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Squeeze Some Photo Fun out of Squeeze it

Buy ! Squeeze it. Face Deformer & Wobble on the App StoreIf you like fun little apps that let you play with pictures, then check out Squeeze it by Longneck. Similar to Face Melter, Squeeze it is a face deformer and wobble app that is surprisingly easy to use.

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WeatherBug Elite is Well Worth the Extra Dollar

Buy WeatherBug - Weather Forecasts & Alerts on the App StoreWeatherBug Elite - A great many iPhone and Touch users I know have the free version of WeatherBug installed on their device. I did too, for a long time and then a few weeks ago I upgraded to WeatherBug Elite, which eliminates ads and provides additional features.

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Yahoo! on iPhone and iPod touch Beats Blackberry

Buy Yahoo on the App StoreDo you Yahoo? If so, you can now download Yahoo! onto your iPhone or Touch for free. Yahoo has combined news, weather, social networking, and other features into an all-in-one application with a few new features, like a “press and speak” voice input for searching and the ability to customize your own interests for quick viewing.

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mShopping - Powerful Shopping List is Built for Power Shopping

Buy mShopping - Powerful Shopping List on the App StoreIf you’re looking for a shopping list app that is a bit more detailed and organized than just a simple list format, mShopping by iPhone Studio may be the perfect app for you. I have tried a few shopping lists myself, most of which escape my memory and are either lost in the menu pages of my device or deleted because I didn’t use them.

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Build Your Own Domino Course with Domino Domino

Buy Domino Physics Runs on the App StoreYou know the iPhone App Store mantra: “There’s an app for that.” Once again, I find myself believing that may very well be true because not in a million years would I have thought about there being an app that lets you design and build a domino course – but there is one.

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Will You Accept the Finger Flicking Challenge of Card Ninja?

Buy Card Ninja on the App StoreI am  just gonna admit that the first thing I thought of when coming across Card Ninja was Dane Cook and his “Brain Ninja” routine. Completely unrelated? Yes, but now you know how my mind works.

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Pickin' Stix is a Virtual Rendition of Pick-up-Sticks

Pickin' Stix - I can truly appreciate a modern adaptation of a classic game as much as the next person. Sure, sometimes a modern take defiles its classic inspiration and other times it improves it.

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BugsShot is no Big Shot, but Still a Fun Little Game

In what appears to be a string of colorful, flowery games starring insects launched this Spring, BugsShot is a newcomer to the App Store that incorporates colorful bugs and flowers into a shuffleboard style game.

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Peggle is Peg Popping Pandemonium

Peggle - It has to be said that I really enjoy Pop Cap games. Most are easy enough to play, complete enough to be a fair amount of lasting fun, and while I may scoff at the price to add them to my iPod touch, I usually find them to be worthy enough.

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Numbrosia Adds up to Free Fun with Numbers

Numbrosia - Number, logic, word, and match-three style puzzles find their way onto my iPod touch quite frequently. Some I love, others not so much, and sometimes it just depends. For review purposes,  I think it’s important to gauge a puzzle game’s quality alongside its value for price.

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Swirl May Cause Motion Sickness or Seizures? Cool!

Buy SWIRL 3D Racing on the App StoreSwirl - While those occasional anti-seizure warnings at the beginning of some games are meant to heed a cautionary warning, I sometimes get a bit excited about what great game I might be about to experience.

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Photography Fans Will Want to Focus on Pixcetera, a website devoted to high-quality photography that was launched last year by AOL, is now available as a free app for iPhone and iPod touch users. Pixcetera the app features professional-quality photos from the news, around the world, and even celebrity events.

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Test Your Puzzle Logic with Boxed In

Boxed In is a new logic based puzzle available in the App Store that pretty much encompasses all that a logic puzzle should be. Boxed In has increasingly difficult levels with a simple objective made challenging by specific rules of limitation.

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4 Ingredients is a Recipe Book Turned iPhone App

Buy 4 Ingredients by Kim McCosker on the App Store4 Ingredients, a best-selling cookbook in Australia, with both an Australian and a UK version in print, is now available as an app for iPhone and iPod touch. 4 Ingredients is a compilation of recipes that can be made with four ingredients or fewer — really.

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Pollution App Provides Geographic Environemntal Information

Buy Pollution on the App StorePollution - Let’s be honest, environmental information apps are probably not at the forefront of many iPhone/iPod touch users’ minds, but maybe they should be. I confess, I never thought about searching for an app that provided location-based air, water, and ground pollutant information, but Pollution by aMobile Future does exactly that.

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