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Scramble Live Stacks You Against Word Puzzlers Everywhere

Buy Classic Scramble With Friends on the App StoreScramble Live (now called Scramble With Friends), a word game from Zynga, is loads of fun and addictive to play. It's also humiliating. The object of Scramble Live is to find words hidden in a 4 x 4 or 5 x 5 grid of letters.

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Groups: Drag & Drop Contacts is a Smart Way to Manage Your Contacts

Buy Groups: SMS, Mail and Manage Contacts on the App StoreGroups: Drag & Drop Contacts Management makes sorting your contacts into groups as easy as a poking a finger into a warm apple pie. This app, from Guided Ways Technologies, does exactly what its name implies.

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iPhone Dominates First Annual Mobie Awards

These days, whenever there are awards to be handed out for mobile application development, Apple's iPhone and iPod touch always dominate the list of finalists Coming up on March 18, iPhone Boot Camp, which styles itself as a community of several thousand mobile developers worldwide, will hand out its first annual Mobie Awards at the ThinkMobile Conference and Expo in New York City.


Knot Time Features Show-and-Tell Demonstrations

Buy Knot Time on the App StoreKnot Time, from Dustin Thomas, is a simple app consisting of video demonstrations of how to tie commonly used knots. The knots are organized into four categories (general, boating, mountaineering and fishing) comprising 28 knots.

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Supersize Me - ZumoDrive Sends Your Files into the Cloud

Zecter's Supersize Me - ZumoDrive joins a growing list of file-sharing apps such as's and  Sharpcast's SugarSync that enable you to store your content in the cloud and download it to your iPhone or iPod touch.

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Amazon's Kindle for iPhone Could Increase Sales of E-Books

Buy Kindle – Read Books, eBooks, Magazines, Newspapers & Textbooks on the App StoreWell, that was fast. Some might even say blazing fast. When Amazon introduced its Kindle 2.0 in early February, the company implied it would make Kindle e-books available on other devices, including smartphones, but acted coy about when that would happen.


iPhone is Racing ahead in Mobile Web Traffic

Apple's iPhone accounts for 66.1 percent of all mobile Web traffic according to a new study from NetApplications, a Web solutions provider. The Java ME platform lags way behind with 9.06 percent and Windows Mobile is playing catch up at 6.91 percent.

Category: Provides Streaming Video and Personalized Clips for Fans of CBS and The CW

Buy on the App StoreCBS Interactive's provides iPhone and iPod touch users CBS and The CW TV shows and video clips, delivered free via Wi-Fi, 3G and EDGE. Read the  App Store description and you'll find out that you can browse through a "vast list" of featured shows or view them by channel; catch full episodes of some CBS and The CW shows; and create a list of favorite shows, channels and topics.

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Instaviz Makes Thinking in Pictures Easy

Buy Instaviz on the App StoreInstaviz, from Pixelglow, is designed to take your mind places it may have never been before. This app belongs to a group of applications called mind mapping, or what most people think of as flow charts.

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iSurvive Loses Itself in a Wilderness of Words

I wanted to like iSurvive Wilderness but in the end, it lost me. North New Orleans Blade Works' app aims to be a pocket survival guide for anyone who might lose their way in the wilds and need to find food, start a fire, navigate, perform first aid and do all the other things they teach you to do in Boy Scouts.

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WeatherCyclopedia Is a Nearly Perfect Storm of Information

Buy® WeatherCyclopedia™  - The Most Comprehensive Weather Encyclopedia Under The Sun on the App StoreIf you're a weather dweeb like I am, WeatherCyclopedia will send you sky high. Telemet, the developer, bills this app as "The Most Comprehensive Weather Encyclopedia Under the Sun," and I believe it.

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Get Your Emoji Working While You Can

If you want to enable emoji or emoticons system wide on your iPhone or iPod touch, you need to act fast. Apple has informed developers that as of today, the company will remove from the App Store all apps capable of enabling the emoji everywhere preference feature hidden in devices updated to 2.2 firmware.

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Rotation is the Aim of this Puzzle Game

Buy Ro® on the App StoreRo is a classy-looking, yet simple, puzzler but I just can't get the hang of it. That's not the app's fault. It's just how my brain doesn't work. Ro, from Roamular, is one of the most innovative apps I've come across in the App Store.

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Typing Genius Update Puts Emojis on Your iPhone or iPod touch

Typing Genius-Get Emoji is aimed at people who want to get smart about text entry on their iPhone or iPod touch. No doubt about it: Entering text into Apple's versatile and ubiquitous handheld is its biggest shortcoming.

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Currency Converter: Find Your Money's Worth in 200 currencies

Buy Currency Converter - Money Exchange Rates for more than 220 currencies! on the App StoreCurrency Converter, from dev Paolo Grifantini, is one of several similar apps in the App Store designed to convert dollars into dinars, drachmae, dirhams or some other denomination. It's the kind of thing you need in your pocket when you're trying to figure out whether you're better off buying that bottle of perfume in the duty-free shop or on the local economy.

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