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A Look at Flook the Location Browser

Flook the Location Browser was released last month in the App Store and while it’s categorized as a travel app, it offers a bit of a social entertainment value to boot. Basically, Flook lets you see events, people, and places both near you and around the world.

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Instantly Take and Share Photos with PlaceSnap

For iPhone users who snap up PlaceSnap while it’s free, a new social networking experience awaits. PlaceSnap basically centers around GPS location and the iPhone camera. To use PlaceSnap, users must first create a free account with an email address, username and password.

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Don't Fret the Parking Lot With Park'n Find in Hand

Whether it’s a crowded mall parking lot during a busy shopping season, the movie theater lot, or even the downtown parking garage, Park’n Find for iPhone makes it easy to remember where you parked and helps you find your car again.

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DropZap is Puzzle Action Without Dropping a Dime

Buy DropZap on the App StoreDropZap is a new action puzzle game available for iPhone and iPod touch that proves you can still get something good for free. Resembling other block puzzles only slightly, DropZap is set on 7 x 7 grid of squares.

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Grab Rocket Bird While You Can

Buy RocketBird For Kids on the App StoreRocket Bird by Be Tomorrow is a simple, silly, yet whimsical game that features a bird, a rocket, and many country farm obstacles. The app presents a clear, simple objective – fly as far as you can.

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Become Santa's Helper with Santa's Run

Buy Santa's Run - Tossing Christmas Presents Around the World on the App StoreLooking for a festive game to put you and your iPhone in the holiday spirit? Santa’s Run is a seemingly simple game that lets you lend Santa a hand by delivering gifts to homes around the world.

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Yoritsuki Provides a Room with a View

It’s unlikely that you travel enough to have stayed at a hotel or inn with a view so stunning you’d like to take it with you on your iPhone, but that could be because you’ve never visited the fictional Japanese inn, Yoritsuki.

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iChapaev Puts a Russian Twist on Checkers

Buy iChapaev on the App StoreiChapaev by MaxNick is supposedly fashioned after a Russian board game, but I have no real idea. At first glance, it resembles checkers a great deal. However, once you start playing it, it more so resembles a checker fight between two rivaling siblings.

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Magic Earthwand Has Some Original Features for a Classic

Magic Earthwand is an interesting app that was clearly a labor of love and the first app out of the gate for new iPhone developer, SwalleyLama. Magic Earthwand gets kudos for being developed in a 3D algorithm designed specifically for iPhone and for its rich graphics and completely hilarious and “enchanting” story line, but it is likely one of those apps most people will either love or hate.

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PixTalk Conveys Many Different Meanings With Pictures

PixTalk — Wandering about a foreign country and wondering where you can get your hands on a deadly weapon? Well, there’s an app for that! In all seriousness, though you could conceivably convey that very message (or one much more frightening) with Space Lama’s PixTalk, the whole point of this app is based on that age-old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words.” PixTalk is an app designed to allow users to convey their meaning through pictures when verbal communication fails.

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FaceCall Puts a Face to Contacts on iPhone's Home Screen

Buy FaceCall on the App StoreFaceCall, a new photo-based dialer for iPhone, is a neat enough concept. The app adds direct-dial photo icons to your home screen. And, unlike the scores of one-tap dialers in the past, FaceCall will add as many speed dial icons as you want.

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Cash Trails - Expense Tracker is Hot on the Trail of Where Your Money Goes

Buy CashTrails with Sync - Expense and Income Tracker on the App StoreOver time, the App Store has grown exponentially with an array of personal finance utilities for tracking expenses and budgeting. I’ve always been a firm believer that it is difficult to find a one-size-fits-all expense tracker because of the different styles of budgeting and organizing expenses.

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Storm Attack is Fast Paced Block Blasting Action

Buy Storm Attack® on the App StoreThe arcade/puzzle genre of match and break brick games is inundated with titles ranging from classic games like Tetris and Break Out to newer games with modern twists. If this genre appeals to you, check out Storm Attack, one of the more recent games available from developer Rhock & Rholl Studios, LLC.

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Doodle Clock - Clock-a-Doodle-do!

Buy Doodle Clock on the App StoreThough there are several different clock apps available for iPhone, it’s actually kind of daunting to browse the app store for a useful alarm clock app. At least that has been my experience.

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iFlashReady Helps Correct Pictures in Low Lighting

As far as photography apps go, iFlashReady is pretty basic. It is designed to help enhance pictures taken without the aid of a flash, such as those taken with the iPhone camera. At first, I thought iFlashReady worked in conjunction with the iPhone camera simultaneously, but after checking it out learned it is mostly a photo editing app that changes an existing image by lightening it up.

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