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Snabiz Doesn't Readily Clarify the Contact Info on Your Business Cards

Buy Snabiz on the App StoreI gave Netwalk's Snabiz nearly every opportunity to solve one of the grand challenges of business life: How to automatically convert printed business cards into a digital format. It's a real pain to type contact information on business cards into a contact manager.

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Apple Says Jailbreaking iPhones is a Copyright Violation

Last week, Apple declared that it was tired of being pwned by iPhone jailbreakers. In a brief to the U.S. Copyright Office, Apple's attorneys argued that jailbreaking the iPhone violates its copyright under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.


Aurora Feint Set to Debut an Open Platform for Indie Developers

Danielle Cassley and Jason Citron's Aurora Feint RPG puzzlers have been big sellers in the App Store. Now, Aurora Feint Inc. wants to share the love with an open platform that other developers can use to add social networking and community features to their mobile games.


It's a Multimedia Mess, not Multimedia Messaging

Despite its claims, Multimedia Messages, from Hook Mobile, is not a multimedia messaging service for the iPhone. Here's what Hook says Multimedia Messages does: Sends picture messages from your iPhone to the telephone numbers of your friends and delivers messages as MMS, "which means no links to click" (their words).

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Gambling Cheats? Some iPhone Owners Say 'Count Me In' to Blackjack Card Counters

poulet-maison-card-counterNevada casinos are on the alert for iPhone and iPod touch users looking to push the odds in their favor at the blackjack tables. The casinos are worried that gamblers will use one of the new card-counting apps that have made their way into the App Store in the past month or so.

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Interview with Alan Cook of Bad Dog Apps

bad-dog-appsIn the short time since Bad Dog Apps was founded, developer Alan Cook and his loyal mascot Basenji  already have eight apps in the App Store. Cook's background is in engineering and not programming, which makes him the atypical developer, he says.


USA Today Headlines Newspapers Apps in the App Store

Buy USA TODAY for iPhone on the App StoreUSA Today has come a long way since it was launched in 1982 with the aim  of becoming a national newspaper. Love it or hate it, "McPaper," as it was once called by some detractors, USA Today's app proves its still on top of the newspaper business.

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Teach any Dog with Dog Tricks and Bark Machine

Buy Dog Tricks &  Bark Machine on the App StoreIf Fido eats your shoes instead of fetches them, Dog Tricks & Bark Machine could be useful for teaching him a few new tricks. It's an app from Robert Mann and Deidra Jones, which features training tutorials in one part and a sound machine in the second part.

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iHandy is Half Bob Vila and Half Pancho Villa

Buy iHandy Carpenter on the App StoreiHandySoft's iHandy Carpenter is like a Swiss Army knife: It has doo-dads you'll probably never use but it nice to know you have them if you ever have to kill a grizzly bear or yank a fish hook out of your finger.

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For Days When There are Only Two Things to Eat: Pickup or Delivery.

Buy GrubHub Food Delivery & Takeout on the App StoreDevelopers GrubHub and CityMint have introduced apps of the same names that make it possible for you to order meals from nearby restaurants and have your food ready for you to pick up or for delivery, when that service is available.


Vase Craze Will Make You Crazy — But Some People Like That

The objective of Vase Craze, created by Mehware, is to move a basket around a warehouse floor and catch vases before they fall off the end of conveyor belts. It's a concept, which reminds me a lot about Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times or an episode from I Love Lucy, both which played off the crushing tediousness of factory work.

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Speechify Speaks but There's Little Point to Listening

If 22nd Century Software's Speechify speaks, will anyone listen? I'm not sure. Speechify is an app for the iPhone and iTouch that translates text into speech. Its voice quality is not quite as good as say, one of those talking greeting cards.

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The Death of the $99 iPhone May Have Been Exaggerated

There was considerable talk on Blogstreet's corners in past months that Apple is preparing to launch a $99 iPhone over the summer. The talk died, or at least it appeared so. The rumor was resuscitated on Wednesday when Mike Abramsky, an analyst for RCB Capital Markets, an investment firm, sent investors a note declaring that Apple will "most likely" debut the low-budget model in June or July.


OmniFocus Has a Steep Learning Curve, but Mac Users Would Probably Like It

Buy OmniFocus for iPhone on the App StoreOmni Group's OmniFocus is intended to bring order to chaos; tranquility to a harried life; and organization to the items on your to-do lists. OmniFocus is a task manager designed to aid you in taking charge of your everyday chores in your work and home lives.

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TED Talks, Illuminates and Inspires

Buy TED on the App StoreTED - If you're looking to be inspired and informed by a community of CEOs, scientists, designers, intellectuals and several other people with big ideas, download the free app TED. It's an app that will plug your brain into audio discussions and videos from the esteemed annual TED conference.

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