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Air Mouse Pro Pops, Locks and Loads

Buy Mobile Mouse Pro (Remote + Trackpad For Mac & PC) on the App StoreI haven’t been as enthused about an app as I am with Air Mouse Pro, from R.P.A. Tech, in a long time. Air Mouse Pro transforms your iPhone or iPod touch into a wireless air mouse, trackpad and remote control for iTunes and other apps.

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VeriSign's VIP Access App Doubles Your Security

Buy VIP Access for iPhone on the App StoreVIP Access - If you worry about an unauthorized person accessing your PayPal, eBay or similarly sensitive account where your security is paramount, download VeriSign’s free VIP Access app.

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Tiffen's Cool fx Photo App is as Cool as it Says it is

Buy Cool fx on the App StoreLike Tiffen’s Photo fx, which I reviewed earlier this year, Cool fx is a set of digital optical filters (filters are Tiffen’s main line of business) for the iPhone and iPod touch. You use these filters to simulate the results you get with a variety of filters and lab processes when taking photographs with film.

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HDR Camera Shoots for Hi-Def for Your Photos

Buy HDR Camera on the App StoreHDR Camera — which is short for High Dynamic Range — is aimed in the direction of making your photos appear more lively and realistic by increasing the range between light and dark areas. Some photo buffs devote considerable amount of time tinkering with Photoshop and other image editing techniques to create HDR images and the results are often stunning.

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Chimera Comes with a Split Personality

chimera-photo-twoI’m a little puzzled how Helix Interactive settled on Chimera for its portrait-taking app, not that it really matters. A Chimera is a beast that has two distinct parts, like an eagle and a lion (Griffin) or a man and a goat (Satyr).

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Pandorabox Fills You in on the App Store Deals of the Day

Buy PandoraBox on the App StoreDon’t you just hate it when you buy an app and then see it on sale (or worse, free) the next day? Pandorabox, from AppZap, is designed to take the agony out of app shopping with an app that lets you know when apps are on sale.

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WordSearch Unlimited is Short of Interesting Features.

Buy Word Search Unlimited on the App StoreThere’s not much to hidden-word search puzzles like VirtueSoft’s WordSearch Unlimited. The big idea is to find words hidden in a grid. The words are spelled forward or backward, top to bottom or on a diagonal.

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iTranslate Plus is no Universal Translator, but it's Pretty Good

iTranslate Plus, from Outer Space Apps, enables you to translate text between 2 of 35 languages. It’s not as capable as the Universal Translator so often used on Star Trek (there’s no Romulan or Klingon, for example) but it works fine for humans, as far as I can tell.

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Red Bull Air Race Lite Has a Ways to Go Before it Reaches the Finish LIne

red-bull-race-liteA few months ago, I might have raved about Red Bull Air Race World Championship Lite. That was then, and this is now, as the saying goes. This new app from Artificial Life, is a classic flight sim.

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Act Fast to Register for Rhomobile's App Dev $10,000 Challenge

CB025525Could you use $10,000? Then you need to act fast and register for Rhomobile’s Mobile Application Development Challenge. The contest promotes the company's Rhodes framework, which enables devs to write apps once using HTML templates and run on the iPhone, BlackBerry  and other top smartphones.

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beamME CV and Resume Sender

rmbrme-beam-resumeTapping your network of friends and professional associates is the best way to get a new job, and rmbrME's beamME CV and Resume Sender is designed to help you do that more efficiently. As you might suspect from its name, beamME CV and Resume Sender enables job hunters to send a cover letter, resume and vCard to a company's potential hiring manager.

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myBooks Tracks Your Reads, but Not as Well as Similar Apps

Buy Book Keeper on the App StoreNetwalk's myBooks is a database for your personal library. You can enter the name of the book manually, by typing information into the provided fields (year, genre, purchased, whether you loaned it to a friend) or you can search for the title on the Internet and select the book you own from a list.

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Spell Checker for Quick Look-Up of Words on the Go

Buy Spell Checker on the App StoreConcrete Software's Spell Checker is a competent app but it may not think fast enough to win the Great American Spelling Bee. I prefer to use a dictionary app when I want to check the spelling of a word.

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Timewerks Puts Mobile Billing Right to Work

Buy Timewerks: Mobile Billing with PDF Invoice on the App StoreWell-crafted billing apps for the iPhone and iPod touch are as hard to find as a sinner on Sunday, but Sorth's Timewerks: Mobile Billing is the best one I've come across. The problem I have with most of these apps is that they are often tedious to use or lack essential features.

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Space Ball Is Merely Spaced Out

spaceball-global-agent-iphone-appSpace Ball, from Global Agent, is a take on the classic Labyrinth game. Tilt the ball to maneuver around holes and reach the designated destination to proceed to the next level. As you probably know already, each level of Space Ball is progressively harder to complete.

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