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Coin Toss

I’m just going to let the guy speak for himself. From the Coin Toss web site: “I was thinking of a good program to write for my first iPhone application. I thought this idea would be a good intro to the programming for me.

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Break Lite has Great Graphics, Lacks Control

OK so looks like with Break Lite we are getting yet another copycat game – Break Lite is like Breakout. We are seeing a lot of those on the iPhone. The first time I played Breakout was back in ’86.

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Hangman - Simple, Gruesome Fun

I don’t know what to say about Hangman. I mean, it is Hangman, man. Ya know? This version is pretty cool because you have a few more chances. I grew up playing Hangman and we already had the gallows drawn up and started with the rope and added the man.

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Audi A4 Driving Challenge

You can imagine it. Sitting behind the wheel of an overpriced car; the midwestern girls who will love you; the mid-level performance you will enjoy. It will be sooo awesome. The mildly pleasurable feeling I thought I might experience when playing Audi A4 never materialized.

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Carrie's Dots

The idea for Carrie's Dots from Chris Hanson ("Why don't you have a seat over there...") is good. Just complete the square. You know, like the virtual girlfriend programmed into Bill Gates famous digital home.

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reMovem - Bejeweled Revisited

Think “Bejeweled” on Ritalin. reMovem is just kind the same sort of thing as bejeweled with less action, graphics, motion and fun. The goal of reMovem is to tap on dots that are of the same color and touching.

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Tris - Like Tetris but without having to blow in the cartridge

With housing prices falling, employment in a lull and food prices making even the wealthy Warren Buffet eat his own food at Dairy Queen, we can’t find a better reason to fill your day aimlessly wandering the streets and playing Tris.

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Crazy Disco — An App to Get Your Disco Game On

You've seen Crazy Disco in the App Store. You get the premise—it's a spinning disco ball—but you may be wondering, just when might you need a "crazy" spinning disco ball? Imagine you just snuck out of your window, stole your dad’s sweet Gremlin and headed out for a night at the roller rink.

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