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Can't Decide Who Does What? Try Volunteer-O-Matic

Volunteer-O-Matic by Generic Software is a new app that allows users to create lists of tasks or events and corresponding lists of names or numbers in order to randomly select a name or number to tackle the task.

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Whole Foods Market Recipes is a "Tasteful" Recipe App

Buy Whole Foods Market Recipes on the App StoreWhole Foods Market Recipes - As awareness in food preparation, such as gluten-free foods or diabetic-friendly dishes, and an appreciation for natural and organic foods grows, it’s not surprising to see so many companies responding in kind.

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3 Numbers is a Travel Utility App that Provides Way More than 3 Functions

Buy 3 Numbers Traveler's Conversion App on the App Store3 Numbers - Despite the influx of tip calculators, currency converters, note apps and other utilitarian applications for iPhone, the new releases keep coming. One of the latest, 3 Numbers by Politepix, is a traveler’s multi-tool, enabling conversion of currency and units combined with both standard and tip calculators and more.

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Kitten Cannon The Original Kitty Catapulting Game Lands on the iPhone

Kitten Cannon (Original) is the same cat-launching game as the web version, but is brought to iPhone by Hands-On Mobile. Not to be confused with Kitty Kannon, a similar “copy cat” of the original web game, Kitten Cannon is every bit as addicting as it is online.

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Will App Store's Postman Ring Twice? Let's Hope So

As one of the first app assignments I ran across that required the new iPhone software version 3.0, Postman by Freeverse, Inc. is an inexpensive and simple postcard creation app. Much simpler than the actual updating of my iPhone, Postman features a simplistic user interface that allows you to create quality image postcards using your iPhone’s camera, pictures from your camera roll, or templates supplied by the app.

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Crazy Penguin Catapult 2 Launches New Levels, More Entertainment

Buy Crazy Penguin Catapult 2 on the App StoreWith a great deal of success under their belts, Digital Chocolate continues to roll out iPhone games in the App Store. In the process, they must have seen some potential for increased success by adding a sequel to their award-winning, high-ranking Crazy Penguin Catapult.

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Sign4Me is a 3D Signed English Translator for iPhone and Touch

Buy Sign 4 Me - A Signed English Translator on the App StoreI would like to preface this review of Sign4Me for iPhone and iPod touch  by saying that I am not an expert in Signed English or American Sign Language (ASL), but am aware there are differences.

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Shanghai Mahjong Ranks High Amongst Mahjong Titles for iPhone

Shanghai Mahjong from Mobile Age is one of many iPhone mahjong titles that has been around for a bit and is one of the better titles available. Fans of mahjong will find hours of tile-eliminating entertainment and can keep their game fresh by changing up tiles, backgrounds and game patterns.

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Pocket Universe is Astronomy Made Easy

Buy Pocket Universe: Virtual Sky Astronomy on the App StoreSummer is a great time for stargazing and of course your iPhone can aid in that endeavor. Pocket Universe - Your Astronomy Guide by Craic Design is an astronomy guide for iPhone and iPod Touch that has a few good features that utilize the unique capabilities of these devices.

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Qype Radar is Not on My Radar and Probably Not Yours Either

Qype Radar is a free app designed to be an on-location guide to places to go, eat, and shop based on user reviews. is apparently a European web portal and appears to be a widely used web-based user referral and review site for parts of the UK and some other major European cities.

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Not For Tourists Manhattan City Guide Debuts in App Store

Buy NFT Guides, All Cities on the App StoreI don’t live in New York, but if I did or were to travel there, I would have no qualms about taking along the Not For Tourists Manhattan City Guide on my iPhone. If you’ve ever seen the Not For Tourists book series, the comprehensive award-winning city guides available for several US cities, including New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, and Washington D.C., as well as one for London, then you are already familiar with the Not For Tourists style.

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mAdvNote is a Simple but Flexible Note Making App

mAdvNote - It never ceases to amaze me how many different ways developers come up with for taking notes on iPhone or touch. It is a well-established fact that I am not a note-taker or list-maker, but once in a while I run across an app that makes me think I could be.

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Not Really Diggin' Dig Dug Remix

Buy Dig Dug REMIX on the App StoreDig Dug Remix - When a big-name developer appears in the App Store with a "classic" game, I often find they are pedaling their "new" version of an existing game made available on — but not necessarily made for — iPhone.

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Monster Pinball Steps Video Pinball Up a Notch

Buy Monster Pinball on the App StoreMonster Pinball - There's just something to be said for video pinball. Sure, it's never going to be as good as the real thing, but at least the objective is simple and even a pinball novice can enjoy a quick game without duress.

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Speak Your Mind and Your Mail with Voice4Mail

Voice4Mail - Speak Your Mail by Helixys is currently listed in the top 25 free apps under “productivity” in the App Store and we decided to find out if Voice4Mail is worthy of its ranking.

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