been a part of iPhone culture since the beginning. In fact, there’s probably not a user out there who hasn’t stolen at least a few moments absentmindedly popping virtual bubbles between calls or emails.

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Alarm Clock Pro Works Like a Charm

Alarm Clock Pro iconAmongst my favorite apps for iPhone are the truly purposeful ones that render the iPhone a convenient multi-purpose device. Granted, a good many practical utilities come as default installations but the free and paid alternatives for some of them offer a few better features.

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Loop & Learn Provides Unique Approach to Knowledge Sharing

Editor's Note: Loop & Learn has been replaced with "Learn Anything." Those with a quest for knowledge requiring a unique approach to studying may want to take a look at a unique application for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad called Loop & Learn.

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Enjoy Continuous Shooting Fun with Fotomecha

Buy Fotomecha - multi lens simulated camera on the App StoreFotomecha — Photography apps for iPhone are abundant and range from kid-friendly to technologically endowed. Though the iPhone gets its share of rebuke for poor camera quality (at least pre-4G), I've seen quite a bit of high-quality creativity come out of some users.

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FitClick Diet & Exercise Tracker Works, but Can't Compete

If you have an iPhone and want to keep track of your caloric intake and output, then FitClick Diet & Workout Tracker is one option for doing so. Working in conjunction with the Fit Click website, Fit Click Diet & Workout Tracker keeps track of your daily calorie balance by allowing you to input the foods you eat and the exercise you do each day and balancing them out for your review.

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The Jeff Dunham iPhone Application

Buy The Jeff Dunham iPhone Application on the App StoreFans of Jeff Dunham and his iconic ventriloquist's dummies received a shout out earlier this month with the addition of The Jeff Dunham iPhone Application to the App Store. Essentially a promotional tool for Dunham's 2010-2011 tour, The Jeff Dunham iPhone Application provides instant access to news, videos, touring locations, and iTunes material.

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It May be Hot, but No Pool Needed for Dice Diving

Buy Dice Diving on the App StoreDice Diving. It might sound odd, and to be sure it is different, but Dice Diving isn't a game you play in the pool, it's an iPhone game developed by Larry Snyder. Not quite Yahtzee, nor Phase 10 dice, but a combination of dice games that presents a unique format and scoring system for playing.

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Keep Your Brain Hopping with Frogiz Puzzle Logic

Buy Frogiz on the App StoreIt's always refreshing to find a good puzzle game burried in the App Store that is both unique and fun to play. Frogiz may not be on your radar, but if you enjoy puzzles it's worth a look. Similar to Fling!, but with its own unique objective and more layered, Frogiz features a 5 x 5 grid with pink and green frogs and round and square lillypads.

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Teach Me Sushi, For Those Who Dare to Learn

Buy Teach Me Sushi on the App StoreBeing somewhat challenged in the art of culinary preparation, I tend to keep an eye out for cooking and recipe apps that I find helpful but not too challenging. I've been through a plethora of free and paid apps in all manners and styles of food, recipes and so on, but would never have dared to seek out help with sushi.

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Dots for Tots - On the Go Connect the Dots Fun

Buy Dots for tots - teach toddlers to draw, count and alphabet on the App StoreThe other day I was having lunch with friends who also happened to be parents of small children. While waiting for what seemed like an extraodinarily long time, I found myself whipping out my iPhone in an attempt to entertain the four-year-old munchkin beside me.

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Get Free Video Search and Sharing with VideoBox

VideoBox by LiveMixing, Inc. is a video app that gives access to popular video sharing sites and allows users to watch, download and share videos with friends. VideoBox features a search function, email and also allows users to push video from their computer to their phone.

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Baby Rescue is Pint-Sized Piloting Fun

Buy Baby Rescue on the App StoreIf piloting a helicopter and rescuing innocent anime babies stranded all over the world is your idea of fun, then Baby Rescue by Kooapps LLC is the game for you. Using basic touch screen controlls combined with the accelerometer feature of the iPhone, you pilot a helicopter across colorfully animated landscapes with the mission of rescuing all babies on the level.

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