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Beer Brands has a Vast Selection, but Fizzles Out

Buy 7,800+ Beer Brands Free on the App StoreBeer Brands iPhone App by Webworks and Applications is loaded with information of more than 7,800 brands of beer. I suppose the app is designed to give you on the spot information for a beer, as you stand in the cooler isle of your local store amazed by the vast selection of brew. While confused and steadily becoming depressed as you struggle to make a decision, you whip out your ever so trusty iPhone and quickly start looking up the mysterious brands using the Beer Brands app.

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Whack ‘em All in Spazzle Classic, Slammin' Critter-Crushing Fun

Buy Spazzle Classic on the App StoreWhack ‘em All iPhone app by Fairlady Media takes a page from those arcade games you’ve played using a mallet to whack the little creatures as they pop up out of their holes. Whack 'em All nails it right on the little critters heads.

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Pocket Express — Placing The World In The Palm Of Your Hand

Buy Pocket Express® on the App StoreThe Pocket Express iPhone App from Handmark Inc. is an information-based app, which has been used by smartphone owners for quite some time. The app is designed to make it easy for you to access news, sports, weather, entertainment and other information quickly. According to Handmark Inc, the Pocket Express app for the iPhone is designed specifically for the functionality and features of the iPhone.

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Aqua Punt — Going Retro To Score Goals

Buy Aqua Punt on the App StorePlaytoniq’s Aqua Punt is a throw back to those old plastic water-filled games that use streams of air to propel balls up, over and into a hoop or basket.  This app for your iPhone has replicated the feel of those games so well — right down to the feeling that I have no desire to waste my time with such cheap nonsense.

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Quad Camera — Toy Photography For The Kid In You

Buy QuadCamera - MultiShot on the App StoreFor the photographer that enjoys the toy camera genre the Quad Camera — Multi Shot Cam by Takayuki Fukatsu is a fun iPhone photography app. This is the 4th release in their series of toy camera apps, based on such toy cameras as the Lomo and Holga.

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Where to Golf Leads You to the Fairway for 19,000 Course Locations

Buy Where To Golf - Course Finder on the App StoreWhere to Golf by Carpe Diem Ventures quickly provides golfers with an abundance of information. With listings of 19,000 courses available golfers are able to search for courses by name, city, zip code or current location. Once a specific course is selected, information such as course address, par, ratings, slope, and yardage readily appear. Additional information located on the Details page includes prices, course type, restrictions, amenities, designer, year built, grass type and much more.

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Sportacular Knocks It Out Of The Park With News, Stats and Scores

Buy Yahoo Sports on the App StoreSportacular by Citizen Sports is the perfect app for the sports fan. Whether your need is the final score of one game or all the games, you’ll have that answer right in the palm of your hand.

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