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Zepi:Dark, The Newest Zepi Theme

Buy Zepi:Dark on the App StoreiPhone and iPod Touch users already familiar with OstinGames’ Zepi will appreciate Zepi:Dark, which is one of two new Zepi themes just released. Granted, those with a strong aversion to the macabre or a preference for flowery things will probably prefer Zepi:Spring over Zepi:Dark, but both versions give the game a whole new look and feel.

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Knife Toss Proves to be a "Sharp" Target Shooting Game

For fans of casual shooter games and displaced carnies who enjoy clowning around, Knife Toss by Crawlspace Games and Elevate Entertainment could hit the mark as the next game in your iPhone or iPod touch arsenal to combat boredom.

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Talking Tweet - A Twitter Client That Talks

talking tweet iphoneIf you’re big on Twitter and following tweets and ever thought, “Wow, it would be so cool if I could hear tweets instead of reading them,” then check out Talking Tweet for iPhone. This app is designed as a Twitter client that vocalizes new tweets using speech synthesis, which is supposed to result in a natural sounding voice and translate text in foreign languages to English.

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Riff Raters is Musical Social Networking

Buy Riff Raters on the App StoreFor those with musical talent or just an appreciation of musical ability, Riff Raters is a fairly new iPhone app that combines music with social networking. Riff Raters allows users to record and upload 20-second riffs, which, as the developer says, are like musical tweets.

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Become King of the Ocean With iShark

Buy iShark on the App StoreSharks are seriously misunderstood creatures in nature, but when it comes to iShark for iPhone, there isn't much to understand except that this shark has a seriously destructive side.

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Balance Forecasting a Good Start for Personal Budgeting

Buy Balance Forecasting on the App StoreTough economic times or not, financial experts are constantly reminding us of the importance of having a budget to manage bills and to find money to save. If you’re one of those people who find budgeting akin to a root canal, then check out Balance Forecasting, a new app from Robert Chitoiu.

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MyReef 3D Aquarium - No Mess, No Smell, Just Fish

Buy MyReef 3D Aquarium on the App StoreIn line with the numerous virtual fish tank screensavers available for desktops, lap tops and hand helds, MyReef 3D Aquarium for iPhone and iPod Touch provides users with a simple way to turn their screen into an interactive 3D fish tank.

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Track and Atone With 40 Days - Lent Observance Tracker

Buy 40 Days - Lent Observance Tracker on the App StoreSpring is finally on the way and we know this because Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent is February 17. If you’re a mobile Christian observing Lent this year, check out 40 Days – Lent Observance Tracker for iPhone and iPod Touch.

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Tell Someone You Love Them With An App to Tell

Buy An app to tell : Declare your love with style for Valentine's Day on the App StoreIf sending traditional candy hearts and embossed greeting cards to your special someone is not your style, then check out this Valentine’s Day app. An App to Tell is a new iPhone app that lets you tell someone how you feel about them by creating an app just for them that expresses your sentiments in text, audio, a picture, or all three.

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Is Comedy Sidekick a Dynamic Duo in the Making?

Comedy Sidekick is a slightly goofy app that may have been designed with the intention to inspire the comic within, but comes off more like a bad night at the improv. In order to fulfill useful suggestions like livening up an office party or conference call, Comedy Sidekick supplies what can only be assumed are examples of introductions, opening acts, and a catch phrase.

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Think, Swipe, and Evolve into a Swipehead

Buy SwipeHead on the App StoreWith the overwhelming collection of puzzle apps available a few truly smart and original ones must surely get lost in the shuffle. This is obviously the case with Swipehead by Wizkeit Games and Vive Technologies.

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Catch-21: A Free iPhone Card Game With No Catch

Buy Catch-21 on the App StoreIn the spirit of the Game Show Network (GSN) hit show Catch-21, now in its third season, Catch-21 for iPhone and iPod Touch is blackjack mayhem in a race against the clock for high scores. Unlike the television game show, Catch-21 for iPhone leaves out cumbersome trivia questions and opponents and pits players against the clock to make as many 21s as possible.

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iCelebrate ~ Valentine's Day Wants to Win Your Heart With Music

Who doesn’t love a good love song, smooth jazz, or a little R&B? OK, probably plenty of people – especially as Valentine’s Day approaches and those with contempt for the hopelessly romantic and barrage of candy hearts and chocolate flowers that celebrate them are reminded of the pending day in every store.

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AutoRingtones Pro Provides Endless Custom Ringtones for a Buck

Buy AutoRingtone Pro Talking Caller ID Ringtones: Create CallerID Ringtones that Talk with Cool & Funny Text-To-Speech (TTS) Voices on the App StoreIn a you-type-it, it-says-it fashion, AutoRingtone Pro Text to Speech Ringtones combines No Ties Software’s entire collection of free ringtone makers (plus throws in a few bonus sounds and voices) to create an all-inclusive app.

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iCardToss' Casual Card Flicking is a Worthy Time-Waster

Rendering a classic boredom reliever as time-killing iPhone app, iCardToss lets you toss virtual cards into virtual hats (or a bucket if you prefer) for points. You get your choice of three backgrounds and three targets and of course a deck of cards.

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