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Get ToDo Checklist Task and Event Organizer and Get Things Done

todo checklistToDo Checklist is an easy to use, full functional event and task organizer app with email, DropBox syncing and more.

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Dream On with DreamBeam, the "Dream Induction" App

DreamBeam - dream induction for iPhoneThere are at least a few iPhone apps that deal directly with sleep - ranging from relaxation and white noise apps to sleep diaries, but DreamBeam, which started as a paid app but is now available for free, is one of the few iPhone apps to lay claim to the concept of dream induction.

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Get Your Funny Bone Moooving with The Milking App

milkingappForget the zombie apocalypse, cows are where it’s at. We’ve heard of the happy cows and the laughing cows, but The Milking App from has Daizy – the cow with attitude. The Milking App is really nothing more than an entertainment app featuring a cow named Daizy who’s hanging out on her virtual farm waiting to be milked.

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MacBrickout: Retro Meets Modern in Classic Brickbusting Game

macbrickoutMacBrickout is retro meets modern and the result is a solid brick-breaking arcade game that translates well to the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

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1Card is One Way to Streamline Customer Loyalty Cards

1CardLoyalty cards are one of the leading marketing strategies used by nearly every retail establishment across the globe. As the number of loyalty or coupon cards increases, so does the bulk of our wallets and key rings – after all, we don’t want to miss out on a deal.

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Escape the Mundane with Jake Escapes HD

Jake Escapes HD for iPhone and iPadIf you find yourself running from the mundane, repetitive arcade games for iOS, it’s time to try something new and different. Jake Escapes HD by Just Funny Games is a unique arcade-action game that is cleverly built for the touchscreen interface of iOS.

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Cosmo Joe is Engaging but Cryptic Action Arcade Game

Cosmo Joe iPhone gameLove pick-up-and-play games that pass the time in spare moments or hours? Most people do. If something fun, quick and challenging, but simple with a bit of action built in sounds like your kind of game, then give Cosmo Joe a quick look.

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Manage Medications with Dosage on Your iPhone

Dosage app for iPhoneHaving a comprehensive medical app for keeping up with prescription and over-the-counter medications can prove quite useful – especially if it's Dosage, a medication organizing and reminder app.

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Vortex - The Escape is a Unique Blend of Genres With a Few Quirks

Vortext the Escape gameIntrigued by clever puzzle games that offer something unique and challenging? Vortex–The Escape fits the bill for unique. A clever puzzle game that plays like a platformer, Vortex–The Escape features 50 levels of portal placement challenges.

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Make the Most of Vegas with TravelVegas' Guide to Sin City

TravelVegas - Las Vegas City GuideWith summer fast approaching vacations are in the forefront of every traveler’s mind. Fortunately, travel apps abound in the App Store to make discovering new places and planning trips a breeze.

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Feel-Better is a Multi-Media Diary for Recording Thoughts and Feelings

Feel Better for iPhoneWithout being an expert on positive psychology or the benefits of journaling, it’s difficult to speak to the benefits of recording emotions and thoughts in a journal or diary. Benefit or no, if you’re interested in keeping a journal then doing so on your mobile device seems the most practical way.

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Navigate the Great Outdoors with EasyTrails GPS 6

EasyTrails GPS for iPhoneIf you're an avid hiker, bike rider, runner or all-around outdoors enthusiast there are several apps that you can use to enhance your experiences. Enter EasyTrails GPS 6 — a navigation and tracking app made specifically for lovers of the great outdoors.

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Yard and Garden Ideas Catalog Disappoints

Yard and Garden app for iPhoneNow that Spring has sprung and it’s time to get outdoors and start (or finish) those landscaping and gardening projects, we’re all looking for some ideas and inspiration. The App Store can certainly provide a variety of sources for outdoor projects, but just like in your garden, you’ll have to do some weeding.

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Global-Local Weather Tracking with Cloud View

Global Local - weather appTrying to track the weather is not always a predictable endeavor, but when you want mobile updates of current conditions and weather forecasts on the go, it’s nice to have a predictable app that’s easy to use and view.

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WeHeartPics Review: Tell Your Life Story in Pictures

WeHeartPics iPhone appMore and more so it’s becoming obvious that people enjoy connecting with each other on a global scale. The popularity of social media apps is undeniable – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pintrest rule the world.

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