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Zombie Smash: Visceral Evisceration

Buy ZombieSmash on the App StoreVisually and thematically, Zombie Smash may remind you of its somewhat more lush castle-defense cousin Plants vs. Zombies. Sound effects are similar too, as are the as-you-go instructions that appear over your screen.

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Cartoon Sprint: Added Hurdles: New Record of Personal!

Buy Cartoon Sprint: Added Hurdles on the App StoreCartoon Sprint: Added Hurdles only knows broken English and it's incredibly simple, nevertheless, many people can't bring themselves to put it down. Like many of the hand-drawn apps that came before it, Cartoon Sprint even made it into the Top 100 for awhile.

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Geocaching guiding you for hours of hidden treasure fun

Buy Geocaching on the App StoreGeocaching is basically a game of treasure hunting. When I first heard about it a year ago I had no idea how remarkably popular geocaching is. It’s a game played by untold numbers of people throughout the world.

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Golf Bets Offers No Mulligans or Gimmies Just Accuracy And Fun For Your Round

Buy Golf Bets on the App StoreWhen I first heard about Golf Bets iPhone app by Golf Bets, I was really excited since some of the guys I golf with can be, lets say, a little loose with the score keeping and wager management.

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Flipsy FREE Flipping In The Right Direction

Buy Flipsy FREE on the App StoreFlipsy FREE iPhone app by is a puzzle game played on a 3d board that allows you to flip and rotate the board in order to line up your colorful puzzle blocks and score points. The board is able to rotate both clockwise and counter-clockwise 90 degrees at a time.

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Gyrotate – Line 'em up, and Take 'em out for Endless Fun

gyrotate app iconWander through the App Store and you’ll find an ever-increasing list of puzzle games, many of which seem eerily familiar. Like a seven-year itch in December, playing the same old games starts to lack a certain spark. 

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Italian Video Recipes Vol. 1 Displays Step-by-Step Instructions for Authentic Cooking

For those that like to get their inner chef on, there is nothing like finding a new recipe or a book of recipes to inspire you to create that next memorable meal. When I first heard about the Italian Video Recipes Vol.

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3D Aquarium: Dive into a Peaceful Underwater World of Virtual Pets

Buy 3D Aquarium on the App Store3D Aquarium — The great thing about having a pet is the interaction — the petting, funny expressions and playtime. So, I’m usually not too keen on the world of virtual pets and the related iPhone apps.

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21 & Fun – Share Scores On Facebook: Doesn't Go Bust

Buy 21 & FUN! on the App StoreCard lovers that enjoy the game of 21 can find many different versions of play and devices to play their favorite game on. Many of the old handheld games offer a version of 21. Some computer games have 21 also. Inc has now introduced the 21 & Fun - Share scores on Facebook iPhone app to that group of choices.

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Emergency Radio Vs. Police Scanner: Cops Unedited

Emergency Radio app vs Police Scanner app1 Adam 12 see the woman at 1242 Hauser St. prowler complaint. Handle this call code 2; And so began my fascination with police shows and police radio jargon. Shortly thereafter I was listening intently to my father’s police scanner of the happenings all over southern California.

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iBird Explorer Western: A Beautiful View From Above

Buy iBird West Guide to Birds on the App StoreAt some point in your life you hear the sweet or annoying sounds of a bird yet to be identified. If you love birds and the sounds they make, and live or travel in the Western Region of North America, iBird Explorer Western iPhone app by the Mitch Waite Group is a wonderful resource to have available.

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The History of Cameras: A Snaphot Back To The Future

Buy The History of Cameras on the App StoreThe History of Cameras — As a photographer I am frequently searching for a number of things to create a memorable photograph. The right lighting, perfect subject, and pleasing background are but a few of the considerations that affect ones ability to compose and convey an interesting story at a moment in time.

Keith Lewis rated this app 4.5/5 | Category: , At Bat Drives In The Winning Run

Buy At Bat on the App At Bat iPhone app by is the perfect app for any baseball fan. If you need an up to the minute score, want to listen to a game, or see the highlights, you can do so right from your iPhone.

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F-MyLife: On The Go Pick Me Up

F-MyLife - If you’re ever having one of those days that has you staring into space thinking your life sucks; You have a few options, either do something to improve your day or tap into the F-MyLife iPhone app by enormego and enjoy the dreadful accounts of people whose days are going far worse than yours.

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That Beach Channel: When You Need To Get Away

That beach Channel - The weather is warming up, summer is upon us, and you constantly hear that commercial replaying in your head; wanna get away? Don’t rush out and buy a $50 ticket for a thirty-minute flight to somewhere as equally stifling as where you’re currently sitting. 

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