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ColorSplash: Add a Splash of Color to Black and White Photos

Buy Color Splash on the App StoreColorSplash, from Hendrik Kueck, is both entertaining and frustrating to use, at least if your fingers are the size of premium hot dogs. It's an image-manipulation app that enables you to convert your color photos into black and white and then restore the color to objects you would like to highlight.

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All Tied Up and Ready for Your Next Interview

Buy Tie Knots on the App StoreTie Knots, from egerev lab, is the right tool for the difficult economic climate we all find ourselves in. Finding a job — any job — is getting to be as challenging as leading a herd of elephants across the Alps in the middle of winter.

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When You Need to Sleep or Relax Try a Little White Noise

Buy White Noise on the App StoreIf you have trouble sleeping or just need to relax, TMSOFT's White Noise may be just what you need to hear. White Noise is one of many apps in the App Store that simulates the sounds of babbling brooks, chirping crickets, tinkling wind chimes, and when all else fails, the steady humming of a hair dryer or a yakking mob.

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Lock, Load and Rampage With Namco's Time Crisis Strike

Buy Time Crisis Strike on the App StoreI'm not known to be even tempered, which explains why I own only a few guns. Maybe that's why I find games such as Namco's Time Crisis Strike therapeutic. Time Crisis Strike has been around for more than 10 years and it's a classic, 3D "duck and shooter," which sprang to life in the arcades and has been ported to a good number of home consoles and handhelds.

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GottaGet: Shopping List Helps You Bring Home the Bacon

Buy GottaGet on the App StoreGottaGet, from RaddOnline, is the latest shopping list maker/keeper to find shelf space in the App Store. When I go grocery shopping, I get as dizzy as a roofer with vertigo. I gotta remember to get this, I gotta remember to get that, and when I get home, I gotta go back because I forgotta something.

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Krypton Egg Tries Hard but It's a Weak Implementation of Breakout

Buy Krypton Egg on the App StoreIt's hard to find anything new to do with the classic breakout game, although Chillingo works hard to advance the genre with Krypton Egg - The Ultimate Breakout. Unfortunately, it falls short in some areas.

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Keeper: Encrypt the Data on Your iPhone

Buy Keeper® Password Manager & Digital Vault - Secure and encrypted data storage for your passwords, files, photos and notes. on the App StoreCommon sense should tell you that it's risky storing highly sensitive data such as login IDs and credit card numbers on your iPhone or iPod touch, but if you insist, the best option I've found thus far is Callpod's Keeper.

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Presentor Has More Nifty Uses Than Seen at First Glance

Zap Bang Done's Presentor is a simple, yet clever app, where you can  compile all your Web sites and blog URLs on one page. There are at least two ways I can see someone using Presentor: If you often find yourself showing prospects or clients your iPhone/iPod touch's screen — say to show them samples of your Web designs — you might not want them to be distracted by your other apps, especially ones like Pull My Finger and iJiggles Your Mom, no matter innocuous they may really be.

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Revealing the Secrets of the AppStore

buy_and_sell_panicHow long after you download an app from the App Store — whether free or paid — do you actually use it? If you're like most iPhone/iPod touch users, the novelty of using a new app starts to wear off within days of your downloading it, according to new stats from Pinch Media.


The Future is Now in Low Grav Racer

Buy Low Grav Racer on the App StoreLow Grav Racer - If you've been jonesing for a futuristic low-gravity racer like the classic Wipeout and F-Zero 3D racers for your iPhone or iPod touch, then slide into the cockpit of Cobra Mobile's Low Grav Racer.

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The Only Thing Missing from ATC 4.0 is the Hudson River

Buy Air Traffic Controller 4.0 on the App StoreWithin a few minutes of playing Lunagames' ATC 4.0, I began to marvel at just how competent real air traffic controllers must be. Here I was, juggling only five planes in the air and still couldn't manage to keep them from colliding, missing runways and causing all sorts of mayhem.

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iStat is Like an X-Ray Machine for Your Mac's Inner Workings

Need to know what your Mac (Macs) is up to while you're away from your desk? Bjango's iStat — System Monitoring will keep you posted and it will do that very well. This powerful little utility enables iPhoners to remotely monitor their Macs as well as their iPhone's inner workings.

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Night Vision Amplifies the Light at Night

Buy Night Vision on the App StoreAs you might suspect from its title, Night Vision is intended to enhance the details of objects in photos taken in low-light. The app maps the image to a green spectrum, evidently the most sensitive spectrum for the eye can see. At least that's how Satchkov explains it. If you've ever seen images viewed through night vision goggles, you'll get the idea.

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iPhoners are More Likely to Stop for Mobile Ads than Non-Owners

iPhone owners are often on the move but they're twice as likely as Brand X phone owners to stop for mobile ads, according to a new research study released by Limbo, a mobile social network company, and GfK Technology, a market-research firm.


proSEO Reveals the Inner Workings of Web Pages

If you make it your business to understand how well Web pages are optimized for search engines, proSEO is a good way to go for iPhone users. This handy app from Infinidigm enables to look at a Web page's keywords, tags, HTML and other important attributes that factor into a site's search engine ranking.

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