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Roman Backgammon - Old World Board Game for iOS

roman backgammon for iPhoneApparently the classic board game known as backgammon is rooted in Roman history – who knew? The developers at EOZ Games surely did and they have developed a version for iOS in an effort to capture the game at its earliest best.

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5th Grade Math: Splash Math the Virtual Math Workbook for iPad

5th Grade Splash MathIt’s a rare kid who finds learning for the sake of learning fun. That’s why parents and educators are always searching for engaging, entertaining ways to supplement and reinforce learning.

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Too Noisy Pro - Noise Level Monitor for Teachers, Parents and Daycare Providers

Too Noisy ProAnyone who works with groups of children knows how sometimes, despite our best efforts, the noise levels get a bit out of control. Teachers, day care providers and even parents will be pleased to know there’s a simple, practical app for monitoring noise levels and to help keep things under control.

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InFrame Foto Simplifies Picture Framing for Quick Collages

inframe iPhone apWith the iPhone, photography can be fun – especially ever since the jump to the 8-megapixel camera with the 4/4S. But to make the most of it, you gotta have a few apps that allow you to enhance and edit your photos.

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Gravity Force Challenges Players to Master Gravity With Simple Gameplay

Gravity Force iPhone gameDefy gravity with a high-tech version of the old-school hand-held games challenging players to put a ball in a hole. It sounds easy, but Gravity Force is a simple, free game that will challenge you to do just that.

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FitnessOne Boasts Custom Workout Builder

Fitness One for iPhoneThose of us with fitness-minded goals can get an App Store workout just trying to find the ideal fitness and nutrition app. There are a few that combine bits and pieces of fitness, nutrition and exercise information into one app, some are specifically tailored to working out with no focus on nutrition, while others are geared towards diet and weight loss, but offer little guidance for working out.

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5 Word Games for iPhone That Spell Fun

iPhone Word GamesWord nerds and letter lovers definitely have the pick of the App Store for games to keep their erudite gray matter engaged. Whether it’s Zynga’s Words with Friends or Scrabble, the plethora of word games available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch will keep even the most scholarly wordsmiths busy on the go (but remember, not on the tarmac).


Draw Something by OMGPOP Reigns Supreme

draw somethingReigning as the number one app in the App Store for several weeks in a row, Draw Something by OMGPOP is the current king of word and turn-based games. A truly entertaining and strangely addictive game, Draw Something is the artistic word-guessing game that can be played anytime, anywhere.

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eMerge 911 is Multi-Contact Emergency Alert App

Emerge 911 - emergency alert app for iPhoneWhat are the odds that you will be in an emergency situation that could warrant instant notification to family, friends and 911 emergency responders all at once? Let’s hope the odds are low, but some app developers don’t believe in taking chances.

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Future-Text Functions as a Text Messaging Scheduler

FutureText for iPhoneIn a busy, but mobile world the ability to schedule text messages to be sent at future dates and times is a beneficial one. Whether you are a busy parent who wants to remind family members of weekly activities, errands or engagements or you are a small or independent business owner who communicates with employees via text, there are numerous possibilities that would make a scheduled text messaging app useful.

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Word Cracker is a Uniquely Fun Word Game Challenge

Word Cracker game for iPhoneIf you enjoy word games but have grown weary of jumbled word and anagram games, then Word Cracker may be the game for you. Instead of rearranging letters or making multiple words out of the same group of letters, Word Cracker presents words a bit differently.

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Budget with Back in Black and Get Out of the Red

Back in Black - budgeting app for iPhoneLet’s face it – budgets have been tight for a lot of people the past couple of years, but this is all the more reason to have a system in place that keeps us out of the red. With the Budget with Back in Black app, budget tracking has never been simpler.

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PicFrame Provides Fun Photo Frames and Effects for iPhone or iPad Pics

PicFrame appLooking for a picture frame app that provides countless options for customizing and framing single or multiple photos? PicFrame may be just what you’ve been looking for. PicFrame is a picture frame app that lets users quickly combine multiple photos into customizable frames and integrates with all the favorite social networking sites for quick and easy sharing.

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A Paper'd Phone is a Cool Phone

Paperd - iPhone wallpapersFace it, personalizing your device with wallpaper and backgrounds is fun. There are plenty of showy (and some pricey) apps that let users create bright, beautiful and bold backgrounds, home and lock screens, but for simplistic, inspiring and unique images, Paper’d is like a free gift for your phone.

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Express Yourself With MEmoticon's Personalized Emoticons

memoticonFor the truly creative (or narcissistic), having a personalized emoticon made from your very own face (or faces of friends, family, or celebrities) is a novel concept and the new MEmoticon app makes it possible.

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