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Astrowings 3 - ICARUS is A Fun But Average Vertical Shooter

astrowings 3From modern-day Skyforce to the old 8-bit majesty of Raiden, I've always been a big fan of the vertical shooter variant of games beginning with their console origins to their modern, mobile counterparts.

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Eat24 is an Impressive Food Concierge For Ordering Take-Out Day or Night

eat24 mobile food delivery appFeel like a million bucks with the concierge-style service of eat24, a web-based way to order and deliver food to your doorstep.

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Samplodica offers Innovative but Mediocre Beat-Making

samplodicaLooking to mix yourself some crazy tunes or beats on the go? Care to do it in a new an innovative way? Perhaps them you may want to get a good look at a new beat-making app from bryn space called Samplodica.

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Master the Motocross with Rock(s) Rider

Rocks Rider racing game for iPhoneYou've entered a world where adrenaline rules, where tricksters earn the big bucks, and where flooring it is the way to live: You've come to the world of motocross racing. Rock(s) Rider, developed by the folks at ECA-Games, is a new and interesting physics-based side-scrolling racer based on the Unity engine.

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Keep Track of Important Lists and Tasks With #todo!

#todo app for iPhoneFor someone like myself; in school by day, working hard on projects by night, you can get a bit overwhelmed by the invasion of work of all shapes & sizes that can come at you at all hours, and it can  be hard to remember it all!

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Spy Fox in Dry Cereal - Part Spy, Part Fox, And 100% Fun For All Ages!

Spy Fox Dry CerealThe name's Fox, Spy Fox. Okay, okay. All cliches aside what we're talking about here is Spy Fox in Dry Cereal, one of the latest 1990's adventure games to find itself ported to the iOS. Along with the likes of Another World, and Putt Putt, it seems one of the big fads for developers is to port old favorites to iOS for a volatile mixture of nostalgia and old-fashioned entertainment — but who could blame them!

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Battle Pirates, Aliens, and More in Galaxy on Fire 2!

Battle Pirates game for iPhoneAs someone who not only loves to play his games on the PC and XBOX, but also on the go, there are only a few moments when a game can make you absolutely speechless. Galaxy on Fire 2 is one of those games - not because it's just a great game, but because it brings the experience you expect out of mainstream games into the palm of your hands.

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PDF Reader Pro - Unleash The Professional In You!

PDF Reader ProWhether it be for your school project, your office feat, or even your taxes, the PDF is king. If you're used to PDFs, you also know they're at times pesky to work with, especially when on your phone.

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