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Theseus is a Puzzle Challenge of Epic Proportion

Do you love a good puzzle that truly challenges your logic skills in a new way? Then be sure to check out Theseus in the App Store. Theseus is an app based on life-long puzzle master Robert Abbott's logic maze, Theseus and the Minotaur.

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St. Patrick's Phrasebook Festive Looking but Not that Helpful

Not so much a book as maybe a pamphlet, St. Patrick’s Phrasebook by Subsonic iPhone Apps provides iPhone/iTouch users with audio pronunciations of “essential Irish Gaelic phrases” that may come in handy this St.

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Supermarket Mania Comes to the App Store

Already a frequently downloaded PC game, Supermarket Mania is now stocked in the App Store thanks to G5 Entertainment. A time-management game, which has players keep up with customer demands in a small town grocery store, Supermarket Mania provides iPhone/iPod touch users access to a detailed and complete mobile version of the same game.

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Carambole Pool Puzzles Runs the Table with a Solid Concept

There's a great concept on the table with Carambole Pool Puzzles by ADS Software Group Inc.. Specially priced at .99 for a limited time, Carambole Pool Puzzles is very much a combination of executing trick shots, similar to the way you would in a game of pool, while using a puzzle-solving mindset to clear the table.

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Tap of War Tugs at My Competitive Heart Strings

Buy Tap of War on the App StoreTap of War by Spokko is one of those ridiculously simple apps that no matter how pointless, endears those of us who pretend our iPhone is not a toy (but secretly are giddy about all the cool, fun stuff it does).

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Baseball Superstars Pro is in a League of its Own

Buy Baseball Superstars® Pro on the App StoreI am not the world’s biggest sports game fan. I have my favorites, like Mario Super Sluggers, but I don’t visit them very often. One of the reasons I don’t care to play them is the complex button pushing, but it wouldn’t really be fair to compare an iPhone app to a console game.

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Silly Songz Puts Audio File Greetings at Your Fingertip

Buy Silly Songz on the App StoreSilly Songz is a new app for the iPhone that allows users to select and send an original pre-recorded song as an electronic greeting that can also be customized with a 15-second recorded message of your own.

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Cooking Mama Comes to iPhone

First available for and made popular by the Nintendo DS, Cooking Mama is now available for the iPhone/iPod touch. For those who are unfamiliar with Cooking Mama published by TAITO Corporation, it is an animated cooking simulation game played out through a series of mini games where recipes are followed to create various dishes like Pork Curry and Rice and Green Soybean Soup.

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Zen Bound is Difficult to Describe, Easy to Experience

Buy Zen Bound® on the App StoreCategorized as a puzzle game, Zen Bound is unlike any puzzle game I’ve played on the iPhone, or any other platform for that matter. Developed by Secret Exit and published by Chillingo Ltd., Zen Bound unveils one of the most unique apps I have run across.

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FCTasks by Franklin Covey Good, Not Great

FCTasks by Franklin Covey FCmobilelife is another in a long list of task management apps that is likely to get attention by brand recognition alone. Using the popular ABC-123 method of prioritization, FCTasks allows users to employ various methods of tracking and organizing their to-do lists and includes the ability to track due dates, edit and sort tasks, and change task views, as well as assign customized categories and notes.

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Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D Stacks Up Repetitious Fun...Kind of

Buy Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D on the App StoreI had never seen the acclaimed PC version of Tower Bloxx by Digital Chocolate so I wasn’t sure what to expect with their iPhone version of the game. With apps like Crazy Penguin Catapult and Chocolate Shop Frenzy under their belt, I was hopeful.

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Want to Know Where to Eat? GoodFood Might Help

Buy GoodFood by GoodRec on the App StoreGoodFood - Good food is something anyone can appreciate and knowing where to go to find it is always a help. If you’re not afraid to try some place new on the recommendation of total strangers or you have a reputation for knowing the best places to eat and are willing to share with others, then GoodFood by Goodrec is a handy little app you can download for free to find recommended restaurants near you.

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iBlow! Entertainment App Visually "Pops"

Buy iBlow! on the App StoreWith or without a snicker or two, once you get past the iBlow! name you will discover it’s a virtual bubble blowing app designed to show off all the useful features of the iPhone in yet another pointless but purportedly entertaining way.

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The Bird & The Snail — Knock Knock: A Storybook App with Added Value

Buy The Bird & The Snail - Knock Knock on the App StoreThe Bird & The Snail — Knock Knock is a new interactive storybook app released by Haunted House Publishing. The story of a bird and a snail who thoughtlessly gobble up an apple, which turns out to be a little worm’s home, is depicted through charming hand-drawn charcoal images that become animated throughout the story.

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Psyclops Dance Mixer Animates Characters to Custom Sound

Psyclops Dance Mixer is a creative music app that lets users drag and drop pre-recorded tracks into a music mixer to create customized songs and then pair their music with an animated dancer to create a simple video. While my musical abilities consist of reading sheet music and playing the piano, I have very little experience with music-making software and so Psyclops Dance Mixer was a bit of a unique test run for me.

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