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Ancient Tribe Off to a Good Start, but Needs to Evolve

If you’re scoping out real-time strategy games for iPhone in the App Store then you may run across Ancient Tribe by Celestial Digital Entertainment. Ancient Tribe is a strategy game where you grow a tribal village by hunting and collecting natural resources.

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Toki Tori Now for iPhone

I am the world’s biggest sucker for games with cute, colorful, rich graphics and I love an adorable character in a starring role as well. Toki Tori, originally for Gameboy and recently released as Wii Ware, is now available for the iPhone/iTouch thanks to Chillingo and it won me over before I even played it; making me want to adopt the adorable weeble-wobble-like chick for my very own.

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Shoot 2 Quill iPhone Typing Tutorial

Shoot 2 Quill by Left Coast Logic is an app that addresses the very bane of my mobile device existence. Until very recently, no matter how much I loved my iPod touch, I would not have traded my Blackberry exclusively for the iPhone simply because of its keyboard, which I despise for typing messages.

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Just for Kicks, Urban Kick Academy Proves a Pleasant Little Game

When the developers at 1BigApp contacted us about Urban Kick Academy, they claimed to have had trouble getting site reviews of their debut app for iPhone and iPod touch. Luckily, we’re pretty much game for anything around here and though I initially groaned at this endeavor thinking it would be some kind of martial arts meets street fighting fan fare, I ultimately ended up chuckling at my preconception.

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Short Hand Crosses App Boundaries to Make Short Work of Data Entries

Buy short hand on the App StoreShort Hand by LizzardWerks was recently released in the App Store as a productivity app that lets you create shortcuts for words, phrases, and even paragraphs that you frequently use in communication.

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Popper! is Clever Twist's Twist on Traditional Brick Breakers

Clever Twists’s Popper!is a bit of a unique "popping" game that correlates with other brick-breaking games as well as match-to-pop games, though it defies the match-three standard of most.

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Jumping Panda's Comparison to Super Mario Bros. is a Stretch

Jumping Panda - I can’t speak for my colleagues, but as a review writer I often come across applications or products that fall into a sort of gray area — it might be something with possible but unmet potential or hidden value that’s difficult to gauge. 

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Mobi Products Touch Screen Stylus Pen Makes Typing Better

Mobi Pen touch screen stylusTouch Screen Stylus Pen - If, like me, your biggest gripe with iPhone and iPod touch is the tedious process of touch-to-type on a tiny keyboard, check out Mobi Products Touch Screen Stylus Pen.

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1, 2, 3, Get Ready - Robot Fight!

Remember the red and blue boxing robot toys that used to be so popular? Robot Fight! by Sean Rogers is a simplistic app for iPhone and iPod touch that pretty much emulates that boxing toy.

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Mr. Handsfree Family Charger is Ideal for Organizing

With all the devices floating around my house – and there are a lot – I sought out a way to keep them better organized while they charge. Instead of having them lay around on the kitchen counters, end tables and dressers while they charge and having the cords hanging out all over the place where the dog can chew on them, I decided to give Mr.

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Do You Feel the Need? The Need For Cheese?

Buy Need For Cheese on the App StoreLimburger, cheddar, Monterey Jack...whatever types of fermented dairy products Nicolinux, the developers of Need For Cheese had in mind, they have released their crazy little pick-up-and-play game in the App Store.

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Improve Your SAT® Score and Build Your Vocabulary with SAT® Vocab Challenge

Buy SAT® Vocab Challenge Vol. 1, by The Princeton Review on the App StoreSAT® Vocab Challenge - I am now and will remain a proponent of “edutainment” until I am no longer capable of independent thought. Regardless of the stance some educators and parents might take, there is absolutely nothing wrong with making learning fun and if a student can learn something from playing a game, then why not take advantage of it?

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Ring-a-Ding-Ding Sonic the Hedgehog is Now for iPhone

Buy Sonic The Hedgehog on the App StoreNearly six months to the day from Sega’s release of Super Monkey Ball for the iPhone, Sega’s golden boy, Sonic the Hedgehog, has made his official appearance in the App Store. Arguably, Sonic is to Sega what Mario is to Nintendo and because the iPhone and Touch are so handy for portable gaming, most users will welcome a title like Sonic the Hedgehog with open arms (and open wallets).

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Movies Now! Free May Be Another Movie Giant App

Movies Now! Free - If all the available free movie apps we've reviewed to date were in a head to head competition, the last standing would likely be Movies by Flixster, Fandango and this app, Movies Now!

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StoneLoops! of Jurassica Before is Replayable Puzzle Smasher

If you’ve ever played the online marble-popping game Luxor, then you might want to check out PlayCreek’s StoneLoops! of Jurassica, a very similarly designed game for the iPhone and iPod touch.

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