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How To Videos from

Buy How To Videos from on the App StoreIf you’re already familiar with, the online community website that shares video guides for how to do just about anything, then you’ll understand the concept of this app.

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Tip Calculator Top Can End Your Meal Right

Like other similar apps for iPhone, Tip Calculator Top is exactly what its name implies — a tip calculator. You can input the amount of the bill, select the percentage you want to tip, and even split the total bill evenly between multiple people and receive an immediate calculation.


Math Attack is Fun, but Doesn't Quite Add Up

Buy Math Attack on the App StoreMath Attack - I have a bit of experience when it comes to incorporating technology and learning, but I will refrain from giving you my resume and simply say that I appreciate games that attempt to make learning fun.

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Super Yum Yum 3 is Super Sweet Puzzler

Super Yum Yum 3 is the iPhone version of its PC predecessors Super Yum Yum and Super Yum Yum 2. A puzzle adventure game in which the starring character is Leon the Chameleon, Super Yum Yum 3 by Air Play is a colorfully animated and intriguing game that delivers pocket-sized fun.

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Human Weather is Odd Mix of Weather and Social Networking

Human Weather - Weather apps are a popular download for the iPhone and why wouldn’t they be? It’s pretty convenient to get a quick glance at the day’s weather or tomorrow’s forecast when and where you want it.

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Multiplayer Tiki Spades is Trump Card App

Multiplayer Tiki Spades - I grew up learning to play every card game imaginable and even though I’m more of a card guppy than a card shark, I enjoy card games immensely. It’s not always easy to find other people to join in, so I really appreciate a good video card game.

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Azkend is a Puzzle Game Polished to Near Perfection

Developed by MythPeople, Azkend is a casual puzzle game available for play online and now on sale in the App Store. Azkend features several challenges to be completed along with the traditional match three or more puzzle premise.

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The Casket Tests Your Puzzle Patience

The macabre name not withstanding, this app is a curious puzzle that requires a bit of hand-eye coordination and patience to solve. The Casket resembles the handheld wooden puzzles that you tilt to move balls around and land in holes or move through the mazes inside.

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See Time Fly With FlipDown

Buy FlipDown on the App StoreFlipDown - I rarely get excited about random apps that aren’t clearly designed for productivity or have a specified purpose that seems useful or necessary in some way. However, FlipDown by InterHive is clearly an exception.

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For Price and Value, NotePrinter is Worth a Look

NotePrinter - Productivity apps are a large part of what makes the iPhone such a useful mobile device. When it comes to writing notes, the best scenario is to be able to create, store and access them from anywhere.

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Mini Golf Ace is 3D Putt Putt for Your Phone

Buy Mini Golf Ace on the App StoreMini Golf Ace - Once in a while, an app comes to my attention that no matter how many times I use it, play it, or share it, I am undecided about it for quite some time. Mini Golf Ace is one of those apps.

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Tiny Tao Gets an "A" for Effort

Tiny Tao is a debut app from UI Magic that features four mini-games starring the game’s namesake Tiny Tao, a Chibi-like character who appears in three of the games. As a collective whole, the mini-games utilize the iPhone and iPod touch accelerometer and touch based controls to give users a variation of games.

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Get Down, Up, Left, Right, Whatever With iDance

iDance - What originated with console games like Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero, and Rock Band, the time-and-tap dance and music simulation games have become so popular that most everyone has seen some form of them by now.

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3D Brick Breaker Revolution is a Solid Take on a Classic

3D Brick Breaker Revolution by Digital Chocolate is a completely modern take on the classic Breakout genre, complete with 3D graphics, bonus levels, boss levels and some very cool power ups.

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The Cuddlies is a Bit Hard to Cuddle up to

The Cuddlies - Contrary to what many people think, I really do like cute and cuddly things. I have a slight aversion to excessively cute and cuddly things and I do think it’s a challenge for game developers on any platform to incorporate “cute” into a game without limiting its fan base.

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