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You Could Do 100s of Things With 100 Sounds

Buy 100sounds +FREE RINGTONES! 100's of Sound FX & RING TONES on the App Store100Sounds - What would you do with a soundboard in your pocket? Wake up your sleeping roommate? Confuse your dog? Shake up a meeting at the office? There really is an endless list of obnoxious, pointlessly fun possibilities.

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Star Walk Gets Astronomical Make Over

Buy Star Walk™ - 5 Stars Astronomy Guide on the App StoreThe popular star map application for iPhone by Vito Technology has received some pretty big updates in terms of user interface and information. The newest version (1.2) of Star Walk still has the same stargazing abilities as the original, along with the time lapse tool, same ease of navigation and stellar graphics, but now includes some enhancements that improve its overall function.

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Falling Balls: Simple Tilt-Game May be too Simple for Some

Falling Balls - When it comes to simple flash animation games, there are a couple of schools of thought, not all of them favorable. Some games are extremely addictive by nature and others are just ridiculous.

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Physics-bases Bubble Game is Good iPhone App for Just Fillin' Time

Buy Just Fillin' on the App StoreJust Fillin' - Some of my favorite apps for killing time are games that are quick and easy to play. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good puzzler or a more complex game for down time, but sometimes I just want an entertaining way to pass a few minutes while sitting and waiting somewhere.

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Up There Demonstrates How "Uplifting" an App Can Be

Buy Up There on the App StoreThis intriguing app really is “Up There” on the list of well designed games for iPhone/iPod Touch. Up There is a simple game with seamless design that takes advantage of the accelerometer. The game is merely a maze of sorts, but combines many outstanding features to turn a simple concept into a fun application.

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Draw Me is an Exercise in Memory

Draw Me is an artistic style app that challenges users to recreate a simple image from memory by drawing it on screen with your finger. Letters, symbols, and pictures pop up on the screen and then fade away leaving a blank page for you to render your version of the image.

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Pixi's Interactive Graphics in Motion is Cool for Creatives

Buy Pixi Touch Art on the App StorePixi is a new iPhone/iPod Touch app from Tiny Wonder Studios that they describe as “music to your eyes.” It definitely is a visual app, but it is infinitely deeper than that because you can control what you see.

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Animalz Gets Applauze for Solid Puzzle Game

Buy Animalz - Matchem on the App StoreAnimalz - Though collapse-style puzzle games like this one are a dime a dozen, there are a few classics that might stand out in your mind. PurpleZoo Productions’ Animalz may not be an instant classic, but it stands a good chance of being a favorite app for those who love this type of puzzle game.

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Toodledo: Quirky Name, Easy Way to Manage To-Dos

Buy Toodledo - To Do List on the App StoreWhen I first heard of Tooledo, I hadn’t heard of the Web site and while I assumed it was some sort of organization application, I still admittedly thought the name was kind of “sing-song,” like a greeting Mrs.

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Scoops: Stacking Game Takes Cool to New Heights

Buy Scoops - Ice Cream Fun For Everyone on the App StoreFrom what I hear, Ian Marsh, the developer of Hanoi, Threads, and Scoops, is gaining some recognition as an app developer. Being curious by nature, I wondered what it was about the Scoops app that was so great.

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Flik is Fast-Paced Missile Flicking Fun

Buy Flik on the App StoreFlik markets itself as a puzzle game, which in many ways it is, but it also reminds me of some older arcade style games, especially Breakout. So as a game that spans a couple of genres, let’s take a look at what Flik offers.

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Lamp Off a Turn On for Puzzle Fans Only

Lamp Off is a simple app that provides a true challenge for those who like to solve puzzles. This $2.99 puzzle app is on sales for $0.99 for a limited time and consists of a 5x5 grid of “bulbs,” which are either on (yellow) or off (black).

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Flight of the Hamsters is an Absolute Blast

Inspired by Cartoon Network’s animated series Codename: Kids Next Door, Flight of the Hamsters for the iPhone/iPod touch is a unique game app that utilizes touch screen controls to launch hamsters from a spring board on as continuous a flight as possible to achieve the greatest distance.

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Pudge is a Challenge to Master

Buy Pudge on the App StoreCombine an adorable animated puffer fish with a snappy soundtrack and the premise of a simple arcade game and you have Pudge. Similar to iCopter, but with far better graphics, Pudge utilizes one-touch controls to move a puffer fish through an underwater cave, avoiding obstacles along the way.

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Trailers May Be Good for Hardcore Movie Fans

There are numerous entertainment apps that feature information on current and upcoming movies and Trailers is just one of the many. Trailers is the paid version of Trailers Lite, the previously available free app that allows you to view Apple’s high quality movie trailers.

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