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AT&T Calls for Entries to the Second Annual BMOC Challenge

AT&T is accepting entries for its second annual Big Mobile On Campus Challenge, a mobile app development contest for higher-ed students and staff. Would-be BMOC Challenge contestants have until September 30 to submit their entries.


FoneSentinel Keeps Close Watch Over Your iPhones

It’s late, do you know where your iPhone is? FoneSentinel, from Extreme Networks enables you to keep track of your iPhone (or more likely someone else’s iPhone). The $4.99 app is not only able to approximate the phone’s position using cell towers, but also pin it down to the exact location if it’s an iPhone 3G.

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DocScanner Has Some Unique Features but It's Nothing New

Buy DocScanner: Scan Multipage Documents to Beautiful PDFs on the App StoreDocScanner, from Nofello Oy, promises more than it delivers, methinks. “Scan any document to your iPhone…” the developer said in DocScanner's description. “Sounds good to me," I replied.

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour Makes Par in its First Release

Buy Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 12 on the App StoreTiger Woods PGA Tour by EA Sports is the first sports game I’ve played that is as close to the desktop version as an iPhone and iPod touch can get. Okay, I’m sticking my neck a bit on that one, but Tiger Woods PGA Tour is a heck of a game in nearly every way.

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Historical Currency Converter Makes Sense Over Time

Buy Historical Currency Converter on the App StoreHistorical Currency Converter, from WFTSoft, puts a new spin on your ordinary, everyday money changer app. You can use the Historical Currency Converter to calculate the conversion rates for the world’s top currencies — US Dollar, Japanese Yen, British Sterling and the Euro — from January 1971 to the present day.

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IAC Adds the App Store Developer Urbanspoon to Its Portfolio

Check off Urbanspoon, developer of the popular app with the same name, on the growing list of developers who have been acquired by larger companies looking to push into the App Store and related mobile businesses.


Reflexion Has a New Angle on the Traditional Brick Buster

Trileet’s Reflexion takes a hard run at breaking the durable and tested mold that surrounds the familiar brick or block buster game. What makes Reflexion standout is that it gives you the option of using your finger to draw a paddle and move it anywhere and at any angle you like.

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Slingmedia iPhone Player is Due 'Any Day Now' but It's Been Months

Slingmedia’s Slingbox is one of my most favorite things in the whole wide world. Plug a Slingbox into your home’s cable or satellite dish box and you can sling TV and video to any PC, from anywhere in the world over the Internet.


Greystripe Reports App Store Customers Use Free Apps for Only 9.6 Minutes

Greystripe, a mobile apps ad network platform, has published a new consumer insight report that suggests App Store shoppers are easily bored, button pushers. What Greystripe’s new report indicates is that App Store shoppers use free apps for only 9.6 minutes at a time.


MeetWays Locates the Midpoint Between A and B

MeetWays—There’s a lake in central Massachusetts, not too far from where I live, called Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg, which is said to be one of the world’s longest place names.

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Amazon Acquires Lexcycle and its Popular Stanza eBook Reader

Earlier this week, Amazon bought Lexcycle, developer of the popular eBook Stanza. Although the acquisition caught most people off guard, in retrospect, it makes a lot of sense. Between Lexcycle’s Stanza and Amazon’s Kindle for iPhone, Amazon now has a lock on the eBook business in the App Store.


Lingopal-Fun Multilingual Phrasebook Flirts with Travelers

Buy LINGOPAL 44 - multilingual talking phrasebook on the App StoreGlobal travelers, especially the flirty kind, will find Lingopal-Fun Multilingual Phrasebook, can help them get along with the locals. The best place to start with Lingopal-Fun Multilingual Phrasebook is the Setting icon on the right side of the bottom menu bar.

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KarmaStar Shines, but Not for Everyone

Majesco Entertainment’s KarmaStar has gotten nice and shiny reviews in the App Store and elsewhere but I just don’t see what the fuss is about. I didn’t find KarmaStar all that engaging or even mildly entertaining.

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Today in History Explorer Cabral Discovered Brazil and It's a Holiday

Buy Today In History on the App StoreOn Apr. 22, 1500,  explorer Pedro Alvares Cabral first laid eyes on Brazil. I just learned this last week from Today in History, from developer Down-Shift. There’s no mystery about Today in History iPhone app.

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Playman Track & Field Performs Well (No 'Roids Either)

Buy Playman Track & Field on the App StoreUnleash your inner athlete with Playman Track & Field, from developer RealArcade. This is the ninth title RealArcade has introduced for the iPhone and iPod touch and the company has a big rep to maintain in the mobile games space.

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