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Kill Everything and Everyone in Pandemic 2.5 for iPhone and iPad

pandemicMost games depict players as heroes of the land, champions for justice and warriors of all that is good, others allow players to explore more sinister fantasies. In the case of Pandemic 2.5, this means playing as an apocalyptic virus, bacteria or worm trying to wipe humanity from the face of the Earth.

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Rise of the Warriors Social MMO Creates Cool Characters, Lacks Combat Skills

Rise of the Warriors app iconThere are no shortage of social MMOs out there, and Rise of the Warriors is yet another "social MMO," offering quick, turn-style combat with people all over the world. While the game bills itself as an MMORPG, it seems to be a pretty standard social MMO, and doesn't change the formula too much beyond some additional options, a unique storyline, and some fairly interesting combat NPC.

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Cloud2You Sends Photo Greeting Cards Personalized from Your iPhone or iPad

Cloud2You app iconWhen everyone's got a camera in their pocket, it seems old-school and impersonal to send a mass-produced greeting card. Advanced Image Direct knows the importance of personalized service and their latest product hopes to help them expand their well-established custom mail services.

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Headwar Zero Brings an Amazing Storyline in a New and Cool Way

Headwar Zero app iconIf you're like the vast majority of puzzle players out there, there's a good chance you've had about enough of games like Bejeweled. Simple and addictive, match-three copy-cat games abound.

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Metal Slug 3 Brings an Old Favorite to the iOS Platform

Metal Slug 3 for iPhone and iPadRemember that old game where you got to kill by the thousands one quarter at a time? Metal Slug 3 is back baby - and it's ready for iOS.

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Backpacker GPS Trails is a Must-Have for the Modern Trailblazer

Backpacker GPS Trails app iconThere is nothing like the great outdoors, and it becomes all the more enjoyable when we bring along our favorite apps. Backpacker GPS Trails by the folks at Trimble is one such must-pack app designed improve the back-to-nature experience for hikers.

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Ringtone Director Pro Puts You in Charge of Your Ringtones

Ringtone Director Pro for iPhoneIt is perhaps the most iconic part of our cellphone. The ringtone is at the very foundation of how we express our mobile self. In a meeting, on the train, or in the bathroom, if your first impression is a pair of marimbas perhaps it's time to rethink your ringtone.

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The Ring is a Unique Puzzle, But it Could be so Much More

The Ring game for iOSFrom the iPod touch to the new iPad, puzzle games have been a favorite of iOS gamers. However, games are only as good as their design. It takes more than a touch-friendly platform to succeed. It's up to the developer to dream up new innovations and unique features, then create an enjoyable user experience.

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Answer 2 Equations is a Math Puzzle Game Sure to Boggle Minds.

answer2equationsPuzzles are far and wide one of the most popular games for iOS devices, yet the mathematics genre of puzzle games have always been a bit hit and miss. iPhone players love challenging puzzles, perhaps it's an innate dislike of math? 

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Shape Pals! is a Great Way to Shape Up Your Toddler's Geometry

Shape PalsIn recent years the iPad and iPod respectively have grown from being mere social toys for enjoyment among adults and teenagers to become modernized tools of knowledge and power found in classrooms, preschools, and other institutions all over the world.

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Track the Olympics with Style using London 2012 Spogger

London 2012 SpoggerLondon 2012 Spogger? While the name Spogger may not offer much other than some head scratching as to what it is and why you want it, The London 2012 part probably tells you whole lot more.

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Mini Empires is Your Average Social MMO With a Few Twists

Mini Empires - social MMOThe iOS platform feels absolutely built around the foundation that has been social gaming. For the short but exciting years since Apple opened its doors to developers in their iconic app store, thousands upon thousands of games have been built to cater the user toward the social gaming experience — to aptly "have fun and make friends." This fact is no different with Midverse Studio's Mini Empires, another app to join the fray of "social strategy" games that involve attacking enemies, racking up armies, and being the biggest banana on the block.

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Ringtonium is a Cool, Easy Way to Create and Edit Ringtones

Ringtonium app iconWhile it won't perhaps irradiate you the old fashioned way, you may find yourself irradiated with joy and glee when you discover Ringtonium, a nifty new way to make ringtones from the Bamboo Group.

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Lock 'n' Roll Deluxe is a Strategic Dice Game with a Twist!

Lock N Roll dice game for iOSWhile it's by far no yahtzee, Lock 'n' Roll is a innovative new way to place your next dice game, and it's all about the point bonuses baby!

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Bubbly Eyes Free - A Cute Puzzle Bobble Clone For iOS

Bubbly Eyes Free for iPhoneEver since the fateful day in 1994 when the Taito Corporation released the iconic bubble popping puzzle game Puzzle Bobble, hundreds of clones have erupted from the mill for all platforms - from Android, to flash games on the PC, and of course to iOS.

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