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Take Your Favorite Tot on an iPhone Animal Hide & Seek Adventure

Buy Animal Hide & Seek Adventure on the App StoreAnimal Hide & Seek Adventure for iPhone is a game for young children featuring colorful animation and friendly music built around a simple seek and find premise. Choose from three adventure themes – jungle, circus, and ocean – and find the animals hidden in each image.

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Get a Free Insurance Discount Code with Insure Me

Buy Insure Me on the App StoreInsure Me is an app aimed at helping people find iPhone insurance at a special discounted rate to guard against theft and damage. While theft and damage are both real possibilities for iPhone users, there is such a thing as handset replacement insurance available through your wireless carrier.

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Create and Listen To Playlists on the Go with Listenial

Listenial is a music app for iPhone and iPod Touch that links to the music stored in the default iPod application to allow you to create playlists on the go. As a music player, it’s effective and as a playlist creator, it’s equally effective.

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Wild West Checkers - Same Game, Different Theme

Buy Wild West Checkers on the App StoreWild West Checkers is a slingshot-style checkers game where players attempt to shoot their opponents checkers off the board without losing any of their own. The second such iPhone app I’ve come across with the same principle, and coincidentally the same seller, Wild West Checkers is similar to iChapaev, but sports a wild west cowboy and Indian theme and a price tag of 2 dollars higher.

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The Ants Are Invading Your Device in Ant Assault

Ant Assault is a game for iPhone and Touch that pits players against an army of ants invading your device and trying to steal its inner components. The ants come in waves and attempt to steal any one of five components and players stop them by tapping, flicking and shaking.

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Send Classic Jerkyisms With The Jerky Boys Prank Caller for iPhone

Buy The Jerky Boys Prank Caller on the App StoreThe Jerky Boys Prank Caller is one of two recently released Jerky Boys apps for iPhone, with the other being The Jerky Boys Pinball. This app that lets you set up your friends to receive an inbound prank call on your phone.

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Landscaper's Companion Gets You Ready for Spring Planting

Buy Landscaper's Companion - Plant & Gardening Reference Guide on the App StoreSpring is finally here and with it comes an app of great proportions for amateur gardeners and botanists. Landscaper’s Companion is a reference guide to more than a 1,000 plants in every category – perennials, annuals, trees, shrubs, groundcover, ornamental grasses and more.

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With, Your iPhone Becomes Your Color Consultant

Buy on the App StoreFor those who are design and style-conscious, but may have difficulty with the rules of color, gives iPhone users color compatibility guidance at your fingertips. More than just a color wheel, is a color compatibility app that allows users to select and compare two colors at a time, breaking down their compatibility into percentages.

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Create a Comprehensive Pain Log With Chronic Pain Tracker

Buy Chronic Pain Tracker on the App StoreSince healthcare professionals are telling the general public to become more involved with their own healthcare all the time, why not use technology to make involvement simpler. An addition to a handful of other iPhone apps that allow users to track specific medical information, Chronic Pain Tracker is a fairly comprehensive app that helps track chronic pain by providing users with an easy way to create a log with details of their ailment.

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Increase Your Political Awareness with Visible Vote Mobile

Are your government leaders paying attention to you? They should be – and now you can pay more attention to them with Visible Vote Mobile. Visible Vote gives you quick access to your representatives in Washington, shows their real-time approval rating based on other users, and shows you how they are voting on the issues that matter to you.

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Headset App Makes for an Inexpensive and Handy Alternative Wireless Headset

Buy Headset on the App StoreWith the ever-growing list of practical applications for iPhone users that allow your iPhone to become an all-in-one device, sorting out the good from the bad is the only rub. While you may not have been looking for a way to turn your iPhone into a wireless headset, Shape Services' Headset is an app that does just that.

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Transylvania Adventure is Ideal iPhone Adaptation of a Classic

Buy Transylvania Adventure on the App StoreIf you missed last year’s Halloween special when Transylvania Adventure was offered for free, fear not – the game is still available for a mere $0.99, which in the App Store is the next best thing.

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Dreamwalk is a Bargain Hunter's Dream

Just released this week, Dreamwalk is touted as “the mobile treasure hunt” and in essence, that’s pretty much what it is. It sort of equates to commercialized geocaching, but it’s really a pretty simple concept.

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Strategic Board Game Lovers Unite! Boardz is Online Play

Buy Boardz on the App StoreBoardz is an iPhone app that contains four classic two-player strategic board games – Chess, Go, Shogi, and XiangQi. It is designed to work over a network connection and seeks out other players as opponents.

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Color Me Happy, It's an App for Little Kids!!!

Buy Color Me !!! on the App StoreFor parents of preschoolers on the prowl for good apps that mix learning and technology, Color Me!!! by SID On is a featured app for kids that provides young children with a mobile electronic coloring book.

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