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Gnome's Treasure Could be a Hidden Gem

Buy Gnome's Treasure on the App StoreA recent release by KenloMobile, Gnome’s Treasure is an adventure puzzle game designed along the lines of Lode Runner. With 40 levels spanning 5 different worlds, Gnome’s Treasure is an extensive mobile platform featuring nice graphics and original sound effects with a few polished touches, but still has a little way to go before winning my heart.

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Beer 99 Bottles - Take your iPhone Down, Pass it Around...

Buy Beer 99 Bottles on the App StoreThough a bit awkward sounding in name, Beer 99 Bottles is an entertainment app even Sheldon Cooper would love. Aimed at entertaining users in a most “off” the wall fashion, Beer 99 Bottles takes the classic road trip song “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” and makes it into something unique and rather amusing – in a cool, geeky sort of way.

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Looking for a Fun New Word Game? Vocabulator Has the Answer

Buy Vocabulator on the App StoreVocabulator is an apt name for Nexus6 Software’s newest word puzzle app that features clean simple presentation similar in appearance to a calculator, varying degrees of difficulty, and a wealth of word information.

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MusiDash Steers Users to a New Music Player Experience

Is your standard iPod music player running on empty? Check out MusiDash, a creative looking music player that displays in the form of a car dashboard and provides three at-a-glance information readouts.

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Patch Farkle is Farkle Fun for iPhone

Buy Patch™ Farkle on the App StorePatch Farkle is the latest farkle dice game available in the App Store, and while other similar games are available for iPhone and touch, Patch™ Farkle appears to be made in conjunction with the same manufacturers of the real life game carrying the same Patch Trademark.

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String Trio - Air Violin it is

Buy String Trio on the App StoreWith a pre-loaded selection of classical and folk music, String Trio is an air violin app for iPhone with realistic sound and appearance.

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Quick Reader Brings Speed Read Training Right to Your iPhone

Buy QuickReader – eBook Reader with Speed Reading on the App StoreQuickReader is a newly released speed reading trainer and ebook experience for iPhone and iPod touch and the first tool of its kind that I’ve found in the App Store. To fully appreciate the sophistication and potential of QuickReader, you will need to recognize the concept of speed reading and have a desire to practice the skill.

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Sand Garden Achieves Visual Zen

Buy Sand Garden™ on the App StoreFor those who appreciate the blissful relaxation of Japanese rock gardens and can also appreciate the virtual translation of such a utopian art, then check out Pavel Doichev’s latest app Sand Garden.

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Alien Axis Turns Puzzle Solving on its Head

Take a small, green alien named Otto, the tilt response of the iPhone and an adventure puzzle with 28 levels to navigate and you get Alien Axis in a nutshell. Alien Axis requires players to navigate Otto from start to finish while avoiding certain obstacles and interacting with others.

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ShowAnytime Provides Power Point Portability

Buy ShowAnytime on the App StoreShowAnytime is an app with potential and for a few remaining hours is made a bit better by being on sale. If the ability to put Power Point presentations on your iPhone or iTouch is appealing to you, ShowAnytime is a basic way to achieve your goal.

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Tank Tigers Offers Multi-Player iPhone Fun

Buy TankTigers on the App StoreTank Tigers is a new 3D shooting game for iPhone that puts players in control of various tanks on different battlefields as you try to score the most combat points. Tank Tigers places players in a 3D WWII setting with five different tanks to choose from and two modes of play – single and multi player.

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Take Out Your Agressions and Show No Mercy

No Mercy is a “stress reliever” app now available in the App Store. The holidays might seem like the ideal time to seek stress relief, but you must understand No Mercy is for humor and entertainment purposes only and the level of humor and entertainment No Mercy brings you will depend vastly upon your personality.

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iScratch Myself Scratches an Itch for the Bizarre

The name iScratch Myself makes me think of Homer Simpson, or maybe my Uncle Bud, but certainly not an entertainment app for iPhone and touch, complete with beginner and expert levels. But I digress, iScratch Myself is an app that was designed to scratch an itch.

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Numbers to 1 a Real Puzzler

Buy Numbers to 1 - Brain Puzzle on the App StoreNumbers to 1 is a logic puzzle game for both the iPhone or the iPod touch that has some enjoyable components, but you must really enjoy number puzzles to enjoy the game. It is a blend of Traffic Jam and basic subtraction that may seem confusing at first, but given a chance, isn't all that bad.

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Mass Producing Cartoon Cards with Xmas Card Factory

Xmas Card FactoryWho wouldn’t want an app that enables them to send a holiday card with caricature drawings and witty jibes centered around the Christmas nativity? I can imagine there are plenty of people, myself included, who’d rather not.

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