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iPhone Continues to Head Top of Charts

android-vs-iphone-march-2009-admobAdMob - iPhone mobile advertising traffic in the U.S. grew an average of 88 percent per month in the 5 months following the launch of Apple's App Store, according to the mobile ad marketplace’s latest AdMob Mobile Metrics Report for March.


iStudent Pro Might be the App For Your Dreams

Buy iStudiez Pro on the App StoreiStudent Pro - I have this recurring nightmare that I’m a student and I’m very late for classes, or worse, I’m running up and down long hallways trying to find the right room. It’s apparently a common dream.

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App Store Tops One Billion Downloads in Just Nine Months

one-billion-thanks-apple-downloadThe App Store hits a milestone and a lucky kid is the grand prize winner of Apple’s one billion app countdown contest. Connor Mulcahey, age 13, of, Weston, Conn. will receive a $10,000 iTunes gift card, an iPod touch, a Time Capsule storage unit and a MacBook Pro.


OpenFeint Promotes One-Touch App Shopping

aurora-openfeint-one-touch-ipromoteAurora Feint is following up the March launch of its OpenFeint V1.0 development platform with OpenFeint V1.5, which will give game devs a new way to promote and sell their apps. OpenFeint V1.5, released this week, is an open platform that other developers can use to add social networking and community features such as player profiles, buddy lists, walls, news feeds and chat rooms to their mobile game.


Undercover Discovers Your Lost or Stolen iPhone

iPhone gone missing? Time to go Undercover from Orbicule BVBA to locate it. Here’s how Undercover works: Using either cell tower triangulation or GPS, you can figure out where your device is in the event that it’s lost of stolen.

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Cell Minute Tracker Keeps an Eye on Talk and Text Bills

Cell Minute Tracker, from Pageonce, let's you monitor your AT&T talk and texting message plans so you can make sure you and your family are sticking to plan. When you first launch Cell Minute Tracker, you’re asked to enter your AT&T Wireless number and password into the designated fields.

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Tubey Knocks Your Socks Off

tubey-circlepix-iphoneTubey is one of those apps that is laser-sharp focused on doing one thing very well, which, in this case, is allowing you to create slideshows using images taken from your iPhone. You can also add narration, background music and titles synchronized to each slide.

Michael Alexander rated this app 4.5/5 | Category: Speaks So You Can Understand

Buy Dictionary & Thesaurus on the App StoreDictionary apps are a a buck a dozen in the App Store.—Dictionary & Thesaurus, from the Web site of the same name,  is not your usual dictionary. This one speaks — at least most of the time.

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Trailers International Lets You Haul Your Film Clips

Hardcore movie fans will like Trailers International from xTeo. Personally, I don’t care for movie trailers. The real movie seldom looks as good as the trailer so I always think some marketing type is trying to fake me out whenever I see a trailer.

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Wi-Fi File Sharing Works, but Its Face is Glum

Buy Wi-Fi File Sharing on the App StoreCount Wi-Fi File Sharing 2.0 from Impact Financials, among the now dozen or so apps to reside on the App Store’s shelves. Like many of those apps., Wi-Fi File Sharing 2.0, transforms your iPhone or iPod touch into a wireless hard drive, which can then be accessed over the same Wi-Fi network using a Web browser so that you can transfer files between your PC or Mac.

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iAmazing Optical Illusions App Will Have You Seeing Double

iamazing-optical-illusion-zapappAppZap’s iAmazing will have you seeing double in only a minute or so and you might enjoy it for while. There’s not much to this app and once you’ve played around with iAmazing a few times, you’ll probably be done with it.

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Virtual Stock Market Lets You Really Play the Stock Market

Virtual Stock Market, from Rahul Saraf and Rajat Gupta differ in a number of ways than similar stock market apps I’ve looked at in recent times. The first is that it's $0.99, which is inexpensive as far as this genre of app goes.

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PortfolioLive Helps You Keep Track of Stock Winners and Losers

Buy PortfolioLive - Stock Quotes / Market Data on the App StorePortfolioLive, from Turing Studios, is an app that stock market players and would-be stock investors will find is an easy-to-use way to keep track of their gains and, more likely these days, their losses.

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Analyze HandWriting Does Anything but That

handwriting-analyze-aestheticI truly believe handwriting can tell you a bit about someone’s personality, which explains why I was so keen to review Analyze Handwriting. After putting Aesthetic Systems’ app through the iPhone-o-meter, I have to conclude that I’m either giving the art and science of handwriting analysis, otherwise known as graphology, or Analyze Handwriting too much credit.

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Laundry Pro Helps Sort Your Laundry

wash-laundry-proI’ll find any excuse not to do the laundry, so Laundry Pro isn’t going to live on my iPhone for very long. Whenever my wife calls me “Honey,” I run because it’s a sure sign there’s work to be done. Even so, Jamasan Software’s app will be useful to anyone who isn’t as lazy and careless as I am.

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