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How to Update iPhone Contacts and Calendar with Google Sync

Google has just released a new tool called Google Sync using a Microsoft Exchange Server that enables you to automatically sync your Google Contacts and Google Calendar events to your iPhone or iPod touch.


Interview with David Frampton of Majic Jungle Software

David Frampton, creator of DuckDuckDuck and Chopper, says that all he wants is for the best apps to float to the top of the best-sellers list, customers to find the best apps for what they want and for the developers of the best apps to make the most money.


Drop the Hammer on Days of Thunder

I'm not a fan of NASCAR, but I sure do like Days of Thunder from Freeverse. This is one heck of a racing game, unlike the movie of the same name. Days of Thunder is a classic racing game. You start by assuming the identity of a driver.

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Chopper Flies to the Rescue with Aplomb

Majic Jungle Software's Chopper runs along the same vein as ngmoco's Dropship where the object of the game is to pilot an aircraft over land, in a cave or in deep space to rescue stranded comrades while the bad guys blast away at you with all kinds of military-grade weaponry.

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ExZeus Revives Old-School Shooter-On-Rails

ExZeus, from HyperDevbox Japan, is a 3-D shoot 'em up port of the coin-op arcade game. It's a shooter-on-rails similar in game play and concept to Space Harrier, another old-school favorite.

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MacPhun's ArtCamera Tries to Paint Your Pics Like the Masters

Buy ArtCamera on the App StoreWould you like to add a painterly effect to your photos? ArtCamera, from MacPhun, enables you to imitate the styles of famous artists such as Warhol, Picasso and Monet. Or at least that's the idea.

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DuckDuckDuck is Child's Play, Like Koi Pond With Rubber Ducks

Buy DuckDuckDuck on the App StoreRubber duckies are so fun, according to Sesame Street's Ernie. Sadly, DuckDuckDuck, from Majic Jungle Software, is not the one for me. It's either because I'm too old or too easily bored (probably both).

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CubicMan Deluxe Building App Shines in All Areas but One

Buy CubicMan Deluxe on the App StoreAfter playing TeemSoft's CubicMan Deluxe for a while, I have a new appreciation for those guys who built Stonehenge. The aim of CubicMan Deluxe is to roll a rectangular-shaped, six-sided, block around a platform of tiles until you're able to stand it upright on its destination.

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SaxMan Falls Flat — App Fails to Deliver on Description

What can I say about SaxMan, from Yudo Games, except that it really blows. I have no idea what happened to SaxMan on the way from the drawing board to the App Store but it looks like it might have had a house with a three-car garage dropped on it.

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Metamenu Remote Contols Your Mac or PC DVD Player

Metabeam's Metamenu Remote for DVDs does two things, both of them well, but determining if the app is right for you mainly depends on whether you want to watch DVDs on your desktop, as well as the DVD player software you have.

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Links In a Blink: Easily Import Firefox and Google Bookmarks

Buy Links in a Blink on the App StoreLinks In a Blink, from Sync In a Blink, solves one of the problems that frustrates me most about the iPhone. Sure, this app has a few quirks, but it does what I want it to do, which is to easily import my bookmarks from Mozilla Firefox on my Windows PC and Ubuntu desktops.

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Transfer Files Using iPhone: The Complete Round-up

From file famine to file feast in only a matter of weeks. There are a number of file transfer apps that enable iPhone users to shuttle files between iPhones and desktops, and iPhone to the cloud and even one iPhone to another over the same Wi-Fi network.


VLC Remote Puts Your Media in the Palm of Your Hand

Buy VLC Remote on the App StoreIf you're interested in remote controlling the audio and video stored on your desktop or home server, you'll want to check out Hobbyist software's VLC Remote as an alternative to Apple's Remote app, especially if you have a Linux machine.

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AtHome Camera Keeps an Eye on Your Castle Over Wi-Fi, 3G, or Edge

Buy AtHome Camera Pro - Remote video surveillance for home security on the App StoreEver worry barbarians will storm the gates when you're away from your castle? Me too, which is why I downloaded Sunray Networks's AtHome Camera app. Before you can use AtHome Camera the first thing you need to do is download and install AvsServer from the company's Web Site.

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Stitch'em Sews Words and Pictures Together

Syed M. Ali's Stitch'em Words is a toe-tapping, entertaining word puzzler. It's part text twister and part rebus puzzle. The aim is to solve word puzzles using a combination of letters and pictographs (that's what a rebus is, if you're not familiar with the word).

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