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Bible Shaker: Spiritual Guidence At Hand

Buy Bible Shaker on the App StoreEvery day millions of people throughout the world tap into some form of daily inspiration. Many are searching for spiritual guidance. Some the surprise and randomness of inspiration acquired from sources like a daily horoscope. For many Christians that spiritual guidance is often found in the verses of the Bible.

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Tiny Violin: Use Your iPhone for Sympathetic Strumming

Buy Tiny Violin on the App StorePlaying the world’s smallest violin using your thumb and forefinger is so old school now that the Tiny Violin iPhone app by Brian Gorby is available. Tiny Violin actually adds the sound to your snarky attempts of condolence or joy towards someone.

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iFlush- Swoosh Those Troubles Down The Drain

iFlush - Ever walk away from someone thinking, that dude’s full of crap? Next time, whip out your iPhone and take a quick snapshot of him and let the iFlush iPhone app by Elimination Systems bring a smile back to your face.

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Oh My Girl Offers Fake Calls for a (Mood) Swingin' Good Time

Oh My Girl I’ve had my share of crazy messages left on my voicemail by girlfriends over the years, some I wished I would have saved and some so scary I was almost afraid to delete for fear that pressing the delete option would cause some sort of nuclear disaster. Apparently the people over at Mac Killer Apps have more intestinal fortitude than I do.

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Sharpen Your Image With PhotoHype

Buy Photo Hype on the App StorePhotoHype - For those that enjoy taking pictures with their iPhone, producing the perfect picture can sometimes become quite the process. Having to email the picture to yourself in order to open it on your computers image-editing program.

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Virtues: Livin' La Benjamin Franklin

Buy Virtues on the App Store“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” — Benjamin Franklin Virtues-Benjamin Franklin has graced us with a lifetime of profound quotes and untold numbers of inventions.

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iQuarterback Goes Deep And Scores

The iQuarterback iPhone app by FuzzyCube Software LLC puts the football in your hands before, during and after the season. For the football junkie that goes into a state of depression right after the clock runs out on the Pro Bowl, finding something to help wile away the off season months has been a daunting task over the years.

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Jackson Pollock: Unleash Your Inner Artist

jackson pollock iphone appHave you ever wondered how Jackson Pollock became so successful by dripping paint on canvas? I’m sure that anyone that has ever stood back and admired one of his works has asked themselves that very question.

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WebMDmobile Medical Information On The Go

Buy WebMD – Trusted Health and Wellness Information on the App StoreSometime over the past 10 years just about everyone has sat down at their computer and visited the WebMD website seeking information for a remedy or relief from an injury or illness. With the WebMDmobile iPhone app from WebMD, LLC you can now access that same information conveniently on your iPhone.

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Locavore: Paring Down The Miles To Fresh Produce

Buy Locavore on the App StoreLocavore - We live at a time that allows us to purchase most fruits and vegetables all year long. Through the use of mass-transportation, chemicals, and warehouses, produce grown half way around the world is often picked green, shipped and ripened in warehouses under questionable conditions.

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3D Gallery Puts Your Photos On The Wall

Buy 3D Gallery on the App Store3D Gallery - Have you ever wandered through a gallery or museum admiring the beautiful paintings and pictures and thought to yourself, my pictures would look nice hanging here? If you own 3D Gallery iPhone app by you can hang your photos on your own gallery's walls.

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talkFree: No Faves, No Armies, Just Free Cell Phone Calls

talkFree - With so many cellular phone companies and monthly service plans, people often have a difficult time maintaining manageable costs. The best way to manage costs is through the use of the calls your service provider allows you to make free of charge.

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SymptomMD First Aid On The Go

Buy SymptomMD on the App StoreSymptomMD - In a day in age when many people either don’t have health insurance, their co-pay is a bit steep or, if you’re like me, just don’t like having to go to the doctor. How does one determine what to do when sick or injured?

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VeganXpress: No More Guessing

Buy VeganXpress - Menu & Shopping Assistance on the App StoreFor a vegan or those that are trying to eat a vegan meal, dining out can often be confusing and difficult. The VeganXpress iPhone app by Brandon Berger seeks to alleviate some of those concerns.

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Convert: Answers In The Palm Of Your Hand

Buy Convert - Unit Converter by PBF on the App StoreConvert (Unit Converter by PBF) - One thing I’ve learned over the years is that there are several categories of possessions. The two that come to mind today are the possessions of others that I would love to own and those that I own but seldom use — but when I do use them nothing else will do.

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