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Delivery Status touch Helps You Track Your Packages In the Cloud

Buy Delivery Status touch, a package tracker on the App StoreIf you shop online frequently and are nutty about keeping a close eye on the whereabouts of your packages,  Junecloud's Delivery Status touch could be useful. The rest of us will probably find it a bit of a yawn.

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Hero of Sparta is an Epic Hack and Slash

Buy Hero of Sparta on the App StoreGameloft's new Hero of Sparta is positively stunning in every way: The graphics are beyond belief, the game play is nearly flawless and the sound tracks and effects are exquisite. There's been a recent influx of games in and around the $9.99 price point and I'm starting to get a feel for which ones are worth paying for.

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LogMeIn Ignition: Use Your iPhone to Seize Control of Your Desktop Machine

Buy Ignition on the App StoreRemotely controlling your desktop PC or Mac using your iPhone is a compelling idea. Unfortunately, most solutions I've tried have been too limited, quirky or as slow as a three-toed sloth.

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Quip is Not Clever Enough for MMS on the iPhone

Quip - Some iPhone owners might be starting to think multimedia messaging service is like the alien of Roswell — everyone knows that it's out there, somewhere. It's the same thing with MMS — the ability to send images, audio and other media — over cell phone networks, also is out there, somewhere.

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iLava Lamp is no Way Near Far Out, Man

I thought Gotham Waves Games' iLava, Virtual Lava Lamp, would be a groovy kind of the thing. You know, something that you and your frat-boy friends would gawk at and say "Gee whiz!" or something like that.

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Blow Your Mind with Brain Waves

Binaural Wave appsYour mind is a terrible thing to waste. Your money is a terrible thing to waste. When you waste both at the same time, you're really a loser. I know this from experience. The App Store features several apps that pump binaural audio waves into your head that supposedly will help you self hypnotize, feel weightless, get high, meditate, sleep and go crazy (seriously).

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Pinger Phone Wraps It all Up in One Integrated Package

Pinger Phone is designed to integrate instant messaging and social networking into the iPhone experience, says Joe Sipher, a co-founder of Pinger. IM offers presence (the ability to know who is actively online), is faster and can be cheaper than text messaging, Sipher argues.

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Mail2Group: One App to Mail Them All

Buy Mail2Group - Send email to groups on the App StoreIf you often need to send emails to more than a few people in your contacts list at the same time, then Javid Alimohideen's Mail2Group fills a gaping hole between iPhone Mail and Contacts. Mail2Group is an adjunct to the iPhone's native email app.

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Konstroo This! Lacks for Challenging Words

KonstrooThis! from All of Zero is a simple word game in two parts. In the first part, you decipher three jumbled words in one of three categories: Easy (three and four letter words), Standard (three, four and five letter words) Difficult (five letter words) and More Difficult (six letter words).

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Play Mind Games with Braineous: Challenge Your Brain

Buy Braineous: Challenge Your Brain on the App StoreExperts say your brain is like a muscle: The more you exercise it, the stronger it gets. If that's true, Braineous: Challenge Your Brain, will have your gray matter as muscular as a weightlifter on 'roids before too long.

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All the Important U.S. Historical Documents in Your Pocket

Buy U.S. Historical Documents on the App StoreYou don't have to be a history buff or scholar to appreciate the wealth of information contained in U.S. Historical Documents, from Standard Works. U.S. Historical Documents contains more than 100 of the most influential documents in U.S.

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Don't Forget Apple's Web Apps Site in Addition to the App Store

There's much more to life than the App Store, although it's easy to forget that, with its 10,000-plus apps. If you're new to the iPhone, or even an old hand with a poor memory, don't overlook the wealth of free stuff on Apple's Web Apps site.


The Only Thing Missing from Monopoly is Bailout Money

Buy MONOPOLY Here & Now: The World Edition on the App StoreMonopoly: Here and Now: The World Edition - Who doesn't know how to play Monopoly? You buy low, sell high. You buy properties you really can't afford in hopes you can flip them to someone who can.

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Gab To Go: More Talk Makes for a More Festive Occasion

Right Brain Factory believes its new Gab to Go will help your family savor the holidays, which can be quite a feat for some. You know how it is: Everyone in the family can't wait for the holidays.

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There's a Little Trouble in SimCity

Buy SimCity™ Deluxe on the App StoreElectronics Arts' recreation of the long-time, popular SimCity series for the iPhone is somewhat astonishing given the parameters the developers had to work with. That's not necessarily a good thing, however, as I'll explain later.

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