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Discover Casual and Basic RPG Fun With Sketch Dungeon

Buy SketchDungeon on the App StoreSearching out unique and interesting games in the App Store is sometimes daunting, especially with some games and their developers getting more press than others. If you’re looking for something a little bit different in the $0.99 category, you may want to check out Sketch Dungeon by Casual Distraction Games.

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Ball & Bat Retro - Pong Included

There’s bound to be plenty of you who have no real recollection of Pong in its original form, but for those of you who do, Ball & Bat Retro – Pong Included is an iPhone app designed to let you relive the experience of the classic paddle and ball game.

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Bouncing Around With Karuki is Simple Fun

You know how every now and then you run across a game for your iPhone or touch that makes you smile, curse, and drain your battery life all in the span of an hour or so? It has certainly happened to me a time or two and with Karuki, it's no exception.

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The Kaloki Universe is Brought to iPhone With Kaloki Adventure

Now available in the App Store, Kaloki Adventure is the iPhone and touch version of Outpost Kaloki X that was first released for the Xbox 360 and given an award for Sim Game of the Year.

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Numeri is Slitherlink Reinvented for iPhone

I know not everyone enjoys a logic puzzle, but plenty of people obviously do. The wide spread availability of logic puzzles in the App Store is a pretty good indicator of their popularity and certain apps like Numbrosia, any variety of Sudoku, and the recently released Sevens, indicates there’s a pretty large audience for number-based logic puzzles specifically.

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Lots of Bugs in iRoach

Buy iRoach 2 on the App StoreIn reality, a bug problem of this magnitude would not require a tech genius, but rather professional pest control. On your iPhone or iTouch, iRoach simply requires a fast finger and a tolerance for nastiness.

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Go Fourth With Firework Frenzy

When I first saw Firework Frenzy in the App Store I was reminded of an older online game with a similar name where you exploded fireworks of different shapes by filling them in with puzzle pieces.

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PDF Reader Pro Could be Useful Depending on Your PDF Point of "View"

PDF Reader Pro has been updated since our initial review. For the most up-to-date information, check out our new review of PDF Reader Pro for iOS. Truth be told, there are several iPhone applications that are designed to be .pdf readers.

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Battleship By Pen - Sink or Swim?

If you ever played battleship as a kid, then no doubt you can appreciate Battleship by Pen. Created by RedMadRobot, Battleship by Pen gets bonus points from me for originality in design. An app that appears to have been drawn entirely by hand on graph paper with a blue Bic pen, Battleship by Pen is the same concept as the original board game, but with some original features of it's own.

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News Addict? Get Your Fix

If you’re a news junkie, or really if you just rely on multiple sources to get the day’s headlines in sports, entertainment, and other news, then News Addict could be the news app you’ve been looking for.

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Little Runner Keeps on Going and Going

Buy Little Runner on the App StoreLittle Runner - Though there are a handful of simple, black and white line art games in the App Store, few are truly worth more than a few moments of play. Though I was skeptical of Little Runner because of its super simplistic presentation, it turned out to be a semi-addicting little game that seems to have some good potential.

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It's Not A Stick Up, It's Wild West Pinball

Buy Wild West Pinball - Machine for angry oregon cowboys armed with flippers and revolvers! on the App Store* Update: As noted in the comments below, Wild West Pinball is no longer free. The limited time promotion is over. In anticipation of their latest pinball game launch, OOO Gameprom has made Wild West Pinball available for free for a limited time.

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Take a Trip Down Memory Lane With ShakeItPhoto

Buy ShakeItPhoto on the App StoreShakeItPhoto by Nick Campbell is a pretty simple app that works just like the iPhone camera app, but simulates a Polaroid camera. Perhaps you’re old enough to remember whipping out the clunky Polaroid camera for snapping instant photos and then delicately holding the film by the corner and shaking the crap out of it so it would develop faster.

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Jungle Bloxx is Digital Chocolate's Latest Puzzle Adventure

Buy Jungle Bloxx™ on the App StoreJungle Bloxx - From their early titles like Chocolate Shop Frenzy to their most recent, Digital Chocolate is becoming somewhat of a giant in the way of App Store games. Many of their games, like Crazy Penguin Catapult and 3D Brick Breaker Revolution have become fast favorites of many users.

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Find the Cheapest Fuel With iGasUp

iGasUp - Though the fluctuation in gas prices is a baffling part of economics as far as I'm concerned, it stands to reason that it could be beneficial to know the prices at the local pumps at all times.

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