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Innovative Dub Siren Mixes Reggae and Sound Effects

Buy Dub Siren on the App StoreDub Siren is one of the most innovative music apps I've seen to make it into the App Store in a long time. And that's coming from someone who isn't even capable of using the app to its fullest! With some 55,750 apps in stock, sifting through the inventory to find the gems is getting harder all the time.

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Developers Rush to Update their Apps with Push Notification Services

Following the release of the OS 3.0 firmware and SDK updates less than a month ago, app devs are now stocking the App Store with new or updated apps that use Apple’s Push Notification Service.


Apple Issues Advisory on How to Keep Your iPhone 3G and 3GS Looking Cool

Amid unconfirmed reports that some 3GS iPhone are over heating and turning models with white cases a light brown, Apple has released a document that advises owners on how to use their devices to avoid potential damage caused by a silicon barbeque.


Memory + Adds a Few Twists to a Tired Genre

Buy meromy+ match game pack on the App StoreMemory +, from Pearl Fisher Games, is similar to Concentration, where the trick is to flip card or boxes and recall the image on the opposite side and then pair it with an identical image hidden elsewhere on the playing board.

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Busted Loop Says Most Paid Apps are Stuck in a Sales Dead Zone

The guys at Busted Loop blog did an analysis of what they claim is a “comprehensive, raw ranking data for the entire U.S. App Store, spanning all categories.” Their conclusion: “...most paid apps fail.


Domain Name Hunters and Gatherers

Domain Name Apps — Finding a descriptive and catchy name for a new domain these days is as hard as climbing a greased pole on a rainy day. According to DomainTools, more than 110 million domain names already have been registered and something like 120,000 new domain names are registered every day.


PixPop Plus is an Addicting Puzzle Popper Game

Buy PixPop™ Plus on the App StorePixPop Plus, from developer Spinapse, is a mash up of a matching game, jigsaw puzzle and "Where's Waldo?" Something for everyone, in other words. Start by tapping an area of an image, which will be encapsulated within a small cube and then matching the highlighted area with a cube or "token" on on the right of the frame.

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Four Voice Recording Apps that Fill In for Apple's Voice Memos

apple-voice-memos-voice-recorder-iphoneVoice Memos — Apple's iPhone development people probably figured adding voice memo recording in a native app in OS 3.0 would make the iPhone seem more corporate. That's only a guess, but if I'm right, I suspect Voice Memos won't be a big hit around the water cooler.

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Should You Upgrade to the New iPhone 3GS?

I bought my first iPhone soon after it came out, almost 2 years ago. I bought my second iPhone last week, and received it 2 days ago. It was the smartest thing I've done since buying my first iPhone and here's why: The iPhone 3GS is waaayy faster than my 2G.


Bomberman Touch 2- Volcano Party is Still a Let Down

Buy BOMBERMAN TOUCH 2 -VOLCANO PARTY on the App StoreBomberman Touch 2- Volcano Party was originally launched in the US in 1987 and since then has come out in 60 versions for nearly every game platform. Hudson Soft, the developer, says that it has sold more than 10 million copies.

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First Impressions: iPhone 3GS

After a wait of 4 days, FedEx plopped my new iPhone 3GS on my doorstep yesterday. After hearing all the stories about how difficult it was to get one – Apple sold 1 million 3GS phones in the first 3 days alone – I went online and bought it from the AT&T store and figured that I would wait it out.


Sevens Comes Without Any Luck Involved

Sevens, from developer Nigel Hanbury,  is a spin on the wildly popular Sudoku number puzzler, of which there are several variations in the App Store. Just in case you've never played Sudoku before: The playing field consists of a 3 x 3 grid of squares.

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Hello Vino Associates Wine with Food

Buy Hello Vino - Wine Assistant on the App StoreHello Vino, from Drive Thru Interactive, aims to answer one of life’s greatest mysteries: What wine makes a good match for a pizza with pineapple and ham? Answer: Any wine that will kill the taste of pineapple (Ba-doom!).

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iCommander Takes Charge of the Tank Battle

In iCommander,  from Gogo Mobile,  you assume the role of a tank brigade commander and your mission is to blast the invading forces out of the sky. It’s the old “do unto others before they undo you,” side scroller with excellent graphics, sound effects and game play.

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Interview with Open Cellar developer, Matthieu DUCROCQ

French developer, Matthieu DUCROCQ, says he’s always been passionate about wine, which led him to develop a desktop app for wine enthusiasts called Open Cellar on Desktop a few years ago.


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